“TIME GAP” (Thriller)(Part II)

Previously on Time Gap:  Detective Marcus Love and his partner William Myers, of the NYPD Electronic Crimes Unit, were following a lead pursuing a scientist named David Deere.  After locating Deere at his hideout in Manhattan, a shootout erupts, injuring Detective Myers.  Detective Love sees Deere escape around a corner and a flash of electric blue light is seen.  Once Love attempts to go investigate this light he notices that the Deere is nowhere to be found.  Within seconds an explosion occurs and the force of the explosion launches Love through two poles and down a hallway.  Later on, Love wakes up in a hospital and when being questioned by two NYPD detectives he realizes that the female detective, Renee Bradley, had her name engraved on a memorial stone outside of the police headquarters.  When all this started it was in October, the year 2020, now in speaking with the detectives at his bedside he now knows that it is 2012!

Part II

Marcus Love has been recovering in the hospital for nearly two weeks from his mysterious injuries, according to nurse and other hospital staff.  According to the personal knowledge of Love he claims he received his injuries from an explosion that occurred during a search of a suspect.  The response to how he received his injuries was a bit confusing and difficult for the investigators to understand.  Love claims that an explosion occurred while he was in the building, but the investigators stated that no explosion ever occurred.  Also, they found it very strange that Love would be in possession of an issued agency firearm and credentials when they did a search of him in their databank he is nowhere to be found.  At this point according to the investigators they believe that his NYPD ECU credentials are fraudulent and that his agency issued firearm is a missing or lost firearm from another NYPD officer.  Once those two things were confiscated and entered into evidence, NYPD investigators were alerted of the release of Love from the hospital.  When Love got dressed and received his discharge paperwork, he was met by two NYPD uniform officers and Detective Renee Bradley by the elevators on the fourth floor.

When he saw them he just stared at them as they walked towards him, and they could notice his face bandaged up, both hands wrapped heavily, and thick bandage around his neck to protect a mysterious burn.  Detective Bradley approached Love and asked that he come with her to her office so they can speak to him some more about what is going on.  Love looks at her with a smirk and basically responded in such a way that he wasn’t going downtown to answer anymore questions.  That response didn’t sit well with Bradley so she waved over the two uniform officers to take physical possession of Love and transport him downstairs to the waiting police cruiser.  Although Love was still recovering from his mysterious injuries he struggled with the officers to the point that they had to use physical take down techniques to get him under control.  Once he was physically restrained and handcuffed he was taken downstairs by the elevators with the two uniform officers on either side of him.  While he was being escorted downstairs by the officers, Detective Bradley spoke to the nurses that took care of Love.  During her questioning of the nurses she didn’t get much information, except that he keeps claiming that he was searching for a suspect and then an explosion occurred.

After she realized that she wasn’t going to get much more information from the nurses she headed back to the office to question Love some more.  Love was taken into an interrogation room with only two chairs, one small table, and four white walls as high as ten feet.  The two uniformed officers sat Love down in a chair and handcuffed one ankle to the table, which was cemented down.  Almost immediately after Love was in the interrogation room, Detective Bradley entered with her investigative file and still wearing her winter trench coat.  She placed the file down on the table, which made a heavy sound as if it was a piece of brick inside the file, and took, off her trench coat.  She placed her trench coat on the back of her chair that she will be sitting in and sat down immediately looking Love.  He looked at her right in the eyes and after a few seconds his face frowned up as if he was thinking, ‘what does this bitch want?’  Bradley stared at him and then asked him once again how he got those injuries.  He laughed, chuckled, and basically responded to her in a very sarcastic way of ‘how do you think?  I already explained it to you?’  She leaned forward as if she was trying to get a closer look into his eyes and repeated the question.  His response was the same as it has been for the past two weeks whoever has asked him.  Detective Bradley looks at him and can’t believe that he is sticking with this story that doesn’t make sense to anyone.  Her thoughts start going towards him possibly being a sleeper cell, but right now the only thing she has on him is a police impersonator charge.

