“Time Gap” (Thriller – Part V)

Previously on “Time Gap” – David Deere has finally come face to face with the mastermind of the terror plot that was set to take place in New York City.  Detective Renee and Marcus Love arrive at Marcus’ previously known residence to meet his wife, but he later finds out that his wife and best buddy are married and don’t know him from atom. 

Somewhere within the senseless mind of David Deere, he thought it would be a great idea to expose his thoughts and to meet the mastermind behind the terror plot he was once a part of.  Almost immediately after being blindfolded and coming face to face with the actual mastermind behind the plot, then he think it wasn’t such a smart move.  After he came face to face with his past-future boss, he was then blindfolded once again and taken to a poorly lit room where he was tied to a cold metal chair with nothing on but his boxers.  Minutes after he was tied and left alone, the boss’s right hand man entered with brass knuckles and dressed in all black.  The right hand man took off the blindfold and showed himself to David within that poorly lit room.  When the blindfold came off, David took a very quick peak around the room and he noticed four concrete walls that were soiled and stained, a 100 watt bulb dangling above his head by a single cord, and a fair-skinned male wearing brass knuckles over black leather gloves.

As David looks at the man standing in front of him, his heart pounds as if it was jack hammering concrete slabs.  Only at that point did David realize the temperature in the concrete room.  In between the moments of fear and confusion he started to shiver and shake to get away from the cold metal chair he was tied too, and to warm himself up without using his hands.  His facial expression was clearly seen by the man with the brass knuckles and at that point is when he started to give a mischievous smile.  A moment of silence and no movement had filled the room just before David received his first of many brass knuckle strikes across the weak jaws.  The pain of the first strike was so intense and so hard that two teeth inside of David’s bleeding mouth, ejected inside his mouth on the opposite side.  In trying to spit out his loose teeth floating around in his mouth, he got hit once again on the same side.  After that second strike he could feel the blood being shot out of the empty gum holes.  When some of the blood filled his mouth he ended up swallowing the two teeth that were knocked out along with some blood.

The right hand man gave out a chuckle as he could see that only two hits made David dazed and dizzy.  David then got struck on the other side of his face with a back hand.  Just after three hits it felt like his brain had shifted inside his skull numerous times from the shocks of the strikes.  At this point the right hand man started to walk circles around David to taunt him and terrorize him.  David received one more hit across the jaw and that hit just knocked him and the chair over on the cold concrete floor.  When David hit the floor his bare upper body struck the cold concrete around the shoulders with his head bouncing off the floor.  His hands and feet were still tied to the metal chair and the fall made it hurt more since he couldn’t brace himself for the fall.  While David was on the floor still in pain from the brass knuckle hits and the falling on the concrete floor, the right hand man kicked him.

David had his eyes closed while lying on his side concentrating on the pain when he felt the steel toe boot cave in his stomach.  A loud sound came out of David immediately after the kick, which sounded like a dry heave.  Right after that painful kick the only door that opened up to the concrete room opened displaying a silhouette.  David heard the door open and opened his eyes slowly afraid of what was coming next.  When his eyes refocused on the silhouette standing in the door way, he heard a voice coming from such shadow.  It was the mastermind boss that was standing in the doorway throwing out more questions trying to find out who David really is.  As the mastermind boss stands in the doorway waiting for answers to his questions, David attempts to form words to speak back but he found it very difficult to do so.  After a few moments passed the mastermind boss looked at his right hand man and gave the blessings to continue the beating until he is satisfied.  The silhouette started to walk away and that is when David gathered enough strength to scream out and for his scream to echo in the room.  Once he screamed the mastermind boss stopped and turned his head around for a second before having the door closed.  Once the door closed and David saw that the mastermind boss wasn’t going to listen, he started to resonate that he would die from a painful and agonizing beating.

Still at this point in Marcus’s journey through time he doesn’t know that his suspect, David Deere, is alive and held captive by a terrorist league.  Detective Renee and Marcus pull up in the parking lot of a diner located in the vicinity of where the Brooklyn Bombers play.  After parking and finding a seat inside the diner, Detective Renee nearly waste no time in getting down and dirty details of Marcus’s identity.  Once they both seat down in the diner booths, the waitress assigned to their seat comes over and takes their order.  Detective Renee follows the waitress with her eyes to make sure she is out of ear shot.

Detective ReneeSo what the hell is going on?

Marcus Love:  If there was an easy answer to that question I would tell you.  I need to know what is going on me.  I’ve been confused, scared, and a host of emotions that I can’t link.

