Gunsmoke (Reality)

Any type of mass shooting, especially in a school setting, is horrible and destroys lives on both sides, the living and the dead.  There has been numerous mass shootings in our nation’s hisotry and each time one is committed, the first thing that is proposed is our gun laws and how to make them tougher.  The school shooting in Connecticut is another one that has brought up the debate of gun laws and gun control to somehow prevent this type of massacre.  I don’t see how one or more gun laws will prevent anything like this to happen again, except being more vigilant as a community and as a nation.  I remember one or more federal experts on terrorism stated that the biggest fear we have in our nation’s security are suspects called “lonewolves”.  These type of individuals are not affiliated with any group, class, section, or cult, but are definitely associated with an ideology that they believe is correct and the only way to solve what they think is needed.

My agency received automatic and semi-automatic rifles when the Virginia Tech shooting happened.  I’m afraid that if we start arming school teachers, school officials, and random students (on the collegiate level) with firearms, that will only make the situation more difficult and more lives will be lost.  For example, if I was responding to a school shooting and entered the school to find and stop the massacre and I see someone with a gun running around the hallway, I may end up shooting that person thinking that was the suspect.  Then it would be my luck that the guy I shot and killed was the principle of the school, who was trying to stop the real suspect shooting up students and associates.  This type of solution will happen if we keep being reactive and start throwing armed solutions to a situation that will only make things escalate.  I don’t think alot of people are thinking this through when they shout out the solution to arm students and school officials, outside of police.

I do realize that some jurisdictions have their own school police force, but that won’t stop the problem dead in its tracks.  The presence of an uniform officer may slow that person down in thinking more about how to overcome security, but won’t stop the school shooting problem in its tracks.  What we also have to realize is that other terrorists groups around the world and within our borders watch television as well.  They can see that getting to our children and our schools is the way to get to our hearts and to make our country feel sorrow and pain.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t feel the way we feel, but we need to keep that in mind because that is how copy cats start and how things start escalating.  A school shooting is almost a situation that no one can legislate away or come up with a permanent solution to solve.

At this point I don’t know exactly what can be done to solve this type of solution so we don’t have these problems again.  We can look at the mental health aspect of it, but then we need to attack the persons’ liberty and right to bear arms in their personal home.  Many Americans have personally owned weapons and it would appear that many shootings that occur, the person got the gun or weapon from their home, which was either under the possession of their parents or they purchased a long time ago.  Even then if you combat that situation, what will be next if someone or some people decide to sacrifice themselves to buy guns for others to get around whatever legislation is passed.  Until we can find a permanent solution that will combat this problem, we can only be more vigilant and more proactive towards people that start showing mental health or behavioral issues.

I can see and hear people now stating, well if there is a God then why did he let this happen?  Really?  My answer to that would be when Satan was cast out of Heaven, he was given this physical earth to reign over and us humans.  With that happening evil then started to spread all over and his evil angels just started to do their work.  Also on top of that each and every human has their own will on what to do.  Although evil things are happening in this world, God won’t allow some things to happen unless He allows it to happen.  We can sit hear and speak about the Book of Revelations and what the ending of the world speaks of, but that type of religious or spiritual speak won’t ease pain and won’t help us solve a situation that won’t stop by throwing religion at it.  Shootings like this happen at all aspects of life, schools, work place, homes, malls, and other settings alike, but what can be done to stop such violence?

Some states have their citizens walking around with guns whether its open or concealed, but that doesn’t mean that will solve our problems either.  Studies have shown that violence has reduced in states that has those types of gun laws, but then again violence hasn’t gone away completely.  I think as a people on this earth we can only reduce and slow down violence, but getting rid of it all at one time is impossible.  We just have evil people out there that are willing and wanting to do harm because misery loves company.    Some of the evilness out here are driven from others being happy, feeling as if they are being pursued or feel as if they are against the world, or whatever emotional and mental thoughts going through their mind that they feel is a base for their reaction.  Unfortunately, there are people out here that we just don’t understand and will never be able to understand or combat before they act.  I feel for those that have lost loves ones in this latest shooting and I can only hope that we as a people can come together and actually do something to fight this type of behavior to at least limit this kind of violence, if not stop it all together.


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