Love is kept in the interrogation room for at least three to four hours being asked questions pertaining to his existence and how he came into the possession of the NYPD ECU credentials and firearm.  He once again gave a chuckle and looked at Bradley and explained to her for the fifth time that he went through the NYPD academy and was issued a firearm at that point.  He then continued to give his statement that he was teamed up with a William Myers, who was also a NYPD ECU detective.  She dropped her head in her hands and shook her head sideways letting out a huge sigh.  Her voiced raised once more and she replied, “We have no record of you or this William Myers ever joining the force at any point in our agency history!”  Love kept starring at her and he noticed at this point that no matter what he says to her or to anyone that his story will not make sense.  After the interrogation, which lasted for hours, Love shutdown and failed to respond to anymore questions coming from Bradley.  At this point she had enough of the interrogation and formally charged Love with impersonation of a police officer.  When a uniformed officer came to place Love under arrest he once again gave a fight and kept repeating himself that he is an employee of the agency and that he won’t go down without a fight.  Another detective in the vicinity had to help the officer to physically restrain him again and escort him to the jail.  Love was explained by Detective Bradley that he will be sitting in jail awaiting trial for his charge.

In the meantime while Love is sitting in jail, in his words unjustly, the rogue and suspect scientist David Deere is still trying to adjust to his new world.  Still unknown to his knowledge that Detective Love has followed him through the worm portal going back eight years.  Deere has the notion that Love and other members of the NYPD are dead after the explosion that occurred shortly after he ventured through the portal.  At this point and time it has been just two weeks since he entered the new world and now must find ways to live and survive.  For the first days after entering the year 2012, he has been living by underpasses and alleyways throughout the city of New York.  He is getting tired, hungry, and desperate and must find ways to better his life for the long haul.  Two days after Love was jailed, Deere came out of an alleyway one bright morning and found himself approximately ten blocks away from Times Square.  His clothes were dirty, stained with alley water, food, and God knows what.  His face had dirt spots and scratches and smelled like he hasn’t taken a shower in over a week.  The sun struck him on the side of his face and he put up his arm to shield it away before actually turning his head.  When he turned his head he saw food pantry down the street just opening up their doors.

He started to slowly walk down the street passing walking-commuters and pedestrians, who could smell his funk just radiating off of his filthy body.  He stunk so bad that one woman who walked by him and had a full bottle of water, turned back around and opened the bottle and poured water on him.  The coldness of the water shocked the hell out of Deere and he started to jump and shiver away from the woman.  She kept saying things to him, such as clean you’re fucking ass! Even older homeless people don’t smell as bad as you!  You smell like rotten garbage!  The strange lady chased Deere down the sidewalk closer to the food pantry until her bottle ran out of water.  Other New Yorkers, who witnessed this thing, attempted to help the running scientist, but kept getting blocked by other passerby’s.  The strange lady finished the water bottle and threw at him before walking away with anger and disgust.  A NYPD officer, who was patrolling on foot, saw the commotion and approached Deere to figure out what was wrong.  When the officer got within five feet of him he could smell the radiation of funk just pouring out of his pores.  The cop was struggling to catch his breath and nearly vomited before he could even say a word to Deere.  The cop had his nose pinched with two fingers and attempted to talk to him, but that wasn’t going to work.  Finally, the street cop got his courage and yelled at Deere basically defending what the strange woman did and pushed him to leave the area.  Deere was then chased by other people to leave the area and to take a bath in the Hudson River.

Once Deere was able to get away he realized that he won’t be able to get to the food pantry smelling and looking like he was.  So he found another alley way and saw an open door that he thought may lead to a business or a home.  It was a brisk cold morning so he had his arms folded as if he was attempting to warm himself.  He walked down the alley way and as he got closer to the door he could hear people talking and things being shuffled around.  He paused for a minute before poking his head around the corner and could see clothes inside handing on hangers, which are hanging on a circular metal rack.  To his knowledge he is behind a clothing or warehouse store that sells clothes or gives clothes to Goodwill.  Deere stepped in further inside the door and couldn’t see anyone through the dark loading dock, but could still hear voices.  As he crept through the loading dock area he started looking through all the clothes on the rack, which had to be several of them unattended.  Each item that he found or saw he would just take off the rack and fold it under his arms.  Before anyone came in the back he must have been back there for approximately ten minutes.  Deere was so into looking through the hanging clothes that one of the employees walking back saw him and yelled.

