“HEAVENLY FIRE” (Science-Fiction)(Part III)

July 4, 2020

The first three asteroids that fell to earth, about three months ago, created mass devastation, thousands of deaths, and billions of dollars in damages.  Havana, Cuba was the worse hit out of the three areas that were impacted, island of Hawaii and Venezuela.  Days after the first impact on the island of Cuba aerial shots of the devastation, viewed to the world, made it look like a nuclear bomb was detonated.  The impact zone of the asteroid could be seen from The International Space Station and the size of the hole on the surface was miles and miles long.  Waves and waves of the ocean hitting the coastal lands of Miami created massive flooding and hundreds of people were swept out into the Atlantic Ocean.  The other two cities that were affected by the impact just as bad as Miami were Tallahassee, Florida and Mobile, Alabama.  The less fortunate society in the city of Mobile suffered the greatest and was nearly wiped out of existence.  The low-poverty neighborhoods in the city were flattened and several bodies were found lying in the streets and other parts of the city.  Tallahassee, Florida wasn’t hit as bad as Mobile, but they suffered numerous damages to government buildings and beach front housing.

The president of the United States visited all the impact zones within the continental United States and offered to assist the people of Cuba.  With no government or official to lead the country to recovery the United Nations, along with the United States, Mexico, and Great Britain, sent aid and helpers to assist the Cubans.  Even with the recovery effort three months later the island nation of Cuba still suffers and needs endless help.  Although the United States is not the primary organization in Cuba, they have a significant presence in the region, especially from the Red Cross and emergency personnel.  Within the last month though, the recovery efforts have been slowed down immensely since the beginning of hurricane season.  Two hurricanes have already passed over the island causing helpers and the Red Cross to seek shelter.  The only positive thing about the hurricanes passing over the Caribbean Islands is that neither of the hurricanes was larger than a category one.  Weeks after the asteroid impacted Cuba, military ships from the U.S. and Brazil began to arrive to help with the hospital care aspect of the recovery.  All the planes that were coming into the country had to land at Guantanamo Bay and received a military escort halfway through the island.  The damage of the impacted asteroid affected more than half of Cuba from Pinar de Rio and Mariel, which are west of Havana, to Nuevitas, which is on the eastern shore of the island, southeast of Havana, which is also directly south of the Bahamas.

Once the Gulf of Mexico region was declared a state of emergency by the president, the state militias and other emergency helpers from around the southeast region arrived to help.  New Orleans, Louisiana was not badly affected and was able to help themselves from the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina.  So far the hurricane season has been very light and has not created more damages for the recovery effort.  However, the skies are about to fall once again with another asteroid heading towards earth.  NASA and NOAA have been in contact with NORAD to better anticipate the impact zone and timing of the incoming asteroids.  The communication between the three federal agencies did make progress in being able to determine the size and trajectory of one incoming asteroid.  Once the measurements were entered into a data and the formulas worked on aggressively by all three agencies, and an estimation impact zone was established, the president of the United States was phoned with the interesting findings.  At this point the president was visiting and touring the southeast region near the Gulf of Mexico and meeting with state officials and representatives when he was told about an incoming phone call.

The phone call was first relayed through the chief of staff and then to the head security of the Secret Service.  Once it was determined that the president wouldn’t be able to take the call right away, the chief of staff was then given the information to relay to the president.  The news was shocking as to the anticipation of the next impact zone of one incoming asteroid.  The measurement of the incoming asteroid was figured to be about ½ mile in length and between 500 to 600 feet in height, and possibly heading towards the central plains city of Kansas City, Missouri.  After receiving such news the chief of staff immediately began to have the message relayed to the state of Kansas governor and the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas.  Several minutes passed before chief of staff was able to get in contact with both mayors of both Kansas City.  Both mayors were informed that an asteroid is possibly heading their way and that they have less than fifthteen minutes to prepare.  Both mayors argued that they don’t have enough time to even think about evacuation of the cities.  The only advice that the chief of staff was able to give them was to alert the public and have everyone seek shelter underground.  Minutes after the notification the media, through radio and television, alerted the public within the Kansas and Missouri area by sending out the emergency broadcast message.

