“CHRISTINA BLACK” (Crime Thriller)

Part III

Previously on “Christina Black” – Officer Black is still recovering emotionally from losing her previous partner, while trying to embrace her new partner.  Her and her new partner were both at a diner enjoying their food when masked men opened fire on the diner killing her old partner’s sister in the crossfire.

A few hours after the heart-wrenching shootout at the diner, Christina and Chris, still trying to make sense of it all.  To Christina her thoughts went out on a limb as if she assumed the masked men were aiming for her.  On the other hand, Chris is under the impression that the masked men who fired through the diner window were just crazed gunmen.  Although he had no explanation on why this happened he looked at Christina for help to understand the situation.  As he was looking at her, sitting back at the table they were at, he noticed her stare straight ahead as if she was in a thousand yard stare.  He slowly walked into her view to see if she would notice him coming into view.  Chris stopped shortly from stepping directly into her view and called her name at a low voice so only she could hear him.  When she didn’t respond he took his hand and waved it up and down directly in front of her view, but that only got her to quickly blink.

Christina had her concentration broken by Chris and she looked at him before saying anything.  As the first responders of firemen, police, and EMS personnel walk around the scene, Chris sits down directly in front of her to get her to talk.  Once he took his seat on top of some shattered glass, he raised his butt back up and brushed the glass on the ground along with the blood staining the floor.  Christina just sat there looking at him unable to speak, but Chris somehow knew not to push the issue and just placed his hand on top of hers, which was on the table fingers interlocked.  He turned his head to make sure no one was walking by and got up to head outside.  As he reached the diner entrance Christina said his name, which made him stop in his tracks.  He turned his head and looked at her and heard her say “thank you”.  Chris nodded his head ever so slightly up and down and gave her a comfortable grin before exiting the diner to meet with fellow officers.  Once he left the diner Christina began to think to herself if her thoughts were correct about the masked men aiming for her.  While she sat there trying to make sense of it all the paramedics were wheeling out the sister of her old partner on the stretcher.

Christina left her thoughts as her concentration was now on the body covered up by the white sheet being wheeled out.  She followed the paramedics and the stretcher with her eyes until they were out of sight passing the shattered out window next to her.  The feeling of sorrow and pity fell over her heart as felt somewhat responsible for all those that were injured and killed in the shooting.  Just before she pulled herself together to stand up, Chris came back into the diner to share some news with the shooters.  She stood up looking at him knowing that he has some information to share with her.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  What is it Chris?

CHRIS WHITE:  I was just speaking to one of the detectives and he just received information of a vehicle that was abandoned about ten blocks away.  On fire.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  Is it the suspect vehicle?  Any suspects seen in the area of the fire?

CHRIS WHITE: We might have one potential witness that saw someone maybe setting the fire, but it was too dark so she couldn’t be sure.  Other than that we have nothing to help us with this mob like hit.  The detectives are going to go speak to the witness now to see if they can get more information.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  I’m sorry to have gotten you involved in this, but I feel like this is my fault.

CHRIS WHITE:  What the hell are you talking about?  No one saw this coming.  Don’t blame yourself for something that you couldn’t control.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  I can’t shake this feeling that the hit was meant for me and they didn’t care who else was in the way or involved.  I don’t think it was just a coincidence that his sister was gunned down as well.

CHRIS WHITE:  We don’t know for sure that the hit was for you or for her.  Look, all we know is that we have three or more masked men running around the city of Chicago committing mob like hits.  Maybe they were after someone completely different and it just so happened you two were here at the same time.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  Maybe you’re right Chris, but this is just something that I’m having a hard time with right now.  I’m going to go stay with my mom for the next couple of nights.  They already tried to kill me in my home once before.  I’ll be damned if they come and try again.  This might have been the opportunity to make up for it, but they missed.

CHRIS WHITE:  Well, at least let me drive you to your mom’s house to make sure you’re safe.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  That’s sweet of you, but no thanks.  I’ll be less of a target in my own personal vehicle than having a marked cruiser pull up in front of her house.  You can at least drive me to the station so I can go ahead and do what I need to do.

They left the diner and Chris drove her back to the station where she had to fill out some paperwork before her departure for the evening.  Once Chris dropped her off he continued to patrol the streets alone for the remainder of the shift.  Christina entered the female’s locker room and saw one of her co-workers just coming out of the shower.  They both looked at each other and the co-worker made a statement saying that she was glad she was safe.  Christina smiled and responded with a ‘thank you’ before continuing to get undressed to put on her civilian clothes.  After a few minutes in the locker room she exited the station and walked to her personal vehicle that was parked on a side street by the police station.  As she started walking towards her car she noticed a dark shadow running across the street away from another set of cars across the street.