Deere looked up and saw the employee running towards him as full sprint.  After seeing the employee take off running he just grabbed what he could grab and dodged through the racks before heading out the door.  As Deere headed out the door some of the clothes he was attempting to carry under his arms started to fall out and hit the ground.  A few items that he dropped running out the door fell in some of the alley water and were basically ruined for good after that.  Once Deere ran out of the door he kept looking back to see if the employee was chasing him.  The employee ran out of the door and once he saw where Deere went he gave chase down the alleyway.  When Deer reached the end of the alleyway he took a sharp right turn and knocked over some tourists who were taking pictures of themselves.  After Deere ran into them, their expensive camera went flying through air and crashed on the concrete service shattering into several pieces.  The father of the group was extremely pissed off and tried to give chase, but got ran into by the hustling employee of the clothing store.  The father fell face first hitting the concrete busting his lips, while the employee fell and struck his head on one of the parking meters before rendered unconscious.  Deere kept looking back for the employee, but couldn’t see anyone chasing anymore.  He didn’t take a chance and kept running with bundles of clothes in his arms and still falling from the small pile he had.  The people walking down the street on the sidewalk would see him coming and just dodge out of the way.  Once Deere ran several blocks away from the clothing store he started to get winded and slow down.

He stopped at an entrance to another food pantry and could see a long line of people waiting to get in.  Deere looked at everyone looking at him and did his best to catch breath before entering the line.  He figured he would get in line and take the clothes into a bathroom and change and get clean.  As he walked to the back of the food pantry line he saw a delivery truck at the local pharmacy store.  Immediately, he knew that in order to get clean properly that he will need some hygiene products.  Without thinking he runs up to the delivery truck and as he search around he noticed no one was around.  He looked around and could see other people walking the street, but no one is paying him any attention at this point.  As he searched in the rear of the truck he first saw deodorant, lotion, and shower gel and knew that he hit jackpot.  Once he climbed into the bed of the truck the driver of the truck came out and saw him searching in the back.  The driver yelled at him and told him to get the hell out of there, but Deere refused.  The driver then jumped up in the back of the truck to force him out, but a physical struggle ensued.  Deere and the truck driver got into a physical confrontation that involved punches and grabbing of clothes.  At the end of the fight Deere was able to get away from the driver by head butting him.  Deere grabbed the essential items needed and took off running once more, but this time leaving the clothes he stole behind.

On the third day of jail Love was escorted in front of the judge for his charge of impersonating a police officer.  While in front of the judge Love gave the detective a mean and disgusted look before the judge called his name for his attention.  When the judge asked Love about the charge, Love explained to him that he was indeed a member of the NYPD ECU, but the incompetent detectives say otherwise.  Boy, the judge didn’t like his smart and candied remark about the two detectives that he knew so well.  The judge jumped down Love’s ass and told him that he should be ashamed to impersonate New York’s finest and to be a wannabe.  The judge’s words didn’t sit well with Love after that so he remained silent and just waited for his punishment.  After the judge calmed down he was able to get statements from the two detectives investigating the case.  After reading over the case the judge figured that the man must have some type of mental disorder for his behavior and answers to questions.  Once the judge considered everything he sentenced Love to one week in jail and $1,000 fine.  Love’s eyes got big as if he can’t believe what is happening to him, but quickly turns to Bradley and looks her right in the eyes.  He mumbled something to her, but she can’t hear him.  Bradley stands up and loudly asked him to repeat his statement, but he just giggles and allows the court police to haul him away to serve his one week sentence.



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