“THE RED BARN” (Horror)(Part II)

Previously on “The Red Barn”:  Two deputies found the two boys that were missing in the woods and returned them to their worrying families.  Once the deputies ensured their safety they went back to the woods and retrieved the boys’ bikes.  During the retrieval of the bikes a little black girl, dressed in all red, appears out of nowhere and leads one deputy to the red barn in the woods.  The deputy comes face to face with evil and is not seen again.  The other deputy goes further into the woods to find him, but he is also taken and not heard from again.  Part one ends with the little black girl skipping through the woods singing to herself heading towards the small town of Avalon.


The over-sized red barn that sits in the woods of North Carolina remains a mystery to everyone.  It has been two years since the disappearance of the two sheriff deputies that went to retrieve the bikes out of the woods after finding Michael and Zachary earlier that night.  Since that night the town has gone under a change that no one can easily explain or come to terms with.  As a matter of fact, the world has gone through an entire change and it would seem that things are only getting worse.  The biggest change that everyone has noticed was the weather patterns and how different seasons have brought weird weather climate.  The following spring after the two deputies went missing the temperature never went above 40 degrees and every night for the entire season it was below freezing.  Several plants and farming crops were destroyed by the unexplained weather climate and it caused the families in charge of those farming land to seek assistance from the federal government.  A lot of the apartment complexes that have central units, controlling the cold and heat systems, faced constant repairs and pest control problems.

The summer that followed had temperatures soar well into the 100’s, which was too hot for a lot of the elderly citizens.  Nearly everyday the hospital and cooling centers were full to capacity to keep their senior citizens comfortable, while others that suffered serious medical conditions struggled to find cooling centers themselves.  Police were called to numerous scenes that had fights between neighbors and citizens that were once friends to suddenly become enemies.  The aurora of the atmosphere changed the community from a friendly, comfortable neighborhood to a league of angry, miserable, and unwelcoming people.  Crime in the small town of Avalon was almost little to none, and when the police were called to deal with a situation it was usually a traffic complaint or kids that are not from the neighborhood trying to cause havoc.  Well, for these past two years the police department has investigated four murders, ten motor vehicle thefts, responded to numerous domestic violence scenes, and truancy.  The schools within the town and in certain pockets of the country experienced behaviors from kids and teachers that they thought would never come to past.

The most shocking to all of the townees of Avalon was when a most respected teacher was arrested for molesting three little kids in his elementary school.  He quickly became the bad guy and many petitioned for his punishment to be death or castration.  After the trial was completed, which took an agonizing seven days; he was ordered by the town sheriff, backed by the county court, to leave the town and the state of North Carolina.  The three little girls that were molested by the teacher began to show signs of behavior that was easily connected to their ordeal with the child molestation case.  However, things were not that easy to diagnose as each girl began to show different signs that their families thought were very disturbing.  Katie Bell, fifth grade, was showing signs of the molestation towards her teddy bears and siblings.  Michael Chase, fourth grade, began to show signs of rebellion and it was noted that his eyes at times would turn midnight black whenever he was angry or not happy.  He became destructive and disrespectful towards his mother and father, which made them ship him off to his grandmother’s house in Atlanta, Georgia.  The last victim, Malachi Jones, fifth grade, was just a little hellish angel that terrorized everyone he came into contact with.  At one point Malachi nearly killed his older brother with a weed whacker before his mother saw what he was doing and unplugged the cord.

Many things such as the behavior of the kids, teachers, and citizens around the area were mind boggling.  Some of the people living in the town tried to blame it on the unexplained weather climate that hovered over the town during the blazing summer months.  The thing that no one put together was that each person, who showed disturbing signs and behavior problems that no one could explain away, all visited the red barn in the woods.  Each person that went inside the red barn did so during daylight and each explained that nothing was inside, except the wooden framing.  What they didn’t explain to those that asked and afraid to see for themselves was that when they ventured inside the barn they all came into contact with the little black girl.  Those that visited the red barn always spoke amongst themselves and never shared their conversation and thoughts with others that did not visit.  All those that were part of that special click began to draw suspicion towards them from other towners and police alike.  One night on Halloween Eve, still two years later from the first sighting of the red barn, a deputy sheriff and a county officer were on routine patrol driving down a desolate road that skims the outskirts of Avalon, when they noticed a naked black child on the shoulder.  Startled of the finding the deputy sheriff, who was the lead car, slammed on his brakes and nearly made the county officer rear end him.  The county officer swerved to the right and saw the little black girl at the last minute.

