“THE RED BARN” (Horror/Thriller) Part IV

Previously on The Red Barn:  The Town of Avalon, located in North Carolina, just experienced the worse Halloween holiday in its history of existence.  Many residents either died from a horrific death of unimaginable proportions or turned to stone as if they were defying God and his commands.  One of the nicest ladies in the entire town was suddenly possessed and reacted in an evil, satanic way that frightened everyone who witnessed the horror.  Now as the devil’s holiday has passed, as most non-celebratory individuals would say, the events will only continue to pursue the path of destruction and devastation.

After many residents of the Town of Avalon witnessed their most horrific Halloween ever, they would soon seek revenge on the weak and on those that have expressed strong negativity that would soon have evil actions follow.  It would take the towner’s several days, if not weeks, to clean up the mess and remove all the people, that turned to stone, out of the streets.  From that evil day forward many people were speaking of moving out of town to another location where peace and tranquility would reign.  Over the years only a few of the residents living there were actually from the town, but others moved from Charlotte to seek a much more quiet lifestyle.  Now, as things continued to get worse over time many other “out of towner’s” were considering moving back to Charlotte or from the state all together.  The mayor of the town was, however, able to convince many to stay and to help him and the rest of the folks to fight the demonic status that hang over the town.  For a lot of people, especially those that were religiously vowed to be serving the lifestyle of Christianity, this task seemed very scary as they didn’t know exactly what they were fighting or how to prepare for such a fight.

Debates about this unbelievable task that the mayor was proposing lasted for days, until it was one week before Thanksgiving.  Within those few weeks after the events on Halloween night, only a handful of families moved out of town, but to only have one mysterious family move in during that time.  No one had ever seen this family before and needless to say suspicion began to rise immediately on who they were and where they came from.  The first person to introduce themselves to the family was the town mayor and the police chief, but even after that first impression the sixth sense started to stir within the mayor.  He couldn’t ever figure this sixth sense out, but from their first day in the town he had spies, who were decent enough to stay hidden, watch the family.  Leading up to the Thanksgiving Day holiday the new family never did anything that was very alarming, but everyone knew that they were a strange bunch.  The father, mother, and their two teenager daughters always wore black, red, or a mixture of both colors together with their outfits.  No one knew what the father or mother did for a living, but one thing for sure was that the two teenage daughters never went to school.  When the town would have meetings about what was going on within their town, this new family never joined the conversation or offered their opinions on what to do.  Even though the townie’s knew that they have no clue of what has been happening, it was expected for them to know what is going on and how to help.

Then on the night, exactly one week before Thanksgiving, the entire town got together at the town hall.  It was approximately after nine o’clock at night when the mayor was seen speaking to a crowd of people on the town hall steps.  Many of the townie’s were either carrying buckets of gasoline, stick torches, as you would see mid-evil characters carry for light, or rifles and shotguns, as if they were going to shoot whatever it was haunting their town. Everyone was meeting in front of the town hall for reasons that one observer was able to put things together that since that mysterious red barn appeared things have gotten horrible.  Once everyone agreed and was able to look back upon the events that occurred it was then voted on to burn down the red barn, in hoping to release this evil spell.  After the mayor’s motivational speech the townie’s outside of the town hall all marched up towards the red barn’s location in a mob like state.  Most of the people during the march started chanting, but others were screaming out other statements that it was unable to hear exactly what was being chanted.  It took the mob of townie’s a while to find the red barn, but it was located and seen from the bottom of a wooded hill.  As the mayor led the mob up through the woods on a heavy filled log path, the little black girl, who is now wearing a black dress with a red bow around her waist, sees the mob approaching her.  She slowly starts to back away from the top of the hill as the mob slowly approaches with fire coming from their stick torches.

