“Time Gap” (Thriller)(Part IV)

Previously on “Time Gap” – Marcus Love, a NYPD detective, is about to be released on his own personal recognizance, but has learned that the service weapon he was carrying is now registered to him.  Also Detective Love is shell-shocked from learning that his wife may not be living at their home he once knew.  Suspect, David Deere, has ran across two individuals he came across in the past, but has met them once more in the past.

Hours after Marcus is released from lock up, he gathers all his personal belongings from the sergeant that sits at the desk just at the entrance to the cell block.  As he starts to walk out of the cell block and to put this experience behind him, Detective Renee is waiting for him on the other side of the door.  When he sees her he stops and just looks at her with no emotion being displayed on his face.  She looks back at him and offers to give him a ride to his last known address to see if his wife is still in fact there.  Marcus thinks about the generosity he just received and before quickly declining the offer, changes his mind and accepts the olive branch that she just placed out there.  As they make their way to Renee’s detective vehicle, he steps outside ahead of her and the afternoon sun strikes him on the right side of the face.  He quickly shields his eyes from the brightness of the sun with his free hand as he continues to walk forward.  Renee directs him which way to go and shows him over to her burgundy four door sedan with tinted windows.  She unlocks the doors and they both enter the vehicle immediately putting on their seatbelts.

From the time Renee met Marcus at the entrance to the cell block to the address where Marcus supposedly lives, not much was said to each other.  The drive from the station to his house was approximately 10-15 minutes long, if you took the back streets to avoid the traffic jammed highways.  Once Renee turned into his neighborhood, he quickly told her to pull over so he could get out to speak to one of his neighbors.  She pulls over to the side of the street near a curb and she replied to him to point out which neighbor he was referring too.  Marcus waits until she puts the vehicle in park before pointing out an old white gentlemen, wearing a red and black flannel buttoned up shirt, dark blue jeans, and a black baseball cap.  Renee looked to where he was pointing and turned her head to look at Marcus and asked him the neighbor’s name.  He glanced at her and then turned his head back around looking at the suspected neighbor and replied that his name is Gerald Bean.  Renee then asked him, “How do you know him and how long has he been here?”  Marcus sighed slightly and respectfully replied to her, “Mr. Bean has been living in this neighborhood for nearly thirty years, and I learned his name when he came over to my house to help me shovel snow out of my driveway.”  Renee looked at Marcus and starred at him, which was at the side of his head, but didn’t reply with any words.

Marcus then opens the passenger side door and slowly steps out of the vehicle and stops.  He closes the door and steps up on the curb and pauses for another second before approaching Mr. Bean.  While Marcus was approaching Mr. Bean, he noticed something strange that he never saw Mr. Bean do.  Mr. Bean was in the garden tending to his wife’s garden, who was very particular on how she wanted things done and completed.  Marcus kept this in the back of his mind and thought maybe his wife has passed and didn’t know it.  As he got closer he noticed Mr. Bean didn’t look as old as he did when he saw him last.  Marcus got to the front of Mr. Bean’s house and stopped at the first set of steps starring at the back of him.  Marcus slowly crept up the steps and just kept getting this feeling that something wasn’t right about the situation.  Once he got to the top of the first set of steps, he called out to Mr. Bean which made him turn around and stop immediately.  Marcus gave him a smile and opened his arms as to give him a signal as to he wants to receive a hello hug.  Mr. Bean stands up, with gardening tools in his hand and wearing gloves, and looks at Marcus as if he was a complete stranger.

Mr. Bean takes off his hat and takes a few steps towards Marcus and asked him, “May I help you, son? How do you know my name?”  That type of response took Marcus by complete surprise as he thought maybe Mr. Bean was suffering from amnesia.  Marcus then replies, “I’m Marcus Love! Remember? My wife and came I over to help you last week with your basement.  Your wife made us cookies and her famous lemonade-peach.”  Mr. Bean stands there in silence and just keeps looking at Marcus as if he was confused and terrified at the same time.  Mr. Bean takes a few steps closer to Marcus and tells him, “First of all I am not married and my wife died over ten years ago.  Second, she didn’t make lemonade for anyone except for me, her grandchildren, and her closes friends.  I don’t know who you are, but I think you may have the wrong house.”  Marcus is now in complete shock and begins to think about the situation as he slowly puts his arms down.  While he stands there with his smile fading away, Mr. Bean turns around and goes back to gardening.  Marcus stands there for another minute before turning around and going back to Renee, who was still waiting by her car, but outside of it.

