“HEAVENLY FIRE” (Sci-Fi) (Part II)

Part II

April 1ST – 4TH

In the early evening of April 1st the media continued to report of the upcoming meteor shower that was to happen, which got a lot of people excited to witness the historic event.  Since the turn of the century people still didn’t know the whole story of the asteroids that were on a collision course with earth.  Even though for years movies and books have been written on such story it was quickly forgotten and looked at as just a science fiction idea.  Beginning on this day the world will quickly understand that fantasy will turn into reality and that their lives are in absolute danger.  From the year 2000 up until now several scientist and astrologists made predictions that asteroids will begin to fall towards earth starting around 2020.  Whenever these findings and reports were shared with the public and the media, federal government officials would intervene and discount his or her accounts with a false report of their own.  Things really began to look suspicious when certain scientist were reporting missing or mysteriously end up dead after they gave their accurate account of what was to happen.  A lot of the investigations into their deaths suddenly ended with high pressure from above or if a suspect was found he was used as a scapegoat.

NASA and NOAA officials were already prepared for the worse to happen, but just like the rest of the world they had no idea of how much danger was looming above.  The only thing they didn’t know still was where the asteroids were going to enter the earth’s atmosphere and their impact zone.  Later on in the evening around 2200hrs, the first reports from NASA about the incoming asteroids started.  It was reported to the president of the United States that NASA and NOAA have spotted three incoming asteroids and their approximate time of entering the earth’s atmosphere was between 0300 – 0500hrs on April 2nd.  Once the president knew this information he immediately demanded that he wanted to know where the impact zone would be as soon as it was known.  At approximately 0240hrs, NASA began to run around frantically once they figured out the location of the first asteroid incoming.  The chief of staff and the national security adviser to the president woke him up and alerted him on the impact zone of the first incoming asteroid.  As soon as the president of the United States learned that Havana, Cuba was the first impact zone of this massive “meteor shower”, he immediately attempted to contact the U.S. Embassy.

Just before the clock turned to 0300hrs, Eastern Time zone of the U.S., the U.S. ambassador to Cuba was awaken to a phone.  He didn’t answer the phone immediately as he thought he was dreaming, but when his wife elbowed him in the side he realized quickly that it was no longer a dream.  Agitated and confused he answered his phone and quickly heard the national security adviser speaking on the phone.

NATASHA BENNICE:  I’m sorry sir for waking you up this hour, but we have initiated an evacuation of the U.S. Embassy.  A helicopter should arrive there within the next few minutes to guide you and your family to safety out into the Gulf of Mexico.

U.S. AMBASSADOR TO CUBA:  What the hell are you talking about?  Evacuation?!  We’ve never received any threat of any kind to the U.S. Embassy.  My family and I aren’t going anywhere.

NATASHA BENNICE:  Sir, as the national security advisor I must implore you that you all be evacuated to prevent any further endangerment of your lives.

U.S. AMBASSADOR TO CUBA:  How are our lives in danger, Ms. Bennice?  This better be good or I swear to God I will be making some phone calls later on.

NATASHA BENNICE:  There is an asteroid incoming to collide with earth within the next few moments.

U.S. AMBASSADOR TO CUBA:  So, what does that have to do with me?

NATASHA BENNICE:  NASA and NOAA have spotted three incoming asteroids and one is to hit the area of Havana, Cuba.  Unless, you are evacuated you will become ashes blowing in the wind.

With that news related to the U.S. Ambassador to Cuba he immediately heard a helicopter above and woke up his wife while still on the phone with Bennice.  He then took the threat immediately serious and asked where they were being taken.  Bennice stated to him that he and his family will be taken to an aircraft carrier just off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico.  Few moments later the conversation ended and a rush to safety filled the air within the confines of the embassy.  Any other staff member would be evacuated by ground troops and taken to an airport to board a military flight.  The frantic reaction to an asteroid just few minutes away from impacting Havana began to rise as people were being evacuated.  Of course, the evacuation didn’t go unnoticed by some of the residents of the city as helicopters and military vehicles caused roars and rumbles through the night.  One of the helicopter pilots that were lifting the highly important staff members to the ambassador reported seeing a very bright streak going along the night sky over Cuba.  Within a few minutes this sighting was relayed back to NASA and to the president of the United States.  The military was then ordered to cut their evacuation mission short and to leave the area immediately.

