“The Red Barn” (Horror – Part V)

Previous on The Red Barn – The mayor of the Town of Avalon, North Carolina has suffered the wrath of the Devil by giving up his soul.  The Red Barn that contained the evil entities was burned to ashes by the town residence.  Some of the people living in the town move away to leave the tragedy and despair behind.

Once the red barn was burned to ashes, along with the surrounding vegetation and trees, the people of the town of Avalon felt a relief and was able to live life as it was prior to the satanic possessions.  When the New Year came the remaining people living in Avalon threw an enormous party to bring in the New Year with happiness and spirits up high.  The happiness and joyous occasion was short lived about a week into the new calendar year.  It took the people of Avalon almost two weeks after the mayor died to discover his body.  Even though another mayor was elected by the people and his memory was being honored prior to the New Year approaching, his death would not be the only one linked to the barn being set on fire.  The new family that moved into the town was being watched closely once again after they were forgotten about once the barn was burned down.  On the eighth day after the New Year passed, the new family, the Washington family, started to get blamed for the mysterious gifts that kept appearing on other people’s doors.

For many people they were finding little model red barns left on their door step.  As others began to compare their story with this mysterious gift, some began to report to others that not only was a model red barn being left on their door step, but it also appeared to have been burnt by some type of flame.  As these little model red barns started to pop up all over town, the chief of police and the new elected mayor paid a visit to the Washington family.  When the mayor knocked on their front door, the son, Jason Washington, answered the door dressed in an all red sweatsuit and black socks.  The chief looked at Jason quickly up and down and back into his eyes before asking him for his mother and father.  Jason paused and just starred at the chief for approximately a few moments, which made the two very uncomfortable, before answering his question.  Jason started to answer the chief’s question in a deep, modified teenage voice and was interrupted by his father coming to the door.  Once the father, Blair Washington, came to the front door, Jason turned away and continued doing what he was doing.

Blair stands in the doorway with no shirt on, shoulder length midnight black hair, no facial hair, black leather pants, and bare feet with black toe nail polish.

BLAIR WASHINGTON:  What can I help you with?

CHIEF OF POLICE:  Hello sir, sorry to have bothered you and your family, but we wanted to ask you a few questions.

BLAIR WASHINGTON:  (Sounded bothered) questions about what?

CHIEF OF POLICE:  Many people in this town are close and look out for each other.  With that being said if anything bothers anyone or disturbs the flow of the community, they obviously want to know and resolve the situation.

BLAIR WASHINGTON:  Do you mind getting to what you are trying to say?  We’re busy.

CHIEF OF POLICE:  Many people around here are complaining about receiving these small model red barns on their door step.  Some of them have appeared to have been burnt and we believe it symbolizes what went on in the hills.

BLAIR WASHINGTON:  You mean the burning of the red barn?  I am aware of the town going up there in a mob like style to burn some wooden structure that wasn’t bothering anyone.

AVALON MAYOR:  We would like to know did you receive one of these model red barns?  If so, we would like to see it and know the condition it’s in.

BLAIR WASHINGTON:  First of all, we didn’t receive anything on our front door step.  Second, if anyone was caught trespassing on my property it would be their last.

CHIEF OF POLICE:  Well, there is no need to be upset or violent about it Mr. Washington.

BLAIR WASHINGTON:  Look!  You came up here bothering my family for some bullshit!  We’ve been looked at as outsiders ever since we moved here.  Oh yeah!  We’ve been watching all of you watching us like a flock of hawks or vultures waiting for your prey to die off.  I think you people are strange and weird and suspect any newcomers to this town whenever things go wrong.  Has it appeared to you that maybe you could have one of your own doing shit around here?!  The next time you come by, if you do come by, you better have something worth while.  If not, then don’t bother us again and leave us the hell alone!  (Slams front door.)

The chief and the mayor stand there shocked and speechless as the front door slams shut in their faces.  Both men look at each other and without saying a word turned around and left the property.  Once they got out on the street and a few houses away from them, they stopped to have a conversation of their own.  During the conversation it was mentioned that the family was to be watched from a distance and recruit a few people to complete that task.  Later that night during a town meeting, Blair walks up to the front of the city hall building with a long black trench coat and his hair freely swinging in front of his face.  He hears the townees inside talking over each other and follows the noise to a large conference room.  As he enters the hallway that he has to take to gain entrance to the meeting, he stops suddenly and stares down to the other end of the hallway where the previous mayor was killed.  That is when his figure and features changed to the same described man that stole the soul of the last mayor of Avalon.