He turned his steering wheel further towards the right swinging the rear of his cruiser towards the little black girl.  The little black girl was hit by the rear bumper of the county cruiser and sent flying through the air down an embankment into some very tall grassy brush.  The county officer’s cruiser slid sideways, driver side, towards a set of trees down the hill before coming to a jolting halt, which shattered all the side windows and the rear windshield.  The deputy sheriff just witnessed a horrific accident involving the naked little black girl and the county officer.  He stood at the top of the hill, on the shoulder, thinking of what he should do next and how to go about doing it.  Once he calmed himself down he ran down to the location of where the little black girl landed in the tall grassy brush.  He turned on his flashlight and began to look frantically for this girl, but as he swept through the tall grassy brush he couldn’t see her anywhere.  He figured then that she was so scared and in shock that she got up and ran into the woods.  So he then ran over to the county officer to check on him to see if he was okay, but noticed that the officer was bleeding profusely from the head.

He checked for the county officer’s pulse and could feel it with his two fingers that his pulse was low and that he has shallow breathing.  The deputy go on his portable radio calling for help and giving communications their current location, while explaining to them what happened.  The deputy knew he couldn’t stay with the officer too long because he has the well-being of the girl to think about and that is driving him insane.  The not-knowing of this little black girl’s condition was weighing heavily on his mind, so much that he left the county officer and pursued after the girl into the woods.  As the deputy ran through the woods shining his flashlight through the trees and heavy brush, he hears a little girls’ voice echoing amongst the dark scene.  He stopped immediately and held his breath so he could hear a lot clearer of the little girls’ voice.  Once he figured out where it was coming from he followed the voice as it got louder and louder with each step he made.  Soon the deputy came into an empty space in the woods that probably had a circumference of about twenty yards in diameter, trees surrounding the open space with half eaten bark and blood stains on them, and the little black girl standing in the middle.  When the deputy shined his light on the little black girl she was now wearing clothes, her famous red dress with a black bow around her waist.  He called out to the little girl to have her come to him, but each step he made slowly towards her she stepped back two times.

Knowing that the little girl is scared he drops to one knee and stretches both arms out towards her.  He leans towards her with his arms stretched out and palms at a 45 degree angle towards the sky trying to get her to come to him.  The little girl brings in her arms to herself and continues to back up away from him.  Then that is when he suddenly noticed something that didn’t make sense to him until now.  The thought he had going through his mind was that the little black girl was unclothed when he saw her on the road walking on the shoulder, but now she is covered in a bright red dress and has no visible injuries on her face or body.  As he stopped to think about this he stood back up and began to get an uneasy feeling inside him about this situation.  He knew at this point that he needs to resolve this situation and find out who this kid belongs too and why she is out here by herself.  The deputy completely ignores his intuition and lunges at the little black girl grabbing her by the arm pits and raising her in the air.  As he holds her about arms length away from him at eye level her face suddenly changes to one of the deputies that went missing two years prior.  The deputy saw her face change and heard a deep voice coming from the little girl’s body and through the lips of the missing deputies’ face, “Your soul belongs to me!”  The deputy froze from the fear of what he was witnessing when suddenly he was decapitated.  His head hit the ground and began rolling down the hill further into the heavy wooded area.

