“THE RED BARN” (Horror)(Part III)

Previously on “The Red Barn” – The little black girl once again makes her appearance, and this time creates more havoc; the residence of the Town of Avalon, North Carolina start to show signs of weirdness and immoral behavior; and the police deals with incidents that they never had to deal with in their history.

To everyone’s knowledge the next joyest holiday after Halloween is the family oriented Thanksgiving Day.  Shortly, after the clock struck midnight that night, and it became officially Halloween, things continued to become an enigma for the residence of the Town of Avalon.  It started with only a handful of residences’ visiting the mysterious red barn in the woods and then coming back with a different persona.  Then when the devil’s holiday rolled around, as most religious attendees named it, more of the townees started to exhibit strange and unusual behavior.  One family, the Jacksons, had everyone in the household visit this barn and that just started a chain reaction within the confines of their lives.  The father was seen cheating on his wife with her sister, the oldest son was seen setting and starting fires at random schools in the area, the two youngest children were seen starting fights and causing other kids and adults physical harm, and the wife was seen having numerous extra marital affairs with several men.  At one point during their strange and tenuous behavior she had up to about four men at one time roaming their house.  This caused great concern in the neighborhood as the rest of the community knew that family to be one of the most respected in the town.  Now this family that seemed to be untouchable by any negativity that loomed over the town has now become victimized by this evil entity that hovers over everyone’s domain.

That Halloween night when everyone was preparing to go out and celebrate the night by dressing up in costumes and ringing doors for candy, Mr. Jackson and his wife left their home with their three kids.  Everyone saw them walking down the street and visiting other neighbors and just following everyone’s lead on the normal tradition.  However, tradition on this day would be spoiled and tainted as other neighbors started to show signs of immoral behavior as well.  One neighbor, by the name of Michelle Wiggins, who has lived in the town for nearly thirty years, was one of the people that visited the red barn when she heard about it and naturally became curious.  When Michelle returned home after visiting the red barn, about one week prior to Halloween, her attitude became somewhat nasty and just down right mean.  She was known as the towns’ sweetheart and was always willing to help anyone in need the best way she can.  Gradually as the days got closer to Halloween, her attitude had changed to an old, grouchy, stubborn woman who wouldn’t help anyone for anything.  She wasn’t known to have any weapons, but on Halloween night she took the spirit of scaring and frightening trick or treater’s to a whole new level.  A set of trick or treater’s came to her door and rang the doorbell to receive free candy.  Without warning she opened the door and saw one kid dressed in a devil’s outfit and pointed her shotgun at him and fired.  The kid died instantly with a slug round right between the eyes.  All the other kids, who witnessed this horrific act, screamed to the top of their lungs and fled the scene to their awaiting parents or guardians.

The parents and the kids ran down the street screaming and yelling of what just happened.  Other neighbors in the community heard the shots and saw the kids running for their lives.  At that time one uniformed officer was on routine patrol through the community when he heard the shots.  As he pulled around in front of Michelle’s house he saw her standing outside with the shotgun and standing over the devil dressed kid.  The officer hastily exited his patrol vehicle and drew his service weapon from his holster and pointed it right at Michelle.  Once he used his flashlight and shined it one her, her head raised up to look at him and what he saw was a frightening site.  While his flashlight shined completely in her face, which made her facial features more clear to see, he could see her eyes bloodshot red, her wrinkles on her face seemed deep and dark, her skin resembled the color of Styrofoam, and her hair was a grey that no one could describe.  The officer was stunned and frozen at what he was seeing as he slowly raised his weapon up to her.  He immediately yelled orders to her to drop the shotgun and turn around with her arms behind her head.  When Michelle didn’t follow his instructions he yelled them once more, but he could see that she wasn’t going to move.  The entire neighborhood has slowly converged on the scene as other uniform officers arrive at the standoff.  Two more officers arrived and stood nearly side by side with their service weapon pointed right her.  Other neighbors were witnessing this event unfold and some were just shocked to the site of the evil features of Michelle.

