“HEAVENLY FIRE” (Sci-Fi) (Part I)

– Part I –

Since the dawn of the twenty-first century two respectful federal government agencies of the United States, the National Aeronautics & Space Administration and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration have been keeping a big brother watch in the skies above our planet.  In the summer of 2000, NASA and NOAA stumbled across information that would be useful to the human population and the wonders of the asteroid belt.  The asteroid belt, which orbits between Mars and Jupiter, has thousands and thousands of shape and sizes of asteroids.  The mere size of the belt causes the asteroids and other space debris to constantly collide and create, sometimes, mass explosions, which are later viewed from earth years later.  With the information that NASA and NOAA received that summer showed a compelling story, by numbers and diagrams, that nearly four hundred asteroids will be on a collision course with our planet.

The only small consolation to that startling news is that none of them would endanger earth until the month of April 2019.  Days later after receiving such information from a million dollar satellite, the president of the United States was informed in a secret meeting away from other political figures who were thought to be not trustworthy.  Once the commander-in-chief was informed of the news he knew that this information would not be kept from the public for very long.  At one point he seriously thought about informing the American public about the findings, but still more details needed to be figured out before an ill-advised judgment sets off panic.  After that thought was discussed in further detail and the blow back from the public was laid out for the president, he thought against it and to wait longer.  Of course, he knew that by the time this information would be released and the events of the asteroids falling to earth, he would be out of office.  However, even that fact wouldn’t save him knowing that the media and other political figures would be wanting him decapitated for keeping this a secret.

The president of the United States knew that his Joint Chiefs of Staff would need to know and be prepared.  Attempting to relay that information from NASA and NOAA proved to be very difficult and the documents nearly got discovered by some innocent White House staff just doing her job.  A lot of bullets were dodged in keeping those documents secret from others, except the ones that needed to know, before it was given to the Joint Chiefs.  Once the Joint Chiefs read the report and allowed the compelling information to sink in they then started to ask the president for more information.  The president made several statements to the Joint Chiefs that more information is still being gathered each time a hard question was asked.  Further into their very long meeting, which out of the loop senators and congressmen thought it was discussions about the Middle East, the president made a statement that would quiet the room.

First of all, as expected the Joint Chiefs were very disturbed that the president of the United States was willing to cooperate in a cover up with NASA and NOAA.  As the president explained to them the possible huge blow backs from the American public on this issue would only make things worse, that got the Joint Chiefs to side with their boss.  Quickly as that explanation was given the next topic was to coordinate a military response to the future threat.  This once again would prove to be extremely difficult as now the secretary of defense and secretary of state would have to be involved.  One of the Joint Chiefs stated to the president that coordinating a military readiness for this threat and keeping it secret for nearly twenty years would be almost impossible.  Knowing the curiosity of the American public and some members of the media they will soon pick up on what is being done and then release the story for the whole world to see.  Then the question came at the president like a NASCAR driver going through several sheets of the best quality tissue paper, of how long he wanted to keep this a secret.  With no clear cut for that answer he made a decision to have certain information released to the public around the summer time of 2015.

Approximately, eight years later a new president of the United States was elected into office and the documents were made visible to him almost immediately.  Upon viewing these documents created by NASA and NOAA, which are now more detailed then previous, he is shocked at how some people knew about this, but failed to alert the public.  His final thought on this information being held for so long was that the public will soon find out once space rocks start streaking across the sky, and by then it will be too late to warn anybody.  After scolding the Joint Chiefs and other members of the staff a new rectum, he did however, conclude that the information should be released carefully and be fully monitored.  Once everyone was in agreement to that idea the political powers, who supported the federal vision of NASA and NOAA, intervened when they heard of what the president was planning to do.  That intervention only sparked anger and fueled the president’s firery urge to alarm the public of at least some potential risk of an asteroid strike on earth.  Then just before the president scheduled a press conference at the White House, the director of NASA, approached the president and appealed his decision while offering another solution.

It was at this secret, personal meeting between the two political powers, which they agreed to post the information on a website accessed by the public, but not necessarily advertised for such.  The president quickly agreed and cancelled his press conference, which seemed odd from the media standpoint.  With the notion that the American public will know about these asteroids sooner or later, they decided to alter some of the information.  In the midst of attempting to smudge some of the information one fact remained that NASA and NOAA still couldn’t figure out.  This unknown information was probably the most scary and troubling since finding out that nearly four hundred asteroids will collide with earth.  No one knew exactly where each asteroid or series of asteroids will fall and land as they make impact. Not knowing where the asteroids will make impact and which sizes of the asteroid belt is approaching; a military response seemed a moot point.

Another five years past, spring of 2015, and more information was discovered by NASA and related to NOAA just as quick.  It was now known that between the dates of April 1st to May 2nd between 2019 and 2112 were the projected timelines of the asteroids making impact with earth.  Before this information was discovered most of the people involved figured that this event would spark a meteor shower show, but no one expected this to last for nearly one-hundred years.  Now a timeline is known of when this was to happen, but what happened next is what made this even more realistic.  Approximately, four-hundred five impacts from the asteroids are projected to strike earth, but 100% of the asteroids will involve the entire Western Hemisphere.  News such as this has changed the entire dynamics of what is going on as to every nation from Antarctica to the North Pole is now endanger.  A massive response of this magnitude would take months, if not years, to coordinate with leaders in Central, South America, the Caribbean Islands, and other small states out amongst the bodies of water, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Then NASA and NOAA broke even more devastating news to the president of the United States by telling him that the sizes of these asteroids are humungous in size.

When the reaction from the president sparked an animated response with arms flying and voices being raised, he was told that the sizes of these asteroids will cause severe damage possibly in the billions of dollars.  Not to make things worse for the president of the free world, but just a few moments prior to receiving the latest news about the asteroids, intelligence picked up chatter of a possible terror plot.  Findings for this terror plot at this time are unclear and not known how and when this plot is to take place.  The president of the United States is now faced with a decision to choose which situation to pay more attention too, while the other issue is left on the back burner.  Since the details of the asteroid belt orbit is known and this vague terror plot has yet been confirmed, he made the decision to concentrate on saving half the world or he won’t have much to defend or govern.  Now the media officials for NASA and NOAA are alerted to what is happening and given a full brief on the situation at hand.  With only a few hours to consume all the information due to come true four years from now, they must choose wisely of what they say and how they say it to the public media.

For the next four years the United States, Canada, and Brazil were the leaders of coordinating efforts to prepare for the asteroid impacts.  It was also realized that surface to air missiles from designated U.S. Navy ships would only break up the massive pieces of asteroids.  Although breaking up the asteroids as they enter the earth’s atmosphere is ideal and wanted, the speed and the unconfirmed route of the asteroids made that plan merely a silence.  It was amazing to most that the advanced in technology still couldn’t give them accurate information of where the asteroids will land and when each one will enter the earth’s ozone layer.  The president of the United States was very disappointed to hear that the U.S. Navy ships would do little good, but his only method of shooting down the asteroids would be to use ICBM’s (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile).  With the treaty signed with Russia and other nuclear friends and foe it was great fear that those countries would use their ICBM’s over American skies.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t as simple as to just start launching ICBM’s to intercept asteroids as they fall faster than the speed of sound through the levels of the earth’s pressure.  However, the story that was fed to the American public and quickly spread like a wild fire was that the “largest meteor shower” in civilization will be happening in the near future.  For now the American public and the media bought the story, but at what cost will it take before the truth either is relayed or experienced.

To Be Continued…(Part II – 10/29/12)



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