By this time only a handful of embassy staff workers remained and they were told to head to the basement of the embassy.  As the military began to leave the embassy the staff members, obviously, they began to shout crying out loud not to leave them, but they knew they were on their own.  Residents all over Havana began to wake up and come outside to the noise of military vehicles and helicopters overhead.  Just outside the gates of the embassy the five staff members began to see Cubans walking towards the gates.  Fear of not knowing what is going to happen they slammed the gate shut and locked it with a lock still attached.  The five staff members slowly backed away from the gate and then turned around and ran inside.  By this time some Cubans were at the gate shaking it and shouting at the staff members inside the embassy.  One of the Cubans looked up and saw a very bright object streaking across the sky with a mile long fire tail behind it.

Other Cubans looked up and saw the same thing and they all began to run for their lives.  One of the staff members looked outside of one windows and noticed the same burning object streaking through the night sky.  They all rushed down the steps and found a secured room to enter and hunkered down in a corner with their eyes closed praying for safety.  Within a minute of that last sighting the asteroid struck the downtown area of Havana, Cuba and the explosion was deafening.  The ground shook so hard that you would have thought a 12.0 earthquake was occurring.  On impact the explosion was as if several nuclear bombs were detonated at once vaporizing everything with the city limits and beyond.  The brightness of the explosion was seen as far a Miami, Florida and the shock-wave of the asteroid striking was certainly felt for miles and miles.  Tidal waves begun in the middle of the night off of the coast of Cuba and traveled the ninety miles to the coast of Florida giving Miami beach goers something to remember.  One couple was lying on the beach under the cool night-morning sky when they were suddenly hit with a twenty foot tidal wave.  The ocean approached the beach with force pulling the couple into the ocean leaving their personal belongings on the beach for others to find.

Soon Mobile, Alabama and Tallahassee, Florida faced the same tidal waves that Miami just had a few moments ago.  Within the hour of the asteroid striking the island of Cuba a dark gray cloud covered the sky and any electronic components were fried from the intense EMP that was sent out immediately after the explosion.  Any survivors of the initial blast suffered serious injuries and would soon die from breathing in the contaminated air of dust and asteroid particles.  The president of the United States was notified of the impact and calls were made to the U.N. and Red Cross to enter the contamination zone when it was dealt to be safe.  This story didn’t go unreported as news media across the world and around the United States began to interrupt regularly scheduled programming to bring the latest story.  During one news broadcast on the east coast a reporter who was stationed in Havana for an overseas assignment was able to call in and report first hand of what had happened from the aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Mexico.  The reporter described the initial scene before the asteroid hit as everyone running for their lives screaming and yelling for someone to help them.  The reporter also stated to the news media that the blast was seen as far away as Miami and that a tidal wave had hit the city of Miami, Mobile, and Tallahassee.

People waking up on the east coast were met with a scene of horror as they turned on their television before heading to work.  Very quickly news media began to report on the story of an asteroid hitting Havana, Cuba and that two more are on a collision with earth.  The devastation sent fear through the hearts of all America once it was learned by them that two more asteroids are heading their way.  News media on television and radio reported on this story for the rest of day leaving other important news on the backburner.  Soon NASA and NOAA were receiving calls from the media and citizens on why the island of Cuba wasn’t notified of the incoming asteroid.  Chatter all through the U.S. government was about this horrific incident and the destination of the next two space rocks heading towards earth.  A democratic senator from Minnesota, who was known to have powerful connections, demanded answers as to what happen and why anyone wasn’t alerted to the situation.  Speculation became wide spread throughout the entire world and that Russia and China blamed the U.S. for not properly handling the situation.  At the same time this was occurring NSA began to pick up chatter once again about a potential terror attack.  For most terrorists this was the timeline in life they have been waiting for to use the asteroid story as cover to their purpose.

