Could This Be The End?! (Non-Fiction)

As most of us know by now that today’s date, December 21, 2012, is supposed to be the end of our civilization as we know it.  Well, I have some disappointing news for alot of you wishing that today was the last day on earth, if you are reading this then you know the end hasn’t come!  No man on earth is to ever predict the end of our society because if he was able to do that, then that should mean you should be able to predict your own death, right?  For many years, and even centuries, man has been intrigued with the end of the world, which also makes me believe that maybe if you are the one trying to predict the end of the world maybe there is something wrong with you in the brains!  If you really think about this what prize will you when if you are the one who guesses the end of the world? Thousands of scientists have tried and tried again and they just keep failing miserably.  Suppose I guessed the proper date of when our lovely, carbon-dioxide filled, globe blows up by whatever means?

At that point its not like we’re going to be around to gather up the Nobel Peace Prize!  No media coverage is going to bring people out of hiding so they can all congratulate me on my perfect date pick.  I mean lets be real, what will you win if you are able to pick out the proper date?  Well, your ultimate prize would be the painful, fiery death that we all seem to be drawn too.  Meteors coming from the Heavens, oceans around the globe pouring onto our lands filling it up for millions of people to drown to death.  Now I know when I was being brought up in a Christian household, the rainbow that streaks across the sky after it rains means that God promise not to flood the earth once again.  So with that promise looming over our heads on a daily basis, the 2012 scenario is already and has been a hogwash!  I’m not the one to be throwing up religion in your face to prove my point, but just an observation that I have been keeping track of since I was able to make those two connections.

I mean what pleasure will you get after you are the one choosing the right date for all of us to DIE?!  You want to be praised as a hero of mankind, the one who was able to pick the date, but can’t save us from annihilation!  As human beings we need to just let the world end when it does and stop trying to figure this mess out!  Do you really want the added stress of knowing your last days on earth and all the things you failed to do, failed at, regret doing, regret not doing, or whatever your feeling is at that point?  Knowing my last day here on earth is not exciting to know and will only get in the way of me trying to do other things.  That’s added stress to your life because if you do know you will be stressed out trying to complete your bucket list, kiss every girl you ever wanted or wished, doing things that you know will serve no consequences, and other things just to fulfill the end of your life in an exciting moment!  Another thing we need to think about is that in other parts of the world certain areas are on different times and different dates.

Australia was on the 12/21 scenario before we were and they didn’t blow up off the map!  Other few time zones are ahead of us and they didn’t go ablaze either.  So choosing a date for the end of the world is stupid and doesn’t make any sense because the rest of the world is not on one time table.  No matter what date you pick your prediction will never be correct and your times will never match up!  So people just let the world do what it does.  We just need to be good humans and treat her with respect and take care of her before she is snatched away from us forever!  We don’t need added stress in our lives by trying to figure out our last days, as God has already chosen that for us, and we just need to do what we need to do to survive and let everything else go on its own course.  I know and heard some people having parties and gatherings for the end of the world day, which doesn’t bother me, but if it doesn’t involve your family when the end comes then what good is it?

Maybe I’m no fun when it comes to these types of scenarios, but however it is interesting to write about it.  Taking playful guesses at the end of the world scenario is cool, but I’m talking about people who actually devote their lives and time to this cause and make it serious to their daily living.  Some people actually are waiting for a space ship to come and take them to Heaven or into outer space.  Keep waiting my friend because you will be waiting for a very long time and you might die of old age before it comes!  I’m just saying to you all that just live your life to the fullest and try not to get caught up in these scientist or archeologists predicting world events that only a best educated guess is sworn from them.  This end of the world prediction has come and gone and life will continue as normal without missing a beat.  If the world was to end today, lets be honest, that majority of us would be mad and upset because of where our life is at this point.  You want to die with no regrets and only happiness to fill your heart and happy life.

I know some of us will never get to that point, which can be sad if you think about it too much, but we can’t change other people.  You can only control yourselves and what you believe, do, and say!  In our world nowadays we will probably continue to get predictions on when the world will end.  Just like that minister, forgot his name, who predicted two or three dates to the end of the world!  Dates kept changing because he kept being proven wrong over and over again!  So much has to happen before the end of the world comes so I don’t think it would only last a few hours or a few days if we just let earth dictate itself.  I know there are probably people out here right now as I am writing this who are probably doing outrageous, outlandish things to go out on top!  I mean what do we do once we know that the end is coming?  We start wars? we build friendships? have kids? What do we exactly do?  Going into hiding does nothing!  What would be your end of the world best scenario for you to die happy?

I think I will extend this question out to everyone out there to see what responses I get.  There are no right or wrong answers, but honest answers on what would be your end of the world happy scenario for your life to end in happiness?

Each person has their own way of making themselves happy and what would make them happy.  God forbid your in the sky flying back home or wherever you are going to and the end of the world hits you then?!  That would suck and blow balls!  There are alot of scenarios that could suck and blow balls if the end of the world came as you was in the middle of it!  We can go on for days with that conversation, but all in all the world will end whether we know it or not, want it or not, wish for it or not, and will go whether we are ready or not!  End of the world happens to people everyday, meaning when you die that is the end of your world as you last knew it.  Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, but when one world ends the other begins and whether your new one begins in the right way or not is totally up to you.  That’s not my concern of what you do in your life, but knowing that the end is coming, but we don’t know when or where!  Like I said before, do we really want to know?


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