It has been at least two weeks since the dreadful night that Christina Black was viciously attacked at her home by some unknown assailant.  Even after she called for back up and fellow Chicago PD officers came to her aid that night, it would appear that the suspect has no criminal history or fingerprints on file.  Once he was arrested he was interviewed by detectives for hours, but no information was relayed from the suspect.  Amazingly he had no identification on him, no fingerprints on file, and the only piece of information that they did get from him was that he is not from the area.  Canvassing Christina Black’s neighborhood that night revealed no witnesses and no suspicious persons seen that night of the attack.  Even though no identification has been made on the suspect the only information they have besides him not being from the area is a name of “Gregory Maye”.

With the Maye in custody Christina is able to relax a little bit knowing that he can’t harm her now, but still the uneasiness of not knowing who sent him is still lingering.  From that night of the attack she was granted time off from work, but she only stayed on administrative leave for about a week after that fearful night.  The first night back at work she met her new partner, Chris White, a five year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, who was known to be a quiet kind of guy, but when it was time to get aggressive he didn’t hold back.  Two nights after she returned to work she got to know her new partner very well when they got involved in a foot pursuit.  Christina Black was very much in shape and could run up to five miles at a medium pace.  Chris on the other hand could run, but his biggest strength was his upper body and street smarts.  The foot pursuit started when both Chris and Christina entered a late night deli store for a call for a suspicious person.  When the arrived scene the suspicious person in question saw them and darted out the backdoor of the deli.

Christina started out running after him and yelling to him to stop, but he refused to stop.  Chris ran out of the front door of the store and down an alley that was a block away from the deli.  Once Chris entered the alley he could see the suspicious guy running towards him with Christina a few steps behind.  The suspect saw Chris coming and attempted to juke him out as if they were on a football field and he was trying to score a touchdown.  Apparently, the juking didn’t get Chris as he reached out and ended up clothes-lining the suspect.  The suspect’s feet went airborne and parallel to the alley way before landing straight on his back.  When the suspect landed on his back that contact with the ground knocked the wind completely out of him.  That was when Chris landed on top of the suspect with his knee in his chest ordering him to turn over.  Christina saw this happen from her point of view and was shocked to see what Chris did.  Once the suspect turned over and placed in handcuffs Chris started to go through his jean pockets to identify the unknown man.

Once Chris found his wallet he opened it up and saw a Chicago driver’s license peeping through a clear plastic window with the suspect’s photo seen.  At the same time he opened up the wallet Christina saw a business card fall out end over end until it landed on the ground face down next to the suspect’s right leg.  She leaned over and picked it up and saw her old partner’s name on the business card, Jack Wayne.  When she saw that she was very surprised and not expecting to see that at all.  She immediately got angry and started to frown her face as she kept looking at the business card.  In her mind she thought that the suspect they just caught may have something to do with her partner’s death.  At this time Chris saw her demeanor change and immediately grabbed the suspect by his arms and guided him up to his feet.  Chris walked the suspect over to their patrol vehicle and leaned him up against hood of the vehicle.  While the suspect was leaning over the passenger side of the hood, Christina walked over to the patrol vehicle and stood directly in front of the car staring at the suspect.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  What’s your name?

SUSPECT:  Timothy Beck.  Your partner has my ID so any other information you need get it from him.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  Hey! No need for sarcasm!  What I want to know is how did you get this business card?

TIMOTHY BECK:  What business card are you talking?

CHRISTINA BLACK:  This business card!  (She placed the card in front of him).  Chicago Police Officer Jack Wayne!  How did you get this?

TIMOTHY BECK:  What does that have to do with me right now?

CHRISTINA BLACK:  Officer Wayne is dead.  I see it strange for you to have his business card two weeks after he died.  How did you get this card?!

TIMOTHY BECK:  That would explain why he hasn’t returned any of my calls.  I found it on the sidewalk near a strip club just off of East Broadway.  I had a feeling I was being stalked and followed so I wanted to contact him for help.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  Near a strip club?  Are you sure it was off of East Broadway?

TIMOTHY BECK:  I’m sure.  Look, I’m sorry for your partner’s passing, but I have nothing to do with his death.  That is the honest to God truth!

CHRISTINA BECK:  We’ll see about that when we take you in.

TIMOTHY BECK:  You got nothing on me so you ain’t taking me anywhere!

Chris gets out of the patrol vehicle after running the information off of Timothy’s license.

