“Christina Black” (Thriller)(Part V)

Previously on Christina Black – Christina Black just survived an attempt on her life, after the first one at the diner failed.  Her partner, Chris, is in the middle of this investigation and might be teaming up with one detective, who unknown to him, has corrupt connections.  At this point Chris and Christina have no clue who is involved in this attempted murder plot of her, but what they also don’t know is how far deep it goes.

While Christina is resting in her hospital bed, the two uniform officers stationed outside her bedroom are disturbed with a visit from one of the nurses from the nurses station.  The nurse that comes up to them both alerts them that their relief is about ten minutes away and that they can leave now if they so choose.  Once receiving that message both officers look at each other and show hesitation as if they know better that to leave their post without being property relieved.  One of the officers speak to his partner next to him and convince him that if they leave now they can drink and hang at their favorite bar until closing, which is at 0300hrs.  Both uniformed officers look at the nurse and tell her that they will leave early and head on out.  They both alert the nurse that Christina is in her room sleeping so her safety is of no concern right now.

What they didn’t know is that Christina was standing right next to her bedroom door, which was cracked open just enough to hear the conversation between the two uniform cops and the nurse.  Christina stood next to the door and waited a few minutes before sticking her head out of the doorway to see who is around.  The first sight she could see was the nurses station, which at this point no one was there.  Then she opened the door some more and began to peep her head around floor to see who else was in the vicinity.  Surprisingly no one was around and this was her time to escape she thought.  She quickly looked back into her room and saw that her regular clothes were in a plastic bag on a standard hospital waiting room chair.  She turned around to go grab it and went back to her bedroom door to check the area once again.

After her second look around and no one was seen she darted out of her room and straight down the hallway passing the nurses station.  During her escape from the hospital, she ran by one patient room, which flew open the privacy curtain a bit.  The patient inside the room yelled out to whoever that was that ran by, which got the attention of one nurse around the corner.  The nurse that heard it knew which patient it was that yelled out and had to go calm him down so he doesn’t wake the other patients.  As the nurse came around the corner, Christina ducked behind a corner that lead to the exterior of the hospital.  As soon as she ducked behind the corner, she saw a restroom that she could go in to change her clothes.  When the nurse cleared the hallway, Christina started to hear other voices echoing in the hallways around the nurses area.

She began to freak out and started to worry about what would happen if she got caught.  Her fear was that if one uniform cop attempted to end her life and he failed, then her being in the hospital was a perfect target for them to finish the job.  When she figured the coast was clear she darted down the hall to the restroom hoping it was vacant, which to her blessings, it was.  Almost immediately after she entered the restroom, the two uniform cops that came to relieve the first shift cops arrived off of the elevator.  They find the nurses station and asked the nurse where’s Christina Black’s room?  The nurse motioned and gave them verbal directions on how to get there.  As the two cops approached the room they knocked on the door and slowly made their way inside.  They looked around to make sure no one was watching them and closed the door once inside.

One of the officers looked at the other and motioned to his partner to pull out his service weapon and get ready to use it.  Both officers pulled out their service weapon and stayed hidden behind the certain that is normally used to seperate the room into two rooms if another patient is stationed there.  One of the officers use his fingers to count to three and then jump from behind the certain to shoot, using silencers, into the bed at Christina, which they quickly found was not there.  After firing six or seven shots, they looked at each other and immediatey pursued after her out of the bedroom, even though they had no clue which was she went.  One of them had the idea of alerting the nurses station and giving out false information about her being a danger to the public and to the hospital staff.  Just as soon as the nurses behind the station receive the news from the frantic officers, they alert security of the description of Christina and tell them to find her before she leaves the hospital.

Just as the description comes out over the radio to the nearest security personnel by the nurses station, Christina pops out of the restroom and sees on of the security guards standing in front of her.  He turns around and looks at her and immediately gets on the radio to alert everyone that he has her location and under detention.  As soon as he lunges at her to grab her she kicks him in the right knee, which causes him to drop to both knees immediately.  Once he falls to his knees, she kicks him extremely hard in the face, which causes him to fall on his back and his radio goes flying across the lanolium floor.  The noise of the radio slidding across the floor gets the attention of the two uniformed officers, who spot Christina running down the hallway across their view.  Both officers yell to the nurses, at the nurses station, that she has just been spotted and that she is attempting to leave the hospital.