In the late evening of April 2nd around 2000hrs, NASA reported that the two other asteroids are just minutes away from entering the earth’s atmosphere.  As they scrambled to gather information on the two incoming asteroids one location was known to be in the Pacific Ocean just miles off the coast of Hawaii.  The director of NASA immediately phoned the governor of Hawaii and alerted him on the situation of the incoming asteroid.  Once the governor got the word of the danger his island-state faced he immediately ordered an evacuation of all state officials.  Radio stations all over the island began to report on the incoming asteroid and made an estimated prediction that the asteroid was to hit off the coast of Hawaii within the next thirty minutes.  Mass panic began to quickly absorb the islanders as they all could recall what happened to Havana, Cuba.  National Guardsmen were put on high alert and the police were ordered to evacuate everyone to safer ground.  Approximately thirty minutes later after the radio stations reported on the emergency evacuation the asteroid struck just ten miles off the coast of Hawaii into the Pacific Ocean.  The size of the asteroid and the speed struck the ocean floor and sent millions of gallons of sea water miles high into the air.  Waves from the impact zone immediately formed and as they got closer to the island of Hawaii the waves were getting bigger and bigger.  Soon the waves struck the north coast of the island and it was reported that the waves reached as high as one hundred feet or higher.  The impact of the asteroid was so massive that the entire island of Hawaii was underwater for several hours.

It was soon known that no survivors would be on the island and that many frightening people were swept into the ocean once the water began to recede.  Majority of the island remained flooded for days after the impact and immediately the president of the United States declared Hawaii a disaster zone.  The tidal waves created by the massive impact soon struck the Midway Islands and the Gulf of California.  Within minutes of the asteroid impact the governor of California immediately called for a press conference and ordered an immediate evacuation of all communities and towns that border the beaches.  This press conference was held live throughout the country and that made it even more surreal to the public that they were not out of danger.  As the governor faced numerous questions about the situation, NASA immediately reported of the third asteroid entering the earth’s atmosphere.  The impact zone of the third asteroid was to be the heavily wooded area of southern Venezuela.  The president of Venezuela was phoned and immediately notified of the asteroid coming his way and the location of the impact.  The president didn’t sound alarming at all since the location of the impact would possibly wipe out the rebels that are currently occupying that area.  Needless to say the president did very little if anything except mobilize his military to be prepared to search the area for any survivors and eliminate them.

The impact of the third asteroid struck the heavily wooded area of southern Venezuela on April 3, 2019 at approximately 0101hrs, Eastern Standard Time.  The impact area wasn’t as bad as the previous two, but still caused massive damage and destruction.  The rebel army living and occupying the southern portion of the country were vaporized on impact.  Other survivors of the impact suffered major injuries and would either die from their wounds or shot and killed by the Venezuelan military to prevent any suffering and uprising in the near future.  Hours after the impact the military moved in and completed the mission as ordered by their president and general.  When the United States called the Venezuelan president and offered their assistance for any aid that maybe needed it was immediately turned down.  The United Nations attempted numerous times to persuade the president to allow them into the country with the Red Cross to aid to any survivors and devastation.  Once again the Venezuelan government declined any help and stated that the southern wooded areas of the country were oppositions of the standing government and that their military is handling the situation.  This was absolutely alarming to the U.N. Security Council and blamed the Venezuelan government for human rights violations and would soon order sanctions against the country if they don’t proceed with allowing the Red Cross to enter.

For the next twenty-four hours eyes watched the skies for anymore asteroids to make impacts with earth.  NASA and NOAA reported no other asteroids are seen on radar or on satellite feeds at this time, but will continue to monitor the skies.  NORAD was soon put on that list of agencies to monitor the skies and the weather and to report any major irregularities that are scene.  This break in the skies gave the federal government the opportunity to render aid to areas of Hawaii, Havana, Cuba, and areas of the Gulf of Mexico affected by the impact.  Still the news media wanted answers as to why suddenly we are being hit with random floating asteroids that can’t be detected earlier.  Certain members of congress and lobbyists called for a committee to evaluate the procedures taken place to monitor these so called “invisible asteroids” until they are about to enter the earth’s atmosphere.  During a news media broadcast on the evening of April 4, 2019 NSA was able to get some kind of break as to the terrorist chatter on their intelligence wires.  The president of the United States was then made aware of the updated intelligence on the terror plot learned from earlier.  When the president of the United States found out that the terror plot could be a cyber attack against the countries in the Western Hemisphere he was taken back.  Knowing this information now makes things more complicated and that the terrorists must be found, located, and eliminated before things become worse.  If the cyber attack becomes successful during the times of trying to detect these incoming asteroids then life on planet earth could become black and cold.

TO BE CONTINUED…Part III – 11/13/12


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