Blair puts on his hat and proceeds towards the meeting room and stands in the doorway.  As he stands in the doorway, unchallenged, he could see a long table towards the front of the room where the town council is seated.  The lights towards the back of the room, where he was, were off so the person speaking couldn’t see him standing in the doorway.  Two town police officers were stationed up at the front of the room adjacent to the seating of the town council.  After one of the towners finished speaking, he slowly made his way into the conference room with his black leather boots echoing.  The new elected mayor was speaking at this time so no one could hear and see him approaching until he was halfway inside the conference room.  He was spotted by one of the police officers, providing security for the meeting, who approached him and challenged him.  The mayor stopped talking suddenly and everyone else in the room turned their attention towards the face to face standoff between the officer and Blair.  When Blair didn’t respond to the officer, the officer repeated his statement once more and followed it up with a threat to escort him out of the building.

By this time the second officer was approaching and that is when Blair took one of his hands and placed it on the officers’ chest.  The officer quickly smacked his hand away and attempted to subdue him when suddenly he grasped his chest.  The second officer picked up his pace and ran over to the first officer to offer first aid.  Other people inside the conference room either stood up in absolute shock and horror or screamed as the first officer went down.  The first officer continued to grab his chest and tried very hard to talk, but couldn’t mutter a word before he passed out.  The back up officer checked for his pulse and noted that his partner was dying with his pulse quickly slipping away.  At that point the second officer stood up and drew his service weapon and started to give commands to Blair to turn around and place his hands behind his back.  When Blair refused to follow the officer’s commands, the officer quickly holstered his service weapon and lunged at Blair grabbing his trench coat.

The physical threat of the officer was quickly diminished when Blair knocked down the officer’s hands and touched the officer’s throat with his index finger.  The officer immediately grabbed his throat and started to make choking sounds as he fell to the ground lying next to his deceased partner.  At that point others inside the meeting started to scramble and run out of the building leaving screams echoing in the hallways of escape.  The town council remained in the room just scared and filled with fear of what they were witnessing.  Blair watched the officer fall to the cold floor holding his neck and then looked back up at the new mayor.  The new mayor was just paralyzed with absolute fear and Blair could see it in his eyes as he started to approach him.  Blair stopped within feet of the podium before raising his hand and pointing it at the mayor.  The mayor’s body jumped as if he got an electric shock from under his feet and started to back up towards the wall behind him shedding tears.

When the mayor leaned up against the wall and started to cry for his life, one of the town councilmen immediately screamed out, “MY EYES!” as he jumped up from the long table.  The rest of the witnesses inside the conference room turned their attention to their councilman holding his hands up to his face just screaming out of control.  The councilman just started to run around the room screaming at the top of his lungs running into chairs and injuring himself more.  As others watched this episode going on, they all grabbed their chest immediately and began to scream out in agonizing pain.  Once everyone started to grab their chest, Blair slowly turned around and began to walk out of the conference room leaving everyone in misery.  He entered the hallway from the conference room and then turned a corner to enter the main hallway out of the building.  The agony didn’t stop for everyone inside the conference room until Blair left the building completely.  Once he crossed the threshold of the main doors, everyone who was suffering his wrath inside the conference room stopped rolling around in massive pain.  The initial councilman who complained about his eyes was found in the hallway just outside the room faced down.  The person who found him could see blood just pooling around the head and when they checked his pulse, he was pronounced dead.

The person who found him came back into the room to deliver the horrifying news of losing one of the councilmen.  The mayor stood up rubbing his chest and noticed he had some blood seeping through his white oxford dress shirt.  He started to unbutton his shirt to expose his bare chest to everyone when it was noticed why his chest was bleeding.  One of the council-ladies walked towards him and got close enough to read what was on his chest.  After the mayor exposed his wounds, everyone else also started to find that words were carved into their delicate skin as well.  The chief of police responded to the conference room and saw everyone inside partially unclothed.  He ran further into the room towards the mayor and saw what was carved into his chest.  The chief of police looked at the mayor directly into his eyes and asked him, “What does that mean?”


January 18, 2013



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  1. I love a good horror story!

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