Poisoned by Love

I know most, if not all of us, have gone through many relationships and friendships that have ended in a way we didn’t want, or somehow ended in a way we thought wouldn’t happen.  I have responded to numerous domestic violence calls during my career, but sometimes you always get that one call that you wonder why us humans act this way.  There is nothing wrong with being hurt when the person you love or deeply care about you hurts your feelings or breaks your heart.  However, there are ways to express yourself to that person or express your displeasure about the ending of your relationship in a positive or more peaceful way.  A solution to express yourself should not be a way of stealing someone’s property, burning their personal things, or just vandalizing someone’s prize possessions.  Reacting in such a manner will only bring more heartache and pain, and then on top of that legal issues that you didn’t plan on dealing with.

Well, that is what happened to this Asian woman who I had to deal just an hour and a half into my shift.  An off duty county officer was driving by when he was waived down by the male half of the couple.  Come to find out she stole an oscilloscope, which measures volts, from a physics lab just to get his attention.  Even though we recovered the item on scene, I wasn’t going to arrest her, but that changed when it was discovered that this wasn’t the first time.  Just within a week she stole something else from the same physics lab for the same reason, to get his attention.  With her past behavior and another discovery of her assaulting him prior to our arrival on scene, it was best to lock her up.  I can’t go into details of the case, but one thing is for certain, that this whole situation sounded like some fatal attraction type deal.  Acting out on emotions or in a deep hurt emotional state can land you in another situation that more than likely won’t end good for you.

So remember this folks, if your spouse or significant other breaks up with you or divorces you, don’t act out in such a way that your plan of revenge falls back on you.  It’s like when someone kills someone for breaking up with them because they have the mentality of “if I can’t have you, no one will!”  That type of thinking is just stupid and idiotic, sorry!  Killing that person does nothing for your plan of revenge, except making sure one thing that you still don’t have them even though you wanted them back.  I digress on that situation since that is a whole different topic.  Listen, be good people and sensible individuals when it comes to things like this.  Like I said earlier on in this post, you will be hurt and there is nothing wrong with being hurt and expressing yourself of the displeasure, but we can’t be going around stealing stuff, especially when the item belongs to the state, and thinking you are sending the point of “I showed him!”  Yeah, you did show him!  You showed him how immature, stupid, and childish you are in stealing things to cause yourself to get locked up!  I know it maybe hard and very difficult to do for some people,  but lets think before we act sometimes.



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2 responses to “Poisoned by Love

  1. Your biggest fan

    Stupid people. I have always found it so hard to believe that most in our generation can not accept rejection with grace and understanding anymore.. or at least, just not get caught LoL!

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