She watches him come back to the vehicle looking defeated and saddened about some news he received.  When he got back to the passenger side of the car, Renee asked him, “So what happened?”  Marcus looks at his reflection in the tinted window, looks back at Mr. Bean, and then looks at Renee with a worried expression.  “He doesn’t recognize me at all.  My wife and I were here last week helping him out with his basement along with his wife, but she died over ten years ago.  I don’t know what to do at this point.”  Marcus glances down and opens the door to get in the vehicle and closes the door gently.  Renee stays outside of the vehicle and stares at Mr. Bean, who is still working on his gardening without missing a step.  Renee then gets into her car and continues down the road through the neighborhood to his personal residence.  Once in front of Marcus’ house he rolls down the window and peeps at the front of it.  He becomes familiar with the decorations and gains hope that this encounter may be a better one.

Renee stops him before he exits the car by grabbing his arm to make sure he doesn’t make a fool of himself once again.  Marcus stops in mid form and looks at Renee’s hand holding his arm and thought to himself what the hell is she doing.  They look at each other and without words being exchange she lets him go and watches him go up towards the house.  Marcus filled with joy and anticipated happiness, nearly rushes up to the front door and rings the doorbell anxiously.  As he waits he can see a silhouette approaching the door getting ready to open it, which he was hoping it was his wife.  When the door opened he saw his wife greeting him and without warning he steps into the house hugging her.  She is caught be surprise for the first few seconds and doesn’t return a hug in return.  Marcus lets go of her and steps back to reveal himself to her, but she just stands there in total shock of what just happened.  She looks at him and slaps him right across the face pretty hard.  Marcus is thrown off by her behavior and grabs his face as his cheek starts to sting from the contact.

“It’s me baby! Marcus!” he replies to her physical response.  She looks at him with an angry and confused look, “Who the hell do you think you are?! Coming up into a strangers house and just touching people when you feel!”  “What the hell are you talking about?  You’re my wife! I should be able to hug you when I want!” he replied.  Hearing all this commotion from the kitchen, Todd her husband, comes around the corner trying figure out what is going on.  As Todd makes it around the corner he sees his wife just arguing with some stranger, who is part way inside the front door.  When Todd got closer, Marcus looks at him and was shocked to see his old friend at their house.  “What the hell is Todd doing here?” he says to her.  Her head turns around to him and back at Marcus, “How do you know his name?”  Before Marcus could reply to her question, Todd stands next to her and looks at Marcus with an angry expression, “Who the hell are you?! What the hell are you doing here?!”  Marcus looks at Todd and replies, “Bro! We used to be college buddies and played flag football together.  What are you doing with my wife, Karen?”  Todd steps in front of Karen and replies, “First of all she’s my wife, we don’t know you, and you better get the hell out of here!”  Renee, still watching this episode from her car, gets out and can see things are getting heated between the three parties.

As Renee starts to run up to the house, Marcus and Todd get into a shoving match with Karen in the middle trying to break them up.  Renee runs up and grabs Marcus from behind and starts to pull him off of Todd, while Karen holds back Todd.  Renee introduces herself as a NYPD detective to see if that calms them down and not wanting to tear of Marcus’s head.  When Karen and Todd sees that a NYPD cop is hauling away Marcus, they shout out at him to go to hell and never come back again.  Renee pulls Marcus all the way back to the car and tries to put sense into his head, “What the hell are you doing?”  Marcus breaks free from her grips violently and replies, “That muthafu……!”  as he starts to run back up to the house.  Renee tackles him to the sidewalk and falls on top of him.  He flings her off his back and jumps up in an extreme anger state starring at Renee.  “Why didn’t you tell me!? Huh!? Why didn’t you tell me?!” he screamed at her.  Renee gets up slowly and stands toe to toe with Marcus before answering him, “Sorry, but I wanted to make sure I had the right information before I told you.”  Marcus in response sees a garbage can and kicks it into the street as the trash flies and the can lid slides across the concrete.  “You telling me you knew that she didn’t know me, but you brought me here anyway?!”

