“TIME GAP” Part III (Thanksgiving Special)

Previously on “Time Gap” – Former NYPD Electronic Crimes Unit Detective Marcus Love has found himself eight years in the past dealing with an extreme situation.  The suspect that he was chasing after, David Deere, has also arrived eight years in the past, but for a different purpose.  During his interrogation Marcus later found out that the NYPD has no record of him being on the force, let alone applied to be a cop.  As things continue to spiral out of control for Marcus, he is sentenced to a one week jail term for charge of impersonating a police officer.  While Marcus sits in jail serving his term, David Deere struggles on the city streets of New York to find stability and means to live.

Part III

It is the morning of Marcus’s release from jail and he is sitting on his bed eating his breakfast.  Although he is disgusted with the food he was served, cold bacon, two slices of white bread, and runny eggs, he knows that once he is released he will have to fend for himself to find food and shelter.  Almost immediately after he finishes his food the detective working on his case, Renee Bradley, walks up to his cell bars and stands there in silence watching him.  Marcus doesn’t recognize her presence in front of his cell since his back is to her and his head in his hands.  After a quick minute of watching him sitting there, Renee calls out his name to have him turn around.  His name echoes through the cell for a brief second as he turns around halfway looking at her directly in the eyes.  As she stands there looking back at him she notices his facial expression as if he was disturbed from her interruption of talking to him.  Once Renee got an understanding of his body language and facial expression she made a statement to him that related to him being released without further charges.  Marcus heard this and stood up and walked slowly towards her stopping his advancement just a few inches from the cell bars.  He looks at her in the eyes and said to her, “Well, either you feel sorry for me or my time is actually up.”  Renee tilted her head slightly sideways and asked him to explain further to what he was referring too.  Marcus then went into explaining to her that he knew he was going to be charged with illegal possession of a firearm and stay in jail for several more months.  She gave him a smile and made a statement that surely shocked him into disbelief.  Renee said, “Well, you’ll be happy to know that the serial number on the gun comes back to you, but no further information is given.”  Marcus responds to Renee saying, “Okay that is somewhat good news, but what does that mean without further information?”  She sighs slowly and says, “The only information we obtained from the serial number is your full name and date of birth.  We have no listing of your address, employer, social security number, or anything that could explain this strange phenomenon.”

Marcus stood there trying to make sense of this development, but started to get a headache just thinking about it.  He grabs the bars gently and bends his head downward facing the floor letting out a sigh.  His head comes back up as he makes a request to her to have the weapon returned to him as soon as he is released.  Renee thought to herself for a quick second and told him that he couldn’t have it back at this moment since there is no record of a conceal carry permit.  That statement confused Marcus as he was thinking of the new law that was passed just a year prior to him being transported back into time.  Renee seemed to have known what was going to be said next as she jumped in front of him and told him that they will hold onto the weapon until more information can be obtained.  Once again Marcus let out a huge sigh, both of relief and frustration, and knew that getting the weapon back with him having a criminal record now would be almost impossible.  He quickly forgets that situation and explains to her that once he is released that he will need a ride to his residence so he can explain all of this to his wife.  Immediately after making that statement he turns around, dropping his hands from the bars and walks back slowly to the end of the cell.  He stops just an arm’s length from the wall when Renee drops another bomb on his ever changing situation.  She sighs and then tells him, “I’m sorry Marcus, but I was afraid to tell you that the address you gave is no good.”  He quickly spins around and looks at her with wide eyes and walks back towards the cell bars putting his hands back up on them.  “What do you mean the address is no good?  My wife lives there.  Maybe she wasn’t home when you got there, but that’s my house.” He says to her.  Renee looks at him in the eyes and further explains that when she went there it was another family living in the home and that they have never heard of a Marcus Love or anyone related to that name.  Sorrow just filled his heart once he heard the explanation from Renee.  That is when he took a step back using his hands on the bars for support with his head dropped down and eyes closed.

Not much more was said after that point and Renee walked away telling him that he will be released within the next few hours.  Marcus never raises his head or responds to her last statement as he could hear her walking away as her heels echo through the hallway with each step.  Tears begin to fill his eyes as a few tears drop from his face and onto the floor leaving very tiny puddles of salted water.  He pushes off the cell bars and walks over to his bed and sits down dropping his head inside his hands crying more consistently.  As he awaits his release time his suspect, David Deere, is still roaming the streets of New York trying to find ways of making a living in this new era.  After a week of living in the streets he finally locates the old warehouse building where all of this started.  David walks down the sidewalk and stops directly in front of the building looking up to the roof.  Although the front of the building has not changed certain physical features of the exterior looks different from when he last saw it.  He looks around and side to side to see if anyone is watching him before he walks up to the front entrance and opens the door.  Once he enters the building he found the staircase in the building and went to the floor where his secret hideout was located.  David got to the top of the steps and went down the hallway to the end and opened the door to the room where he first encountered Detective Love.  After he opened the door the first thing he noticed was an empty room with linoleum type floors and fluorescent lighting on the ceiling.  He remembered when he first encountered this hideout the room was scattered with cardboard boxes, mouse droppings, bug carcasses, and a moldy smell filled the room.  When he first encountered the hideout it was during the summer of 2018, which is two years before getting into a shootout with the police.  As he stands in the room reminiscing about the situation he hears voices behind him coming up the steps.  David quickly becomes scared and starts frantically looking for a hiding space in the room, but with the room being empty he just backs himself up behind the open door.