Detective Renee:  Okay I’ll see if I can make it easier.  Explain to me about the gun that I was finally able to link to you, but no other information is given.

Marcus Love:  (Sighs) you’re going to think I’m nuts and need a psyche evale when I tell you the story of what I last remember and when you first came in contact with me.

Detective Renee:  At this point I’m already considering that conclusion.  You might as well make concrete.  Chuckles after making that statement.

Marcus Love:  Well, my story begins where I was a member of the NYPD Electronic Crimes Unit.  I was on a case and tracking down a suspect named David Deere, a scientist who had made false and ghost documents that lead our attention to him.  I was on the force for eight years and I had a partner who was with me the night we tracked Mr. Deere down to a warehouse in Manhattan.  We entered the room and a shootout occurred and injured my partner, William Myers.  After the shootout Deere escaped around a corner and a second later I saw an electric blue light flashing.  As I went around the corner to investigate what that was and to see where Deere went, an explosion occurred behind me.  The next thing I know I am in the hospital bed with you and your prick partner questioning me of my whereabouts and identity.  The weapon you found on me and initially charged me with is my service weapon. 

Detective Renee:  What the hell?  You expect me to believe that you are or was a NYPD Detective?  You know the deal with that Marcus; you don’t come up in any database explaining that statement.  At the same time this weapon finally comes back to you, but no further information is given expect your name.  I’m starting to think that you were dreaming and that you may need a psyche evale. 

Marcus Love:  Maybe I do, but everything seemed so real.  There has to be some truth to my story because you can’t even explain to me how the information came up on my gun.  It wasn’t there at first, but then later on it comes back linked to me.  You can’t wrap your mind around that can you?

Detective Renee:  Okay, you got me there, but if all this is true how do you explain a bomb going off when one didn’t? 

Marcus Love:  That part of the story is where things get extremely tricky for me and will so for you.

Detective Renee:  How so?

Marcus Love:  The reason why you have no evidence of when and where all this happened and no record of me being a cop is because…..(hesitation)…..all this happened in the year 2020.

Detective Renee:  What?!  Okay you know what?!  Maybe seriously you do need a doctor to check you out.  Telling me that you are from the future is just what I needed to make my way out of here!  (She stands up ready to leave.)

Marcus Love:  See I knew that was going to happen.  I didn’t believe in time travel either, but in my situation I can’t help but think that I was somehow transported eight years in the past.

Detective Renee:  Honey!  If you were transported in the past you should have ran into yourself by now and your wife should have recognized you.  You should be in our system as being a police officer and not some mysterious man with an unregistered weapon and a NYPD badge on his hip.  This is just too damn ridiculous!

Marcus Love:  So what now?  You gonna leave me here!?

She puts on her coat and starts walking towards the doors of the diner when her agency cell phone rang.  Marcus watched her walk out the door and down the sidewalk towards the parking lot.  As he reaches up on the table where she dropped him money for the food, he noticed that Renee stops in her tracks.  She turns around looking in his direction while nearly talking loud into her phone.  Marcus watches her mouth as she talks trying to read her lips of what is being said.  He strains his eyes hard in trying to figure it out, but by the time he figured out one word she ends the call.  Renee stands in the middle of the sidewalk starring at him through the glass window of the diner with an angry look on her face.  At this point Marcus doesn’t know if she’s angry at him for what he told her or for what was said to her on the phone.  She slowly starts walking back to the diner entrance and picking up her pace as she gets close.  With his back to the entrance door, he could hear the door open and feel the air inside the diner slightly whip by his face with the seal of the doors released.  Renee stands in the doorway with her hands in her coat pocket starring at the back of Marcus’s head.  After a few seconds she walks back to the table and sits in front of Marcus as the food is being brought out.

Detective Renee takes her seat back in front of Marcus and stares at him for another few seconds.  Marcus stares at her back with thoughts of not knowing what is happening and who she was talking too.  She lets out a huge sigh and reaches in her coat pocket and pulls out his NYPD badge and places it on the table.  Marcus looks at his old NYPD badge in complete shock by his wide eyes expression.  He looks back up at her and says, “What the hell is this?”  Renee looks back at him in the eyes and says, “Well, for some reason your link to NYPD has been confirmed.  You are officially a member of the NYPD, but that raises more questions that will soon come.”  Marcus reaches out to touch the badge sitting on the table, but his hand is covered by Renee’s hand before he could pull it away.  He looks back up at her and she cocks her head to the side as if she was giving him a hint that she believes him.

Marcus Love:  So what do we do now?





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