“Heavenly Fire” (Sci-Fi)(Part V)

April 23, 2021

During the first year of the many asteroids, or meteors, that has and will fall to earth, has definitely taken the world by surprise and immediate shock.  For several years it has been mentioned that asteroids or an asteroid will collide with earth in the future, but that was anticipated to happen many, many years in the future.  After the first year of destruction, by the meteors, of certain parts of the Western Hemisphere, all that could be thought of was when were the next ones coming and how many.  The most devastating area hit was the island nation of Cuba and a year later thousands of volunteers are still trying to resuscitate that country.  Just before the entire Western world lost power, which at this point is still unknown to many leaders of the world, of why and how this could have happen.  For the first time in the history of the United States, the president of the free world has landed Air Force One on an aircraft carrier.  At this point this aircraft carrier is the most heavily defended and powerful ship in the seas with their commander-in-chief boarded along with his presidential staff.

North and South America has fallen into darkness and has been living with minimal resources since December of the previous year.  When darkness fell upon the many nations that make up the Western world, the population in both continents has been living in anarchy and lawless states.  With no contact to the federal government and direction of which way to go, every state with in the union declared a state of emergency and mobilized their state militias.  Almost immediately after the National Guard hit the streets in America, violence erupted and chaos quickly reins the major cities.  Local and state law enforcement agencies did team up with the military to enhance the power and reach of the state, but with some persistent anti-American groups establishing the commotion it would quickly come to reality that restoring law and order was damn near impossible.  The Canadians were struggling with their own major issues although they were not under the same duress as their southern neighbors.

From Mexico to the edge of Central America, just before the party nation of Brazil, rebels and other groups sharing the same views allied together to fight their own countrymen who are sworn to protect their nation’s constitution and its leaders.  With civil wars spreading throughout the Central Americas and into Columbia and Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela mobilized its government troops at their respective northern and western borders.  The Mexican Drug Cartel takes advantage of the lawlessness and chaos that have swept across the land to expand on their drug organization and inventory.  With many people in these areas living in the poverty, or below poverty level, their only chance to get out of their poor setting was to either join the cartels or join the rebel groups fighting for self respect and control.

Deeper into the continent of South America the military’s of the respective countries are having an easier time to restore law and order, but some pockets of resistance are still causing them problems.  Back in the United States many major cities are under civil unrest and with the threat and rumor of certain organizations and groups raising the stakes to overthrow the government that seems less than capable to protect its people.  However, the military and the police forces are still maintaining some type of law and order although they seem to be having a very difficult time in doing so.  The chaos and violence that is spreading across the land has not gotten worse, but has not gotten any better to ease anyone’s mind.  With the president of the United States now boarded on an aircraft carrier, he will have to run and maintain the nation’s security and sovereignty from a floating office.  It took the president several weeks to open up communications with military leaders in other states fighting for stability of the country, but once it was established he was able to give executive orders and announce Martial Law.

Soon every major city and state capital with in the country had some kind of military presence patrolling the streets.  It was very difficult to control and patrol the rural areas of the country where most of the anti-government forces operated.  It took some time for the president to hear the rumor of another civil war looming, but he directed his armed forces to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Once the president gave that directive to not allow the opposing forces within his country to threaten the freedoms of the stars and stripes, the military went on a blitzkrieg that quickly became effective.  It was mind-boggling to a lot of citizens how quickly things elevated to a near war within the borders of the U.S., but with great generals and subordinates working together to save their own country, that escalation of violence began to plateau and stayed.  Although the violence around the country has plateaued, there was still no sense of relief because the asteroids and meteors flying above in space were feared on the ground.  Just after the midnight hour into April 23rd, skies above the Western world started to light up with several meteors penetrating the atmosphere.

According to some witness accounts about seven meteors were seen streaking across the skies plummeting to earth. The first one that struck the earth’s surface was in Port-Au-Prince, which devastated Haiti and the western region of the Dominican Republic.  Very little care and sorrow was shown for the destruction of Haiti, but when the Dominican Republic was also a victim of the first asteroid the U.N. quickly mobilized its forces to offer assistance when the debris was clear.  Sadly, almost within a minute after the first asteroid struck, the second one hitting the earth’s surface caused a massive crater in the Amazonas of Brazil.  A good concentration of the military of Brazil was located in the area during the strike and majority of the forces in that area lost their lives.  This was absolutely devastating to the Brazilian government as several thousand troops and civilians died in a matter of a split-second.  It was so heartbreaking to the leaders and the surviving population that the rest of the military were withdrawn from the northern and western border.  The third and fourth meteors that struck the earth’s surface with a nuclear style impact were Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and the northwest region of Paraguay.  The entire city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra was destroyed and no survivors of any kind were later found.  Civilian death in the northwest region of Paraguay was at a minimum, but any crops or woods standing in the area was the most victimized.

The fifth meteor that fell to earth fell harmlessly into the Northwest Territories of Canada, but the intense heat and smoke caused many ice and snow structures to melt at an alarming rate.  This was the closes meteor that struck land to the Arctic Circle region, which caused the Global warming phenomenon to speed up with no update to give to the people following this situation.  The sixth meteor that fell to earth struck the center of the Bering Strait, which sent thousands of gallons of sea water on both sides of its coast.  Majority of the sea water that rushed towards the Alaskan coast caused minor damage, but a significant amount of human loses, which were aborigines, was felt.  To the west, east coast of Russia, felt the impact of the meteor also and suffered with sea water engulfing about ten miles inland.  The very last meteor coming down to earth, which was calculated being seen just before 2:03am, fell just off shore of Illinois into Lake Michigan.  The cities of Chicago, Green Bay, and Milwaukee were all victims of this fallen star and suffered thousands and thousands of deaths.  Military personnel were not immune from the destruction that came after the meteor struck the lake and sent thousands and thousands of gallons of sea water upon their cities.

The only positive thing that came from the destruction was that all violence and unrest was dead, but then that left thousands and thousands of dead bodies lying in the streets.  Within a matter of two hours seven meteors struck the surface of the earth and caused death and destruction once again in the virgin areas.  It took the president of the United States almost three days before he heard of the impact zone and disaster of the first three meteors.  Once again he was not able to send any military assistance to those areas hit, outside of his country’s borders, since his armed forces are stretched to the limit, if not beyond.  Restoring power and law and order to the great red, white, and blue flag that still flies above many federal and private buildings, seems like a daunting task, but as long as the leader of the free world is still alive and well he is going to make sure that happens with the full force of the nation’s best behind his every word.



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