New Chapter in Life! (Reality)

TMJ Surgery

Well, my wife has just had her jaw surgery a couple of days ago, this past Monday evening, and so far she is doing pretty well.  Our main concern was not so much the surgery itself, but the anxiety that would soon follow knowing that she won’t be able to even open her mouth for five minutes until the day after Christmas.  The overnight stay here at the hospital wasn’t that bad and the staff was amazing!  Every hospital that we have been too, whether it is for a procedure or for her lupus flare ups, this stay at this particular hospital, in the Annapolis area, deems to be the best we’ve experienced.  If we ever have to have another surgerical procedure or some type of hospital stay in indeed in our future, we will do our best to make sure we end up here at this place!

For the first seven days after surgery my wife will have her jaw completely shut.  She has been given these small rubberbands that latch over hooks, which are placed on the teeth, to keep the pressure of her mouth being shut.  Right now she is in good spirits and the pain after surgery is starting to come more now, but still in hanging in there.  After the first week, post surgery, she will be able to take off the rubberbands for five minutes a day, and adding five minutes each week for each day after that.  Her total recovery time from her surgery is approximately 8-12 months, and this is only the right side that was worked on.  If the oral surgeon did both sides as the original plan was plotted out, her recovery time would be 20-24 months.  Needless, to say we are very happy and blessed at her spirits and attitude after the surgery and this will most definitely help with her recovery time moving forward.

Although this is the beginning of her long road to recovery, we are happy to know that things went well and we are now able to plan for the next step.  Somewhere along the line she will need braces for her teeth and the cost for that is unknown at this point.  The oral surgeon has however, stated that sometime down the road in the near future, she will have to have her left side operated on as well.  The deterioration has gone so much in her right jaw joint, that over the years it has worn out the left side, which has been compensating for the weak right side.  No one knows how soon or far that surgery will come, but right now we are just concentrating on her getting her well and staying in good spirits.  So, I want to thank all those that have sent prayers our way, sent donations, or just sent us well wishes!

I will be updating on her recovery progress as time goes on and let everyone know how she is doing.  Again, thank you for everyone’s concerns and prayers as this was the unknown we travelled into, but now we definitely know that things will be just fine!


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