CHRIS WHITE:  He doesn’t have any warrants, but he does have a trespass file against him from the deli store owner.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  Oh really!?  Well, looks like we do have something on you after all.  You’re under arrest for trespassing.

Timothy was searched upon his persons and no weapons or drugs were located.  A few minutes later Timothy was taken to central booking and booked on the charge of trespassing, which will only keep him in jail until the following morning.  After they completed the paperwork they found a diner not too far away from the jail to grab food to eat.  It was only ten minutes after they arrived at the diner when they got their food brought to them at the table.  Just before the food was brought to them Chris gained the courage to ask her about her old partner so he can learn more of who she is.

CHRIS WHITE:  I’m sorry if you’re not ready to talk about it, but could you tell me about your previous partner?

CHRISTINA BLACK:  (She takes a sip of her coffee and sighs before answering him).  Jack was an awesome cop.  He had intuition and feelings unlike anyone that I knew or worked with.  Jack saved my life numerous times and was always there to back me up whenever we received a complaint.

CHRIS WHITE:  Were you two close enough to feed off of each other?

CHRISTINA BLACK:  Jack and I were close as partners and as friends.  We would go over each others place and share the holidays with each others family and friends.  I remember when he came over this past Christmas and brought me a gift, which I didn’t expect.  It was an expensive coffee maker that I often raved about and always kept saying it was too expensive.  He was that kind of person, you know?  He did things unexpectedly, but when he did it wasn’t to undermine you in anyway.  He thrived off of being different and showing his heart of gold.

CHRIS WHITE:  I can imagine it must be hard to have a new partner when you have been used to someone being or working a certain way.  I’m no Jack Wayne, but I will always have your back as long as you have mine.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  I appreciate that.  What I’ve seen so far from you I think we will be just fine working together.  I can’t help but think that the murder case Jack and I were working on may have something to do with his mysterious death.  No evidence was found at his home related to Michael Madison or to anyone rather.

CHRIS WHITE:  Michael Madison is the guy charged with the murder of the four women on the south side?

CHRISTINA BLACK:  Yeah.  He kidnapped four women, raped, and murdered them.  The worse thing he did was when he dismembered their bodies and mailed their fingers to their families.  Being involved in that case was a personal commitment for Jack and he did everything he could to make sure Madison was brought to justice.  His personal involvement I think may have gotten him in too far involved.  How far no one knows at this point, but I’m hoping it’s nothing that will taint his image.

CHRIS WHITE:  I’m pretty sure things will come out in his favor.

Christina smiled at Chris when he reassured her that things will fall into place and that nothing will tarnish his image.  As the waitress is bringing the food out to them Christina hears tires screeching outside and sees headlights flashing by the window.  The next sight she sees causes her to yell at the waitress and to Chris to get to the floor.  Three masked men exited a vehicle and began to fire automatic weapons into the diner where Chris and Christina were sitting.  Other patrons in the diner heard the shots being fired and everyone attempted to get down on the floor for cover.  A few patrons and a waitress was shot before getting down on the floor for safety.  Glass shattered with almost every shot coming through the windows and glassware behind the food counter falling to the floor hitting the waitresses hiding behind the counter.  The automatic fire lasted for nearly a minute with stools at the counter, the counter-top, the bench seats, and numerous glassware and bottles completely destroyed.  After the automatic fire ended everyone stayed on the floor for another minute before anyone decided to poke their head up.

Christina and Chris both raised up pulling out their service weapons pointing it out the window where the suspects were shooting from.  When no one was seen outside they ran outside and in the middle of the street looking for any suspicious vehicles or persons fleeing the scene.  No one was seen outside the diner and that is when Chris got on his radio and called for back up at their location.  Christina ran back inside and as people started to get up off the floor, terrified of what had happened, she sees that two people are injured.  She checked on the patrons that were hit and helped them treat their injuries temporarily until the ambulance and fire rescue responded.  When someone brought it to her attention that a waitress was hit and is lying behind the food counter she immediately ran over to her.  The waitress was lying face down on the ground and when Christina turned her over she could see that she received several gunshot wounds to the upper body.  Blood flowed from the lifeless body of the waitress, but she couldn’t see her face since the hair of the waitress had it covered.  Christina moved the hair away from the waitresses’ face and noticed that she recognizes her from a previous meeting.  The lifeless body that is on the ground behind the food counter is Jack Wayne’s little sister, Nicole Jane Wayne.

TO BE CONTINUED…Part III – 11/10/12


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