Major League Time!

First I want to apologize to everyone about my stories not being published as scheduled.  Since adding a new member of the family, a pure black lab, and dealing with my wife’s health things have been kind of busy.  Our black lab is just over four months old and learning things as the days go by.  We’ve had him for about a week now and we have decided to name him Romeo.  He appears to be learning things at a fast pace and with only one more thing to teach him, which is going potty properly, we are quite happy with our purchase of him.  At the same time my wife has been dealing with her lupus flaring up and continuing to give her health problems.  Since being diagnosed with lupus back in July 2011, her health has been like playing Monopoly with the plastic pieces and money while outside in the hurricane winds.  You just don’t know when and where her lupus will strike and give her problems to go on about a normal day.  Within the past few months she has been seeing two oral surgeons about her jaw, which has been locking up either open or close.  On top of that her jaw has given her problems in chewing, smiling, moving her mouth side to side, and at times painful swallowing.

Now with her diagnoses of her jawbone deteriorating, a massive surgery is being recommended by her most current oral surgeon.  She’s had four minor jaw surgeries to keep her going, but they were only bandaids to the big picture.  Now she has to have major surgery to have her jaw basically reconstructed, fat graph added, which the surgeon will also open her airway so she can breath alot easier.  However, the surgery is not the big problem, but the cost of the surgery is a huge hurddle to overcome.  The surgery that the surgeon wants to conduct on her will cost just over $25,000!  Our insurance will only cover $1800!  What the hell?!  So we are now responsible for at least 80% of the cost of the surgery.  With this now the reality of what needs to take place this has somewhat stressed us out on how we will pay for this.  Her employer is giving her a hard time with this situation and makes it seem like it’s her fault for having this disease.  The added pressure is now that the surgeon wants to conduct such surgery next week!  Yes! The surgery is that important to where another month will practically render her mouth useless and she will be eating out of straws, but it won’t be because of her surgery.

Now we are about to set up a donation website for assistance in paying for this surgery in full.  We don’t know any other way except start applying for loans and care credit applications, which are not gauranteed.  Right now since her last minor surgery earlier this week her jaw, on the right side, has been hurting 24/7 non-stop.  Her body just curls up and crinches whenever she moves her tongue, swallows, bite down, and open her mouth.  As for anyone seeing this watching your loved one suffer like this is very tough and hard to do, but at this point all I can do is snuggle with her and rub her head and tell her its okay.  We have to figure out something very quick and fast so we can get her this surgery and then after that her 20-24 month recovery begins.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the after treatment of her surgery is not included in the $25,000 cost of her surgery.  I thank you all for your support and prayers as we try to quickly close this chapter in our life!


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