The little black girl is never seen by anyone in the mob, but she runs towards the back of the barn as if they were chasing her specifically.  The mayor and mob finally reached the top of the hill where the barn sits and all of them were amazed of its size and depth.  As the mob started to pan out to have all three sides covered, since one side was heavily covered or blocked with very thick brush and bushes, the mayor pulled out his small pocket Bible and started to shout prayers out loud.  It was approximately 50-60 people in the mob and everyone began to shout Amen and Hallelujah after each verse was read by the mayor from one of the books in the Holy Bible.  Shortly, after the mayor was finished speaking he nodded to one of the men holding a gallon can of gasoline to start pouring it around the base of the barn.  The man nodded back as acknowledgment and started to do his part by pouring gasoline around the base of the barn, while others doused the sides and as high as they could without covering each other.  Then suddenly, a cold spell, wind came upon the mob and felt like the temperatures dropped in the teens as everyone began to see their breath expelling from their mouths and noses.  Others started to shiver and rub their own arms with their hands as others embraced each other to keep warm.  They mayor stopped for a minute to watch his breath suddenly expel from his mouth into the air and disappear.  After watching his breath disappear into the crisp, cold night he signaled to others to light the gasoline on fire.  It seemed strange at first that the gasoline didn’t ignite immediately so one of the townie’s approached once again to light the gasoline on fire.  When he did the gasoline on the ground and around the barn lit on fire as if a bomb exploded in everyone’s faces.

Immediately, after the gasoline ignited in a huge fireball the man who tried to set the gasoline on fire the second time, caught fire himself.  When the flames shot up into the night sky, it was so bright and the heat was so intense that everyone warmed up and shielded their faces from the fiery light.  The man who caught fire was heard yelling and running around the woods as the rest of the mob watched in horror frozen on what to do and how to help.  A few townie’s attempted to run after the man to help him, but as the man on fire ran through the woods, he ends up setting ablaze leaves and trees around the barn. At this point, the mob has a man on fire running around screaming at the top of his lungs as the heat of the fire burns his flesh.  Women and teenagers alike are seeing the man on fire and running around screaming themselves looking for safety from the burning flames that have engulfed the barn and the surrounding landscape.  Within seconds of the barn catching fire, the townie’s all thought to themselves that this was not an intelligent idea as fireballs shot from the barn in every direction imaginable.  As the fireballs began to shoot out a few people were hit directly and their bodies and clothes immediately ignited and burned to death.  The fire that started in the trees and leaves on the ground started to spread rapidly as other trees and logs caught fire fueling the chaos. 

The mayor stood in one spot frozen from the chaos that surrounded him, but it took one townie to force him to move as a fireball shot towards him.  Once the mayor was knocked to the ground and saw that the fireball, that was launched at him, go by and ignite other trees on fire, he woke out of his frozen mind state and ran for his life. The mob that was so organized going up towards the barn, suddenly fled down the wooded, log filled path in a mass panic trying to save themselves.  Fireballs continued to shoot out in all directions and continued to light up the woods surrounding the fleeing mob on fire. More townie’s lost their lives fleeing from the fire and running down the path.  Some people tripped over each other and either suffered major injuries as they went rolling down the hill striking fixed objects or taking others out as they fled.  One fireball shot from the very top of the barn and landed a few miles away on a road where a married couple was traveling in their four door sedan.  As the husband was driving down the road, the fireball suddenly came out of nowhere and struck the hood of the car sending them over a cliff.  As the car went careening over the mountain road it burst into flames and continued ablaze until it struck the rocky surface below.  Once the car struck the rocky surface below, the car exploded sending shrapnel and vehicle parts in all directions.  These fireballs could been seen miles away in another neighboring town, which was approximately five miles to the north of Avalon.

Several minutes after the barn was set ablaze it collapsed to the ground in a loud, thunderous manner and explosions were heard.  Soon the woods that surrounded the barn was burning like a massive forest fire that has been burning for several days in California.  Someone ended up calling the fire department and other first responders to the scene and they were flabbergasted by what they were witnessing.  It took several fire departments and several fire engines to put out the fire before it made the damage much worse.  The little black girl, in her black dress and red bow, began to scream, which was heard echoing through the woods deafening those still within close proximity to the barn.  No one could see her, but she stood on top of the collapsed barn and continued to scream like no one has ever heard a scream before.  Seconds later she exploded and vaporized under the intense heat that was still raging like a flood that broke through a dam. 

Many hours later, the next morning, the scene was terrifying as fire fighters and police officers scowered the premises.  Black smoke and soot filled the air and the stench of burning flesh and wood could be smelled all over the scene.  Nearly every tree that was within the landscape of the barn was either burnt to the ground or left standing completely bare with no leaves hanging off of the protruding branches.  The stench was so powerful that the firefighters had to wear gas masks, while the police followed their footsteps into the woods covering their mouths and faces with wet cloths and rags.  As the firefighters combed the scene they began to discover bodies hidden under burnt tree reminisces or completely charred beyond recognition.  Most firefighters approached and searched the scene of the burnt barn looking for clues as to how it started and if anyone could be seen under the rubble.  As the firefighters and police officers searched the scene they came across a black dress with a red bow hidden completely under one stack of smoldering wood.  When the black dress was discovered it was in an extreme odd position and look.  One firefighter picked up the dress, which was folded to expose the red bow facing upward, and unfolded it and noticed not one burn mark or fabric cinched.  This immediately struck as odd behavior towards the police officers as they gathered it for evidence for their investigation.  While all the bodies are being discovered, one first responder saw a vehicle turned upside down laying on a pile of boulders still smoldering.  As they get closer to the car they could see two people were still trapped inside with soot all over their faces and extremities showing. 