Renee looks at him and answers in an angry tone, “I tried to tell you at the cell block, but you acted like you didn’t want to believe it.  With this reality in front of you now, do you believe me?”  Marcus continues to breathe heavily from his minor scuffle with Renee and his adrenaline pumped up from his confrontation with Todd.  Marcus turns around and walks down the street with his hands running through his hair trying to calm himself down.  Renee looks up at the house and can see the couple starring at them through the window.  She breaks eye contact with them and chases Marcus down the street to bring him back.  Renee catches up with Marcus and stops him in his tracks by standing in front of him.  Marcus stops and looks at Renee with tears streaming down his face and visibly upset at the situation.  Seeing his tears made her feel bad that she brought him out there, but wanted to make it up to him somehow.  Before she offered to take him somewhere else, she wanted him to explain to him a few things.  When Marcus received that question from her he agreed and they both walked back to the car as if they were on a leisurely walk.

Shortly after David met with the two Pakistani’s in this abandoned warehouse, they get him to explain more of what he knows.  After announcing to them that he was hired previously to build a nuclear bomb for them, they take him to a location where he can specify his knowledge on this plot.  David nearly got himself killed earlier because the two men believed he was an undercover federal agent, but for some reason they believed he wasn’t and agreed to take him to their boss.  David was blind folded and placed in a vehicle and told to lay down in the backseat.  As he did he thought to himself that they were probably lying about taking him to their boss and kill him anyway.  While he lays in the backseat nervous and anticipating the next step of the situation he is pulled out from the car by his feet on to the ground.  One of the men remove off his blindfolds and a bright light of some kind was the first thing that David saw.  Unsure of where the light source was coming from, he took his arms and shielded the light and from that move he was able to see he was inside another warehouse.  This time there were armed men standing around in all black, some with sunshades, and other walking along catwalk several feet high.  As he sits there trying to make sense of all the armed men and the strange surroundings, he hears a vehicle pull up behind him.  He turns around and sees headlights entering the warehouse with another vehicle behind it.  He attempts to stand up, but gets hit very hard in the back by one of the men using the butt end of an automatic weapon.  David drops back to the ground letting out a loud groan from the pain he received.  The vehicle stops behind the vehicle David came in.  All the doors opened up in the first vehicle as men exited from every entrance/exit possible.  Then a tall white man exited the vehicle and began to immediately walk towards him.

Then the tall man walked up to David, who was still on the ground, within a few feet of his existence.  The tall man squatted down towards David and said, “Who are you number one?  Number two, what and how much do you know about our plan?”  David positions himself to be able to look at the tall man in the eye through his sunshades and replied, “Well, that is a tough one to explain, but the bottom line is that you hired me to do big job.”  “What job is that Mr.?” the tall man replied.  David attempts to get up once again and his hit in the back once more the same way like before.  With a groan now in his voice, David replies, “You hired me along with a few others to build you a nuclear device under detection.”  The tall man, and a few others, laughed at the statement that David just made.  “Nuclear device?  We don’t have anything of that magnitude in our arsenal, but that is not such a far off possibility?”  The tall man replied.  David then looked at the tall man straight in the eye and replied with information that only people in the circle would know.  “You actually have the equipment to do it, but all you need is the personnel to complete it for you.  There is a warehouse in downtown Philadelphia that houses the things to get this job done, which are hidden under several code names and passwords.  Also the other part of the information that I have for you is that your nuclear device? It works!  It works!”


(December 28, 2012)


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