At this point her senses are on edge and any sudden movement by anyone for any reason gets her very jumpy.  She continues to her driver side door when she notices a piece of paper under the windshield wipers folded up.  She stops and stares at it for a few seconds before reaching for it to see what it was.  Christina was still convinced that she was a target of a mob hit so she becomes extra vigilant of her surroundings and people.  She reaches for the piece of paper and slowly pulls it from underneath her windshield wiper and opens up the piece of paper.  The first thing she noticed was that the piece of paper was cut in the shape of a skull with eyes cut out and able to see through.  Then she examined the piece of paper even further and noticed that it had a red circular mark in the middle of the forehead.  She flipped the paper skull over to view the back, but nothing could be seen except the red mark bleeding through the paper.  First she was confused by this symbol, but nervousness filled her heart after she recognized what this might have meant.  Christina quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching her, but she couldn’t see anybody around.  She then thought the person she saw running away across the street might have been the person responsible for the death sign.

Christina immediately went back into the station and called her partner, Chris to come back to the station.  A few moments later he arrived back at the scene and pulled up next to her vehicle putting on his rear emergency lights.  When he exited the patrol vehicle she immediately showed him what she found on her car under the windshield.

CHRIS WHITE:  What the hell is that?

CHRISTINA BLACK:  (With sounds of nervousness in her voice) someone placed this on my car, under the windshield wipers.

CHRIS WHITE:  What do you think it means?

CHRISTINA BLACK:  I don’t know exactly, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.  A paper skull with a red dot in the middle of its forehead?!  Moment’s later after the mob like hit at the diner and the murder attempt on my life I get this on my car.  I’m really starting to think now that I am being targeted for whatever reason.

CHRIS WHITE:  Why would anyone be targeting you?  Did you arrest some big wig or something earlier on?

CHRISTINA BLACK:  I’ve locked up a lot of people, but none of this started to happen until Jack’s death.  I didn’t want to think that any of this had to deal with Jack, but I can’t make sense of it another way.

CHRIS WHITE:  Have you spoken to anyone about this at all?  Has anyone put this all together?  Your life is in serious danger and we need to have you protection before it’s too late.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  I haven’t spoken to any detectives about this paper skull and what it might symbolize.  I don’t want people to think I’m crazy and thinking that Jack’s death has affected my way of thinking and not able to do my job.

CHRIS WHITE:  At this point you would be better off being looked at crazy then being buried by your fellow officers for not sharing this information.

Once Chris made that statement to her, she thought better of it and told the detectives once they got back to the station.  The detectives believed her story and written statements and began to provide their own officer protection.  Later that night she was driven to her house by two uniformed officers so she could pick up some things to survive with for the next couple of days.  She entered her home while the two uniform officers stayed outside smoking and joking.  Christina walked upstairs to her bedroom and peeped outside the window at the end of her hallway looking down at the two officers.  Once she saw them still outside talking to each other she felt a little comfortable and went into her bedroom.  While she was going through her bedroom drawers she heard the front door open and close loudly.  She stopped immediately and turned off the lights in her bedroom.  Wasting no time she grabbed her service weapon and stood at the top of the stairs to see if anyone could be seen.  While she started to go down the steps she heard the bathroom toilet flush and the door open.  Before she could see who it was she pointed her gun at one of the male officers, who was there to protect her.

The male officer stopped in mid-stride and looked at her right in the eyes.  Christina recognized who it was and raised her weapon by her head and pointed it up to the ceiling.  She took a deep breath and told the male officer that she apologizes for pointing her gun at him, but he should think twice before entering someone’s house who is on edge as she is.  The male officer kept looking at her and smiled with a chuckle and just walked out the house.  Christina followed him with her sharp eyes as he exited the front door.  She placed the weapon in the small of her back and went back upstairs to continue packing.  After she finished packing she came downstairs and noticed only one of the officers standing outside.  The officer that was still standing outside was the one she nearly shot coming out of the bathroom.  The officer saw Christina carrying a suitcase and walked over to help her put it in the backseat of the cruiser.  Christina looked around and didn’t see the other officer, but saw his cruiser still running in park.  When she asked the officer where is his partner he gave her the statement of that he was searching the neighborhood to make sure no one follows them.