The rest of the body of the deputy delayed in reaction, fell to his knees, and then fell over to his none gun side before finally resting.  The little girl’s face changed back to the generic black face she once had before she came across the deputy.  A few moments later the county officer was being rescued by a local fire department and an awaiting ambulance to take him to the hospital.  Firefighters and EMS personnel attempt to ask questions to the county officer as to the whereabouts of the deputy that called in the emergency, but he couldn’t give them any real time updates.  As they started to carry the injured county officer up the embankment the little black girl was walking down the shoulder back towards the accident with the moonlight shining down reflecting off of the dry pavement.  One EMS worker looks down towards the deputy’s cruiser and sees the little black girl walking down the shoulder towards them.  He continues to stare and realizes that is the girl they were looking for when they first arrived on scene.  The EMS and one firefighter slowly begin to make their approach towards the girl, who suddenly stops in her tracks staring at them.  The firefighter couldn’t see her face really due to the darkness and shined his flashlight in her face.  When the flashlight hit her face both of them could see blood running down her chin from her mouth.  Both were startled as to what they were seeing and became very sympathetic towards the girl until they got a closer look at what was in her hand.

The EMS moved the firefighters hand downwards towards the little girls hand and could see the head of the missing deputy being held by the little fingers of the girl by his hair.  The EMS and firefighter screamed to the others to immediately leave and forget about the little girl.  The little girl stood there watching them run back towards the ambulance and fire engine to leave the area.  As they got back inside their emergency vehicles the ambulance started smoking heavily through interior vents.  The smoke was too overwhelming for the EMS personnel to take so they attempted to exit the ambulance.  The doors mysteriously locked and wouldn’t open as the injured county officer and the EMS personnel frantically attempted to get out for safety and air.  The firefighters in the truck behind them could see the inside filling up with smoke and the ambulance rocking side to side with them yelling for help.  One firefighter got off of the fire engine and grabbed his axed to smash open the rear windows to help them out.  As he got up to the rear window and raised the ax he saw the rear double doors fly open violently.  The smoke came pouring out of the ambulance as if they were under a waterfall from several feet above.  The firefighter attempted to reach into the rear of the ambulance, but the stench was too bad and drove him away.  As he backed away from the ambulance and trying to protect himself from the smell and the smoke, he called out to the EMS personnel and the county officer inside.  After a few times of trying to get anyone’s attention the firefighter sees sparks popping inside the ambulance.

The smoke slowly dissipates and the scene that the firefighter sees is straight horror.  The bodies inside the ambulance that represented the EMS personnel and the injured county officer were merged together to form an evil freakness of a satanic being.  The firefighter’s eyes opened wide and his mouth opened as far as he can and screamed in such horror and fear.  The other firefighters saw the exact same thing, with one firefighter grabbing him and pulling him back towards the fire engine.  The satanic being that was seen by the firefighters had five heads, ten arms, and ten legs displaced all over the body, which also had Chinese red angel winds spread out from the back.  The satanic being stepped out of the ambulance and walked towards them leaving bloody footsteps upon the dry pavement.  The firefighters then attempted to escape from the scene, but the satanic being was able to overpower them and force them to stare right at it.  Then the eyes of the face, that represented the county officer, which was embedded into the belly of the beast, turned midnight black and caused every firefighter inside the fire truck to turn into stone before the fire truck and the ambulance suddenly caught fire and burned.

While both emergency vehicles caught fire they burned at such a high temperature that nothing would be left to recognize them as emergency vehicles.  The little black girl walked up to the satanic being and held out the head of the deputy from the woods.  The satanic being looked at her with all five faces and used one of the arms to reach out and take it from her.  Then the satanic being placed the head of the deputy on top of the body where a head would normally be at for a regular human.  Once the head was put into place the eyes of the deputy’s’ head opened up with midnight black eyes showing.  The satanic being glanced at the little girl once more before disappearing in a blink of an eye.  She then turned around and walked back towards the woods where she first led the deputy into the woods.  The little black girl ended up walking through the woods down the step hills and heavy brush before exiting the trees into the civilization of the town.  The little girl came through the woods and ended up behind a church in the parking lot where few cars remained from earlier church service.  She walked through the poorly lit parking lot and around the building to the front of the First Church of Avalon entrance.  She looks up and can see a clock tower at the top of the church, which seemed like miles and miles up.  The clock tower started to bong several times and that made her smile from ear to ear.  The clock tower was warning everyone in the town and to all visitors that the time has struck midnight on Halloween Day.



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