When the message began to be relayed to the public about an incoming asteroid falling to the area of Kansas City that sparked a panic beyond unimaginable proportions.  The entire city, on both sides of the river, started a mass panic where people were running everywhere, looting stores, and being struck by numerous vehicles.  The chaos of the public running around in complete fear and panic was too much for the police and emergency personnel to handle.  The FAA had to contact several airline companies to cancel and re-route incoming flights.  Air traffic controllers knew that this would take several minutes and that they may not get to every flight in time.  As the commercial airliners attempt to re-route, with the best estimated guest of the air traffic controllers, one pilot was able to see the incoming asteroid.  In the middle of one of his turns to re-route, he describes to air traffic control of what he sees and in what direction of the sky.  Suddenly, other pilots in the aerospace of the central plains, within one hundred miles of Kansas City, started to report the same thing.  The sight was so interesting and so shocking that radio transmissions began to break up and cease with heavy radio traffic and the signal interference that the incoming asteroid was creating.

Minutes later, just after 1600hrs, the incoming asteroid was seen streaking across the sky heading for Kansas City, Missouri.  The sight was so bright and so amazing that everyone on the ground witnessing the falling star froze in their steps.  At this point several people realized that no matter where they run to for shelter that fate would catch up with them once the impact happens.  Just before the asteroid impacted with the city of Kansas City, the president of the United States was finally informed after being interrupted from his meeting with state officials.  The news was jaw-dropping and made the president freeze in time and speechless for the first few seconds of hearing the news.  Once he gathered himself he asked was the area notified of the danger and an evacuation order given, but he was devastated when he was told that the area didn’t have enough time to evacuate.  The chief of staff had to break the heart-wrenching news that millions of people will die due to the impact and another impact zone created.  The president was then given the information of the measurements of the incoming asteroid and what potential damage the area could be looking at.  The impact zone and the devastation estimated to be that of the size of Hiroshima, Japan, when they were hit with the atomic bomb near the end of WWII.  Unknown to both the chief of staff and the president that during their conversation the asteroid had impacted the area and a large fireball could be seen from a satellite feed by NASA.

Immediately after the impact all electronic equipment within the first one hundred miles of the city were fried and rendered useless.  Any airplanes still in the airspace within that devastation zone were brought down quickly, when their instruments ceased working.  On the day of the nation’s birthday, the FAA lost approximately half a dozen planes in the air from the massive EMP that was sent during the asteroid blasts.  Certain government officials with live feed from a NASA and NSA satellite feed witnessed, in real-time, the entire city of Kansas City, being wiped out by lines of fire spreading out in a circular motion.  Somehow other media channels on the east and west coast were able to intercept the live feed and show it on their media stations live.  This live feed intercepted by the media caused nationwide sorrow, and what seemed like an entire nation in a moment of silence.  The president and the rest of his staff members were rushed out of the city of Mobile, Alabama and rushed to board Air Force One.  Several minutes after take off the mushroom cloud over the central plains could be seen hundreds of miles away from Air Force One.  The president was informed that within the first one hundred miles of the impact zone all electronic devices and equipment were fried, and that the area within that zone is considered a ‘blackout’.  News media remained silent as the live feed continued to now replay the impact from the beginning to the end of the feed, which lasted five minutes.

In the meantime while the country is dealing with the impacted asteroid on the central plains, NOAA alerted to the media stations that another hurricane was looming off of the coast of western Africa.  Projected models of the beginning hurricane took the path over the Caribbean Islands, state of Florida, and over the southeast region of the United States.  The hurricane was not due to hit the Florida coast until a week later from today.  Minutes after the impact of the asteroid tornado’s began to form in the central plains, along tornado-alley.  The heavy impact of the asteroid disturbed the pressure in the atmosphere and caused rain and extremely high pressured winds to form.  In fact, one of the meteorologists from a national news broadcast agency stated that one tornado began on the outskirts of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Although the tornado was a category one, it was devastating enough to create millions worth of damage and several deaths due to high powered winds and flying objects.  The area of Kansas City, Kansas was destroyed by the asteroid impact as well, but was not determined to be ground zero as well since the impact zone was Kansas City, Missouri.  At this point now the president of the United States and the federal government are in an important role as to aid their citizens and provide food and shelter, for those that have survived and are misplaced.  As Air Force One flies high above the southern central plains of the country the pilot and other staff members are spotting debris of downed commercial airliners in open fields across Oklahoma and northern Texas.  While the president flies back to the nation’s capital, the intelligence chatter is picked up once again by NSA of a potential terrorist attack in the near future.

For now, no one knows when or where the enemy will strike as the country attempts to heal itself from heavenly made disasters.



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