“CHRISTINA BLACK” (Thriller)(Part IV)


PREVIOUSLY ON “Christina Black” – Officer Black and her new partner were targeted by a mob like hit squad at a diner in downtown Chicago.  After Officer Black found a piece of paper with a skull head and a red dot in the middle of its forehead, she begins to seek protection.  While being driven to her secret hideout, the police officer driving her, attempted to kill her, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Hours after the attempt on her life, Christina Black is now in the hospital recovering from her minor injuries.  Her partner, Chris, is still at the accident scene investigating what happened and how this could happen.  As he stands outside of the vehicle accident scene, another officer calls his name and runs up to him with additional information.  When Chris turned around to look at the officer, he was given a piece of paper with shocking information that he didn’t expect.  As he opened the folded piece of paper the first thing he saw was a drawing of a skull head with a red dot marked in the middle of its forehead.  After Chris saw this new evidence he looked back up at the officer and asked him where he got the piece of paper from.  The officer stood there and paused for a second before offering an answer to him.  When the officer said to Chris that the piece of paper was taken off of the dead officer in front of the house, he became confused.  According to the scene the dead officer, by the house, was found with a single gunshot to the back of the head.  Chris started to think that if the shot officer was part of this conspiracy, why then was he shot and dumped in the bushes?

As Chris is pondering on this thought he heard the flatbed tow truck pull up behind him with its amber overhead lights flashing.  As the lights are flashing and ricocheting off of his face, he saw the tow truck driver exit his truck and walk up to him.  Before the tow truck driver could even open his mouth to say anything, Chris looked at him in the eye and told him to take it to their impound lot.  The tow truck driver nodded his head up and down very slightly and turned around to arrive back at his truck.  Chris then turned around and looked back at the officer who brought him that piece of paper.  He gave the piece of paper back to the officer and told him to turn it into evidence and he will take a look at it later.  The officer took the piece of paper and proceeded back towards the house where his cruiser and the evidence technician were parked.  As many officers are at the accident scene, Christina is at the hospital getting patched up and looked at by the doctor.  As the doctor looks into her eyes and makes his assessment he determines that she suffered a mild concussion, which she was very lucky it wasn’t worse.  After the doctor finished his assessment he told her his conclusion of what she was suffering from.  Once she heard that she suffered a mild concussion, she was more concerned of when she could leave the hospital.  The doctor turned around to grab a few pieces of wrappers from some medical equipment that he used and then answered her question. 

The doctor then told her that she wouldn’t be able to leave until he feels she is ready to be released.  Being depressed by that news she reaches out and gently grabs his arm as he tries to walk away.  He turned around and looked at her before saying nothing and continuing out the door.  She watched the doctor walk out and let out a huge sigh before leaning back on the hospital bed facing the ceiling.  As she lays there with her own thoughts she hears her bedroom door open and she sits up with the quickness.  When she sat up she could see it was another uniformed officer standing a few feet inside the room with the main hospital lights shadowing behind him.  The officer looked at her and told her that it will be two of them sitting outside her room standing guard until she is released from the hospital.  Christina gave the officer a slight grin as he returned the favor before walking back out the room.  She watches as the door closes and fear started to slightly creep inside her body as if she was receiving a cold chill.  Knowing that she was being guarded by two uniformed officer just outside her door, she couldn’t help but wonder if they would or if anyone else would attempt to kill her.  Since this fear was creeping inside her she started to think how could she escape or leave the hospital without being stopped.

As Christina is sitting on her hospital bed mentally plotting her escape from the hospital, Chris arrives back at the police station.  While Chris is at the police station sitting at a vacant desk examining the piece of paper found on Christina’s car, a detective walks up behind him.  Chris hears someone behind him and turns around to see it is one of their female detectives.  Chris greets the detective and the same was done in return to him.  The detective stood adjacent to Chris and watched him examine the piece of paper as if he was waiting for something to mysterious appear.  After a few seconds of silence the detective broke it by saying to Chris to the reference of waiting for something to magically appear.  He kept looking at the piece of paper and gave a slight chuckle before turning around and answering the detective.  Once he turned around and placed the piece of paper down on the desk he looked up at the detective and broke his silence.  Chris made a statement to the effect of, “I can’t make sense of this.  I never saw anything like this before.”  The female detective walked around to the other side of the desk and sat down across from Chris.  She reached across the desk and grabbed the piece of paper and started to examine the piece of paper herself.  She then said, “Well, neither have I, but we need to figure this out soon before something bad happens.”  Chris turned his whole body around to face her and folded his hands interlocking his fingers. 

“Well, right now that piece of paper was found on Christina’s car.  Another one was found at her house on the shot officer’s dead body, but he was killed execution style.  I don’t understand that part of it.” Chris stated to her.  The detective then said to Chris, “That’s what we are here for.  This has to be figured out before this gets out of hand and we are burying another deceased officer.  I like Christina so I don’t want to see anything happen to her.”  Chris then gave a slight smirk and looked down at his fingers before looking back up at her again.  He then got up and started to walk away, but then turned around to say one more thing to her.  “Have you heard anything about her at the hospital?” Chris said.  The detective stands up with the piece of paper in her hand and takes a few steps towards him.  “The only thing I heard was that she was suffering from a slight concussion.  Right now she has two uniformed officers guarding her room until she is released.”  The detective stated.  Chris kept looking at her and made a counter statement.  “These two officers umm…can they be trusted?” The female detective walked passed him and answered his question as she left his sight.  “The two officers are one of the most loyal guys on the force, so she will be just fine.”

At this time the deputy chief of police was outside walking his dog when he received a phone call on his cell.  As he stood out on the front door steps of his residence he reaches in his jacket pocket and pulls out his cell phone to answer it.  He pushed the call button and answers it to hear a female’s voice on the other end.

FEMALE DETECTIVE:  I just spoke to Chris, Christina’s partner, and right now he hasn’t figured out anything.

DEPUTY CHIEF:  That’s good news for now, but we have to maintain vigilance on this.  We need to make sure he doesn’t figure anything out.

FEMALE DETECTIVE:  So right now what do you want me to do at this point?

DEPUTY CHIEF:  Just keep an eye on him for now and let me know the status of the case as it goes along.  Also, Christina is still alive and has two officers guarding her room.  Let’s just cool off for now and see where this leads us.  It would appear that Jack didn’t alert anyone of what he knew and what he found out.

FEMALE DETECTIVE:  Will you let the councilman know of what we have or no?

DEPUTY CHIEF:  Not at this time.  Once things start heating up and they start sticking their noses in places they have no business then we will act accordingly.  Keep me posted.

FEMALE DETECTIVE:  Yes sir.  If anything changes I will let you know immediately.  (Hangs up the phone and returns to her desk).

TO BE CONTINUED…12/05/12 (Part V)


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