Christina rushes for the elevators, which wasn’t easy after she had to dodge the grips and grasps of four male nurses.  For her luck one of the elevator doors opened up as people were getting off.  She rushed on knocking some old lady down, who fell out of the elevator and got in the way of the two officers chasing her.  When they couldn’t get to the elevator to shop her, they rushed down the steps to the ground floor by the elevators that they figured she would be at.  Christina had time to get her breath since she was taking the elevator down to the ground level from the fifth floor.  Once the elevator reached the ground level and the doors opened up, she could see the two uniformed officers coming down the hallway towards her.  Her eyes opened wide and she took off running through the ground floor knocking over other people.

The two officers gave chase and ran over a few people themselves trying to get to her.  Just as she was able to clear the front entrance, the hospital security staff was coming down behind the officers and from the opposite direction to block her in.  One of the police officers unholstered his service weapon and fired it at Christina through the ground floor lobby glass windows.  The round penetrated the glass windows  and caused everyone in the vicinity of the shot, to drop down to the ground and scream as they all ran for cover.  One of the security officers yelled at the uniformed officer for shooting his weapon inside the hospital since no threat was obvious.  The officer looked at the security guard, who yelled at him, and walked up to him striking him in the face for disrespect.  The security officer fell to the ground holding his mouth and nose, which later determined to be broken in two places.

While the two officers were busy dealing with the hospital security guard staff, Christina was able to get away on foot and find a local convient store.  She got to the store and asked to used the pay phone located just in the rear of the store, by the restrooms.  Christina was able to use the pay phone to call the police station, which to her luck Chris was there who answered the phone.  When Chris heard her voice, he knew she was in danger and justed wanted to know where she was.  Once he was able to get a location on her whereabouts, he ventured out once again alone to rescue her and take her some place safe that only him and her would know about.  Several minutes later after Chris arrived at the convient store to pick up Christina, she immediately began to tell him what happened.  Just so happened as he was listening to her explaining the situation at the hospital, it was being reported over the vehicle radio that Christina Black might be considered armed and dangerous and must be arrested ASAP.

Christina looks at Chris with this unbelievable face and expression as to tell him that what was just heard over the radio is not true.  Chris kept looking at her while he was driving and paying attention to the road as if he was telling her I believe you.  The only way to keep her completely safe was to take her out of the city limits and into the country side of the state.  Approximately two hours outside of the city was the hideout spot, which was a log cabin that was once owned by Chris’s family.  The log cabin is owned now by a family friend, who brought it from his grandfather, when Chris was just 15 years old.  The new mission for the log cabin was to be used for a teenage group retreat, that the family friend was in charge of.  Since finances kept him from using the log cabin as much as he wanted too, he allowed the family to continue to use it for their purposes until other arrangements were figured out.

Once inside the log cabin, Chris showed Christina her room for the night and maybe the many nights she will be staying in.  Christina immediately made herself at home by taking off her shoes and relaxing for the night.  Chris turned on the fireplace and turned on the local radio station to keep up on the news and any words on her situation.  At this time Chris was on the cell phone with their supervisor, who was encouraging him to turn her in for safety and to figure out the totallity of the situation.  Chris refused to turn her in and vowed that she is innocent and will not be charged with any false crime or charges.  The supervisor got so heated that he started yelling on the phone so loud that Chris pulled the phone away from his ear, which Christina could hear him yelling from her bedroom.

Once the supervisor was done yelling at Chris, Chris then responded with kind words and politely hung up the phone.  Christina looked at Chris as to what was going on, but he reassured her that he wasn’t going to turn her in unless the truth was out there amongst the public.  Hours after the failed second attempt on Christina’s life was reported to the mayor, he became enraged and wanted Chris’s name added to the wanted list once he knew who was harboring her.  The mayor got on the phone and started to make phone calls to his personal mercenary squad, that are originally from the Yugoslavian region.  One of the mercernaries from that group answered the call from the mayor, and immediately negotiated a price for the operation.  Once a price was negotiated for the murder and killing of two Chicago Police officers, Chris and Christina, the money was then wired to an account.  Unknown to Chris and Christina their names and faces are now internationally known, but for all the wrong reasons.



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