Minutes passed as the officers continued to yell out commands to Michelle, but with no avail they knew they had to approach her.  The shotgun she was holding was pointed downward at the deceased kid as they slowly made their approach.  The mother of the deceased kid was just balling in tears and yelling to Michelle to give up, but was shouting the name of her child at the same time.  As the three officers approached the kid’s dead body, Michelle was just a few feet away and staring right at the first officer who arrived on scene.  The other two back-up officers stood back as the first officer made his approach to talk down Michelle.  As he approached and kept talking to Michelle she kept her eyes dead center on him as he got closer and closer.  At the blink of an eye her demeanor changed that caused more people to get hurt and the aura of the town changed forever.  A black crow came flying down out of nowhere in front of the officers face and landed on him digging its claws into his eyes.  The first officer screamed out in pain and agony as the crow demolished his face within minutes.  The other two officers saw this happening and looked right Michelle as her face went from no emotion to straight showing the sharpest K-9 teeth and letting out a loud high pitch noise.  The other officers covered up their ears as she continued to scream out this noise for the few seconds it lasted.  One of the officers fell back and kept holding his ears as they bled deep from within.  The officer that remained standing started to raise his pistol towards Michelle, but found it very difficult.  It was like a force, an invisible force, weighing his arm down to prevent him from shooting Michelle.  As the officer struggled Michelle took a few steps towards him and raised her shotgun.  She pointed it at the officer and fired two slug round into the vest of the officer, which made him come off his feet and fly a few feet back.  Just at the same time he was shot, he fired off two rounds of his own and struck Michelle twice in the upper chest.  She stumbled back a few steps and rage from her being shot was just enormous.  Michelle then pointed her shotgun back at the wounded officer, but the other officer with the bleeding ears emptied his entire magazine, about 15 rounds, into the upper torso of Michelle’s possessed body.

The rounds entered her body and only a few of them actually exited through her upper back.  She stumbled backwards with each round striking her and then fell backwards on her large potted plants that bordered her front steps.  Once she hit the ground her shotgun fell out of her hands and harmlessly to the ground.  The officer then reloaded his weapon and shot the crow that was eating his dead partner’s face.  The crow was hit a few times before it fell off and laid lifeless within a few feet of Michelle’s body.  Witnesses to this horrific scene either had their faces covered up by their hands, crying out loud to what just happened, or simply motionless.  A county deputy arrived on the scene with two others behind him and called for an ambulance when he saw the scene.  Within minutes the ambulance team arrived and treated both wounded officers and covered up the dead officer’s body.  After Michelle’s body was covered up with a white sheet the paramedics started to take both wounded officers to the back of the ambulance when things turned for the worse.  Mr. and Mrs. Jackson made their way through the crowded streets and stood in the back of the ambulance.  Amazingly no one paid attention to their physical appearance until one deputy on scene saw them just standing their.  From his position he could only see their right side and see how shaggy their clothing was as if it looked ill-fitting.  He made his approach and as he got their attention and they turned around he quickly saw their faces go from human to complete darkness.  No physical features could be seen and nothing was present except a shadow that appeared to be darker than a clear midnight sky.

The deputies’ face was frozen as his entire body became stone and locked in time.  Other neighbors saw this happening and screamed once again and all took off running for safety anywhere they could find it.  Mr. and Mrs. Jackson then turned around to face the fleeing crowd and anyone looking at them would turn into stone immediately.  One lady was running away from the scene and as she looked back at them her body immediately turned to stone in mid-stride.  Once she turned to stone the momentum continued and she struck the concrete ground shattering into hundreds of pieces all over the street.  The only part of her stone-age body was her legs, which just rolled a few feet after she hit the ground.  That struck the fear in everyone’s heart and made people run faster and further, which a few people tripped up over her stone legs.  Other neighbors who dared to look also turned into stone and froze in the exact position they showed when they saw the dark faces of the Jacksons.  The other two deputies saw their partner frozen in stone and fired openly on the Jackson’s.  Their rounds struck the Jackson’s bodies, but that didn’t seem to slow them down at all.  As they turned around to face the deputies one of them turned their head to not look at them, but the other one showed the expression of being scared and turned into stone.  Before he turned into stone he had fired one more shot, which struck Mrs. Jackson directly in the middle of her dark oval shape face and exited through the back of her head.  The back of her head exploded out brain matter as her dark shape oval face turned immediately back to her normal human face, which now exposes a bullet hole.