Firefighters quickly soon realized that the couple inside the vehicle were dead and it was also determined that the woman was pregnant, as they could clearly see her belly exposed.  The county police, along with some town police officers, began to interview the townie’s of Avalon on what happened and looking for any witnesses to the crime.  Although no one was talking about what happened, it did seem strange that if no one in the town was involved, then how come some many of them are found dead in the woods and some others are being treated for smoke inhalation.  The state fire marshal arrived on scene and spoke to several firefighters and police officers of what they found.  The most alarming piece of evidence found was the black dress with a red bow, still attached, neatly folded under the burnt barn.  Even though the fire marshal considered this to be extremely odd, he started to rule out that it was placed there immediately after the fire.  The destruction and damage of the fire was so enormous, that local and regional news stations started to cover the story.  News helicopters and vehicles started to arrive at the scene and began to report on the situation nearly around the clock.  During that same day, later in the early evening, the mayor had just finished his interview with the police officer that came to visit his office.

 The mayor escorted the officer out of his immediate office and showed him the proper way to exit the building after hours.  Once the police officer was gone, the mayor went to his secret stash of alcohol and opened his flask filled with cranberry and vodka.  As the mayor sat down in his expensive leather chair and taking a few strong gulps out of his flask, he heard a loud crash down the hall.  He froze in his position with the flask partially in an angle as if he was posing for a picture.  Nothing else was heard and he continued to drink from his flask when another loud noise was heard in the hallway that echoed. The mayor has now become curious as to what was happening just outside his office that could be causing the noise.  Once he screwed the top back on to his flask, he got up out of his leather chair and approached his office door.  When he started to open the door, he did slowly as he softly peaked out the door to find what or who was out there.  He continued to open the door and did so wide enough for him to poke out pieces of his body at a time until he was fully exposed. When he came out of his office he heard small tiny taps around the corner down the hall towards the main entrance.  The hallway towards the main entrance from the corner, where he was standing, is approximately twenty yards.  Suddenly, the lights in the building went out and the only light shining was the reflection of the street light shining through the small window posted near the top of the main entrance.  The mayor kept creeping towards the corner hearing small taps echoing through the hallway.  Once he peeped around the corner he could see a silhouette of a medium size dog sniffing around the hallway.  The mayor exposed himself around the corner and whistled to get the dogs attention.

 The medium size dog stopped sniffing the floor and completely turned around to look at him.  A few seconds of silence fell upon the hallway, but that was soon disturbed by what would happen next.  Just before the mayor could walk back around the corner to call someone to come get a stray dog out of the building, he was mortified at to what he saw next.  The silhouette of the dog quickly stood upright and showed fiery red eyes at a height where a tall man’s eyes would approximately be.  The mayor was frozen in fear once again and could see the silhouette approaching him down the hallway.  Then before the mayor knew it, the silhouette was standing a few feet away from him, but could only see into the red fiery eyes of this being.  Then all of a sudden the light above them came on and the mayor finally saw what was standing in front him.  It was a very tall man dressed in all midnight black, with black lips and fingernails.  The tall man took his hat off, exposing his dirty blonde hair, and looked at the mayor straight into his eyes of fear saying, “What you did can not go unpunished!  However, selling me your soul can rid you of all responsibility and you can continue on with your normal life.”  The mayor was definitely frozen in fear as no words could leave his mouth as he was trying form a response.  When the mayor didn’t respond fast enough the tall man took his hand and placed it on the mayor’s forehead and immediately sucked out his soul.  Once the tall man was finished, the mayor’s body wrinkled up like a prune and heavily fell to the floor making a loud thump.  The tall man put his hat back on his head and turned around heading towards the main entrance.  A new wrath awaits the town of Avalon, and possibly the plan against the town and mankind has been expedited due to the disrespect that was shown and felt by the evil entities possessing the red barn.


Late December to Early January


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