The voices that David heard coming up the steps belong to two American born men, who have Pakistani decedents.  As they reached the top of the steps and entered the hallway, both men see that the door to the room they are going to is wide open.  They pause in mid-sentence and look at each other as they are trying to figure out why is the door open if it was supposed to be closed and locked.  Both men reach behind them and pull out their semi-automatic pistols as they very slowly made their advancement towards the open door.  As they advance towards the open room they check each door as they pass and see that each one is closed and locked.  Within minutes they both reach the open room and take position on either side of the door frame looking into the room from their respective angle.  One of the men looking into the room pass the open door notices a shadow behind the open door.  As he looks very closely he sees a man’s shoe through the tiny crack of the door and the door frame.  He quickly alerts to his partner of what he is seeing by using hand and arm signals to not alert the person hiding behind the door where they are.  The man standing on the other side of the door frame, on the same side where David is hiding just on the other side of the wall, peeps around the corner looking through the tiny crack between the door and the door frame.  He sees a man hiding behind the door trying to be extremely quiet and not move.  Once David was seen, unknown to him, both men once again use hand and arm signals to motion each other to enter the room.  Both men then slowly enter the room and point their guns at the door standing still as if they were waiting for David to come from behind the door.  After a few moments of silence one of the men took quiet steps towards the door and gently grabbed the door knob and motioned to his partner that he was about to slam the door shut.  The man standing away from the door continued to point his weapon at the door waiting for David to come within his sights once the door slams close.  Suddenly, the man at the door very quickly and aggressively yanks the door by the door knob and slams it close.

The slamming of the door echoes through the empty room and David is now faced with two men pointing their guns at him.  David raised his hands, which were parallel to his shoulders and palms facing them.  As the two men look at him and David looks at the two men no one is moving as if neither man knows what to do next.  Just before one of the men begins to speak, David recognizes the man standing further away from him.  Both men look at each other and David hesitates to open his mouth as if he doesn’t know he will get shot for speaking.  After he thought about the situation David figures that he is already screwed and opens his mouth to speak.  David looks at the man standing further away and says his name, “Miguel?”  At that point both men kept turning their heads looking at each other confused as hell as Miguel’s partner says to him, “You know him!?”  Miguel looks at his partner and responds, “No I don’t!”  Then Miguel lowers his weapon a little bit so he could get a clear unobstructed view of David and says to him, “How in the hell do you know my name?” As he responds to David’s knowledge of his name in an angry tone.  David smirks and then responds with a statement that shocked the hell out of both men, “I’m the main scientist you hired to lead a project and to avoid detection from American authorities.”  Miguel lowers his weapon some more and slowly walks toward David stopping within a few feet of him.  Miguel responds to him by saying, “What project are you talking about?  I don’t know who the fuck you are! You don’t know what I am involved in! So you better tell me what you know and how you know about me!”  Miguel raises his arm quickly and points the gun at David’s head with his finger on the trigger ready to kill him.  David is scared for the moment of staring down the barrel of a loaded weapon, but gains the courage to finally tell Miguel what he knows.  David looks Miguel in the eyes and tells him, “I’m the scientist you hired to lead a project that is part of your terrorist plot against the United States.  I know exactly what you are involved in and how it should it go.  You don’t have to worry about me telling the police or me becoming an informant.  I, myself, am involved in this plot as well and besides I have nowhere to go at this point.”  Miguel steps closer and responds with a lower angry tone, “What the hell are you talking about?”  David takes a big swallow of saliva and then responds, “I’m talking about building a nuclear weapon.  You hired me to build a nuclear weapon.”

TO BE CONTINUED…12/12/12 (Part IV)




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3 responses to ““TIME GAP” Part III (Thanksgiving Special)

  1. Awesome. I ate that up like candy! I can’t wait to see what happened to his wife. Is she dead? I am bookmarking this so I can start from the beginning and follow the story. This is fun! I love a good mystery. Cheers.

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