Mr. Jackson looked down and saw his wife dead on the ground with a bullet hole in her face.  He let out a loud roar, which filled the air and echoed throughout the town as the sound bounced off the exterior walls of buildings and houses.  The paramedics and the two wounded officers in the back of the ambulance attempted to escape, but one EMS personnel looked at Mr. Jackson.  As he was in mid-air jumping out of the ambulance he turned into stone and shattered into numerous large pieces when he hit the ground.  The other two wounded officers was able to close the ambulance doors to protect themselves.  Mr. Jackson then walked around to the driver side of the ambulance and knocked on the window to get them to look up.  They dared not to look up as he got angry and frustrated and started to shake the ambulance viciously.  The strength of the shaking made medical supplies and other equipment not tied or held down by straps or shelves, fall from above on to the officers hunkering down for safety.  The remaining deputy was hiding behind a large bush in Michelle’s yard watching the ambulance being shaken from side to side.  As Mr. Jackson grew more impatient his shaking of the ambulance got more and more violent as the ambulance started to get higher and higher off the ground.  Just as the ambulance was about to tip over on its side the surviving deputy popped from behind the bush and fired one shot towards Mr. Jackson.  The bullet entered through the passenger side window and through the driver side door hitting Mr. Jackson in the chest.

The shaking of the ambulance stopped, but now a new problem arises as the deputy has to figure out how to shoot Mr. Jackson in the face without being turned to stone.  Unable to get to the wounded officers in the back of the ambulance he is able to switch his radio to the frequency of the EMS personnel.  As the hiding deputy does this Mr. Jackson is slowly approaching his position behind the large bush.  The deputy calls out to the two wounded officers in the ambulance to get them to respond in case they hear him.  One of the officers responds by asking who was talking as they were still hunkered down under the fallen medical supplies.  The deputy acknowledged himself to the officers and wanted to devise a plan to kill Mr. Jackson.  All three knew that by looking at him in the face to shoot him they would risk turning into stone before that would become reality.  In the middle of devising their plan the radio transmission was suddenly interrupted by Mr. Jackson who had gotten a hold on the hidden deputy.  The wounded officers attempted numerous times to raise the deputy on the radio, but were unsuccessful.

The wounded officers exited the rear of the ambulance and could see the back of the deputy sticking out from behind the large bush.  They both devise a plan to grab a white sheet and throw it over the head of Mr. Jackson.  As the two wounded officers crept up behind Mr. Jackson on the other side of the bush, the deputy kept his head turned to the side while his body faced Mr. Jackson.  Mr. Jackson then took one hand and placed it on the top of the deputies’ head to force his head around to look at him.  The deputy didn’t have the neck strength to resist as his head was forced around while the other hand of Mr. Jackson was around the deputies throat.  When the deputies’ head was turned completely around his kept his eyes closed very tightly.  Mr. Jackson then took his thumb and attempted to open the eyes to force the deputy to look at him.  Just as his eyes nearly made contact with Mr. Jackson’s face a sheet was thrown over the head of Mr. Jackson.  The deputy was then released from the grasp of Mr. Jackson as the two wounded officers struggled to keep the sheet on his head.  They both yell at the deputy to hurry up and shoot Mr. Jackson in the face as he struggles to gather himself.  Just before Mr. Jackson was able to remove the sheet from his face the deputy walked up and knew where his face was under the sheet by looking at his neck.  The deputy took aim and fired two rounds into the sheet where Mr. Jackson’s face would be.  Blood immediately started to soak the sheet with each passing second.  The two wounded officers slowly removed the sheet from Mr. Jackson’s face and saw that his human face returned.

All three officers stood their looking at each other and letting out a sigh of relief as if the worse was over.  Reality quickly settled in when the deputy stepped from behind the large bush and looked into the street that runs pass Michelle’s house.  Stone figures littered the street, including children, who showed unbelievable fear in their faces.  The deputy and the two wounded officers just stood their in complete silence as the night of Halloween drew to a close with evil and condemnation ruling the sacred holiday.

TO BE CONTINUED…12/5/12 (Part IV)



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5 responses to ““THE RED BARN” (Horror)(Part III)

  1. When can we expect part 4? I’m looking forward to learning what happens here. Regards,

  2. Meg

    Wow! This has got me on the edge of my seat, waiting for what happens next! Can’t wait til December Mr. Franklin!!!

  3. Fast paced and gripping. I’m looking forward to reading the remainder of this story.

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