“HEAVENLY FIRE” (Science Fiction)(Part IV)

New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2020

The Western world has been in sustainable shock since the first set of asteroids began to fall to earth back around April.  For some reason the agencies that are chartered with the protection of earth’s aerospace have been struggling enormously to get ahead in anticipating the trajectory and impact zones of the falling stars.  With constant diligence and having the attitude of not giving up, NASA and NOAA, along with NORAD, were able to predict the impact zone of the last asteroid coming towards earth.  Unfortunately, the early warning notification to the city of Kansas City, Missouri wasn’t early enough and millions of people died within seconds of the impact.  At this point it would appear that the U.S. government is stretched beyond its economic limits with trying to aid federal money to all the impact zones.  The economy took a drastic hit to the point where government spending was almost slashed immediately, thousands of federal workers were laid off, and the federal agencies working extremely hard during this crisis had to work with the limited resources they had without a certain future of help or upgrade.  Attached to the American economy is the Global economy and that took a suffering blow as well, which affected imports and exports around the world especially China.

Although it would appear that only the Western Hemisphere is being impacted by these falling asteroids, the rest of the world is suffering from the effects.  Famine and radiation poisoning has just engulfed the northern part of the island of Cuba, but has definitely affected other parts of the country.  Months later after Havana was severely impacted, Guatonamo Bay was forced to evacuate due to the fear of the U.S. service men and women being deathly impacted.  That evacuation was a logistical nightmare and caused alot of problems where several personnel, not actively in the military, were either left behind accidently or left the island under the wrong platform.  Once the evacuation order was given it took the military about three to four weeks to move all necessary equipment and terrorists prisoners, which were quickly seen as a major pain.  All of the prisoners had to be transported to Germany and that was heavily protested by the German prime minister, but he eventually caved in with specific restrictions being met.  While the United States is still reeling from the devastation from the last impact on one of their Midwest cities, the president of the United States was then informed of another incoming asteroid.

The president received word of this incoming asteroid about twenty-four hours before the impact.  However, the situation turned for the worse when NASA and NOAA lost contact and sight of the asteroid.  When they tried to transform their feed to NORAD they couldn’t keep trace of the asteroid either.  Then suddenly as all three agencies are scrambling to find the elusive asteroid, the power and satellite feeds disappear from their screens and all lighting sources and electronic devices go dark.  The back up generators didn’t even kick in for the power to be restored for those agencies, but it was quickly determined that they were not the only ones affected.  From miles and miles in the sky the International Space Station could look down and see city lights disappearing from the physical real-life map of the Western Hemisphere.  As they watched this phenonemon happen they tried feverously to contact NASA, but with no success.  The power outage was not only contained within the United States, but began to spread into Central and South America.  Soon within several minutes North and South American continents were black and invisible on the earth’s surface just like the communists North Korea.

This was certainly alarming to the International Space Station crew and to the rest of the world as their respective news stations were reporting.  As everyone is involved in the massive blackout, the only light that was seen was high in the sky of the elusive asteroid streaking through the night sky.  It was only a few hours before it officially became New Year’s Eve and the Western world was about to end the year with a blaze from Heaven.  As the asteroid fell closer to earth the fire tail grew bigger and bigger, but no one knew where it would land or who would be in danger.  With all electronic devices being rendered useless no one could call on their cellphones or get on their computers to warn someone of the incoming danger.  As the asteroid continued to fall it shot quickly across the sky over the city of Mexico heading south faster than the speed of sound.  When the asteroid struck the unpopulated desert land south of Mexico City, the impact wasn’t as devastation and severe as the one in Kansas City and Havana, Cuba.  Thousands of tons of rocks, dirt, and sand exploded and shot into the sky miles above the skyline of Mexico City.  A dirt brown mushroom cloud was seen from miles away and high above Mexico City as it continued to grow high into the atmosphere.