Christina accepted his statement and got in the front passenger seat of the cruiser and buckled herself in.  Unknown to her and to anyone in the neighborhood that the second officer that was with them was killed by the first officer and his body was left in the bushes next to her home.  As they drove off she kept looking in the rear view mirror to see if the officer could be seen, but nothing.  Once she realizes that he was not coming back to his patrol vehicle she continued looking around the area to see if she could see him walking.  After a few blocks down the street from her house she turned to the first officer and asked him if they could drive around the neighborhood to find him.  The first officer declined by telling her that he will be okay and that he will meet us at the secret hideout.  When Christina asked about the hideout and how long she will be there, she started to feel as if something wasn’t right about the situation.  The officer kind of answered her question in a round about way, but never gave her a specific answer.  As they continued to drive she started to get more of an ill-feeling sense that the officer she is with has other plans.  Christina then decided to pick up her cell phone and to have the district station contact the second officer for his whereabouts.

The first officer sees Christina reaching for her phone and asked her who she was calling.  She looked at him and told him she was going to call the district station to find out where the second officer is.  As she starts to dial the number to the district station she could see out of the corner of her eyes that the first officer was getting nervous.  What the first officer didn’t know was that Christina was calling her partner, Chris, not the district station.  Chris answered his phone and she started talking to him as if she was indeed talking to someone at the station.  After a few minutes on the phone she hung up the phone and smiled at the first officer.  Christina turned her head and looked out the passenger side window, but couldn’t see what the first officer was doing while he was driving.  He reached for his service weapon and slowly pulled it out while glancing at her and at the road.  Just before he brought up the weapon to point it at her head and pull the trigger, she saw his reflection in the glass as they passed under one of the street lights.  In this reflection she could see the officer bringing up his arm, but couldn’t see if it was a gun in his hand or not.  Christina knew that he wasn’t trying to console her so she turned around swinging her left arm pinning his right arm up against her seat.  As his arm was pinned behind her she reached for her weapon and when she pointed at him he reached with his other arm, letting go of the steering wheel, and grabbing her wrist raising her arm in the air.

Suddenly, both are struggling in trying to gain control of the other while the cruiser speeds out of control.  As both continue to fight and struggle in the car the cruiser runs a red light and clips a homeless persons shopping cart full of cans and trash and sends it flying through the night air.  One of the trash bags full of cans emptied while in the air and landed on the windshield of the speeding cruiser.  By this time the strength of Christina is weakening and the first officer is starting to gain the upper hand.  As the first officer releases his arm from behind her and points it at her head he quickly forgets that the cruiser is out of control.  In a blink of an eye the trash bag flies off of the windshield and the danger is exposed in front of them of a parked vehicle.  They both look out the windshield and gave the facial expression of complete fear and braced their bodies for the impact as best as they could.  The police cruiser struck the parked car head on and with the speed of the collision sent the cruiser flipping front over end.  Airbags deployed quickly as the cruiser was in the air flipping around with the rear of the cruiser coming down first.  Almost immediately after the contact with the parked car the first officer, who was not wearing his seat-belt, hit the airbag, breaking his neck, and flew through the windshield at a high rate of speed.  Christina still strapped in her seat-belt was jerked violently forward with her face meeting the airbag harshly.

The hood of the parked car was released and flipped upward, which the first officer hit while he was being ejected through the windshield.  As the police cruiser went flipping forward the first officer’s body was bend in an unnatural position severing his legs from the mid-thigh down.  While the cruiser started to complete its mid-air flip Christina could see the ground coming up pretty fast.  She closed her eyes and held on to the seatbelt as the trunk struck the ground first and then the rest of the cruiser.  The emergency light bar shattered immediately on impact and the roof of the cruiser caved in on top of Christina’s head.  The parked car that was struck was hit with such force that it moved backwards so far that the front of the cruiser came down and struck the trunk of the moving parked vehicle.  The cruiser finally came to rest several feet away from the impact zone of the parked cruiser.  All the glass and mirrors shattered outside and inside of the cruiser, cutting up Christina’s face and exposed skin.  Once the cruiser came to rest Christina laid inside the cruiser upside down unconscious.  Unknown to her the first officer’s legs remain in the vehicle next to her lying on the ceiling of the cruiser.  Moment’s after receiving her phone call, Chris started to look for Christina at her home, but that is when they noticed the dead officer behind the bushes.  Now Chris’ heart begins to pound heavily as he is worried about her safety.

* TO BE CONTINUED…PART IV on 11/25/12 *



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  1. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment when it appears.

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