Post OP (Reality)


This photo was taken by me on December 18, 2012 between 0700-0800hrs.  So far my wife is doing pretty good since being removed from surgery approximately three days ago.  The first week, until Christmas morning, she will be completely locked shut and can only remove her bands, that are holding her jaws close, for emergency purposes.  For now she has to change the rubber bands out of her mouth at least once every other day.  Inside her mouth she has two retainers, one for the top and one for the bottom, which are neatly placed so her tongue can rest comfortably without her having an anxiety attack.  Most of her food is either eaten by syringe or through a straw, but getting foods to be loose enough to fit through a straw without her having to use too much suction is challenging, but we seem to have figured that part out.

The very first dinner I pureed for her was steamed dumplings from our local Chinese restaurant.  I have to say, to be honest, it tasted pretty good, but if you saw it you would have not touched it. Believe me!  I had to add a good amount of water in it to not make it so thick, but at the same time not take too much of the taste away.  Then we pureed milk and two cookies, which by sight again didn’t look very appealing, but it wasn’t too bad.  Now in her third day of recovery we will explore some more options of what to puree and what foods can best suit her needs to make sure she receives enough calories.  That would be the only fear or concern we have, is to make sure she eats enough so we can control the weight loss and not have her drop weight in a rapid fire fashion.  Knowing her she will do just fine as she came into her recovery room with a bright smile on her face, as big as she can get it, looking at me with great satisfaction.

The recovery time is only eight months long since the right side was the only one done at this time.  Even though we both know she has a long road to recovery, she is in great spirits and continue to be happy and carry the best attitude she can.  Our five month old puppy has other things in mind as he likes to terrorize her with his high energetic playful self and a medium random selection of sqeeky toys!  Her mother will be joining the recovery effort this coming weekend from Upstate New York, but with me the only one able to drive because her mother doesn’t really know the area and my wife under heavy doses of medications, all that responsibility will fall on my shoulders.  Even though my duties will double and possibly triple, I am up for it and ready to do what is needed to make sure her recovery time is less stressful as possible.  The big thing though is finding out what will be her very first meal once the bands come off for the first fifteen minutes.  Any suggestions???!

More Updates Coming Soon!



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2 responses to “Post OP (Reality)

  1. Glad your wife is okay. Hope you had a great holiday as well. Cheer.

    • Thanks! She’s doing just fine. She has been allowed to remove her bands at least five times a day now and to exercise her jaw. Thanks for checking up. An update on her will be coming soon. Besides that it was a pretty good holiday! Hope you enjoyed yours (if you celebrate it).

      Speak to you soon!

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