Several minutes later the sky directly above the city of Mexico began to rain down rocks and millions and millions of small grains of Mexico sand fell upon the population and structures.  Cars and trucks driving down the roads had to turn on their windshield wipers as their view was being blocked by the falling debris.  It was like a wet sand storm was blowing through the city landscape turning everything to that muddy, sand, brown coloration.  Thousands of people fled the streets looking for shelter from the falling debris, but many didn’t make it as several vehicles lost control and mowed down several fleeing pedestrians.  Glass in buildings either blew out from some of the fast falling rocks or was covered by the muddy rain of debris so people on the inside couldn’t see the misery outside.  Small cafe’s that had outside seating areas lost all furniture from the sudden winds that blew through from the impact zone and sent those objects flying through the air like projectiles.  Small homes and houses within the city limits and within a few miles of the city limits were covered in sand and dirt, and some had their roofs caved in. The falling debris lasted for about several minutes to the point where alot of people actually thought it was the end of the world approaching.  After the wet-muddy sand storm ended the aftermath was just as bad as the situation before.

The full moon that shined that night was nearly completely blocked from the all the dust, debris, and sand still consuming the atmosphere.  Thousands of people and kids were found littered in the streets of the city and the ghettos.  Almost immediately after the madness ended all those that ran to seek shelter returned back outside to see the destruction of vehicles, glass, lifeless bodies, severely injured people, and other objects littering the streets and sidewalks.  Any emergency personnel that were able to respond to the most devastating parts of the city were dispatched, but most had to respond on foot or bike.  The president of the United States was kept abreast of the entire situation from the time of the incoming asteroid to the situation in Mexico.  Hearing the situation that the country of Mexico was facing was completely devastating to the president, but with his country dealing with their own issues of emergency aid he can’t really offer any assistance to his southern most neighbor.  The detail knowledge that the president has regarding the asteroid impacts, over the next hundred years, has not yet been fully disclosed to the public, but he knows sooner or later the remaining public and media will want answers.

The nighttime scene in Mexico City seemed like a devilish atmoshphere as many people in the streets were crying and yelling amongst the echoes of the police and ambulance sirens.  As the devastating scene unfolds in Mexico and federal troops respond to the area, the president of the United States is now pondering on the situation of why the entire Western Hemisphere has suddenly lost power.  Speculations began to run through his staff as to the speed and shield of the asteroid falling to earth may have mysterious affected all electronic equipment and devices.  That theory was quickly squashed when the president’s chief of staff reminded the his boss that NSA was investigating a terrorist plot to knock out the nation’s power grid.  No one ever thought that a power grid plot would or could be completed on this magnitude, but faced with that real possibility it seemed no longer a sick, impossible fantasy.

With no way of confirming this threat and everyone west of the Meridian sent back to the Stone Age, they will now have to work with a limited government and resources.  By this time the president was inside Air Force One and still airborne being escorted by two or more fighter jets.  Now the runways of all airports in that part of the planet are dark with no running and warning lights to land.  The only option that they could think of was to land on the nearest aircraft carrier that has a runway deck of at least four hundred yards.  The only water hotel craft that was close to that measurement was a nuclear power aircraft carrier posted in the Gulf of Mexico after their tour in Cuba.  That was the last known location of the carrier before half of the world’s power grid went down.  As the pilot manuevers the president’s private jet towards that location in the Gulf of Mexico, they were able to find it in the middle of the body of water still lit up.  In the history of the U.S. no president has ever landed Air Force One on an aircraft carrier.  So you can imagine the staff, the president, and the pilot themselves were extremely nervous on this new and never done before endevour.

As the pilot start to lower Air Force One on the deck of the aircraft carrier, the two escorting jets landed first minutes ahead.  In the middle of the decent the landing gears could be heard coming down, which let everyone on board know that they are getting close.  One of the staff members was so nervous on the decent that she vomitted in a bag sitting next to the window.  There was a moment of silence before suddenly the landing gears struck deck of the aircraft carrier and the reverse thrust immediately kicked in.  The sudden G-Forces locked everyone in their seats as the jet came to a sudden stop before going off the edge into the Gulf.  After the jet came to rest and everyone got themselves together the president of the United States and his staff off-boarded Air Force One.  By this time it was after midnight and New Year’s Eve was officially here.  The president exited his flight door and could see the deck lined with seamen and pilots all rendering a salute to his presence.




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2 responses to ““HEAVENLY FIRE” (Science Fiction)(Part IV)

  1. Ashlie

    Your post, “HEAVENLY FIRE” (Science Fiction)(Part IV) | franklinswritingcorner, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Ashlie!


    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by and giving your insight. I hope you find other stories listed on the blog just as interesting. More stories are too come in the not so distant future. How are you by the way?

      With Care,

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