“TIME GAP” (Thriller) (Part I)

– Part I –

In Manhattan there is a section of the borough that contains a few old buildings that are no longer habitable and one three story office building.  The grounds around this poor, abandoned section of the borough are littered with trash, homeless people, and a known location for severe drug use.  Numerous people have been found in this location with suspicion of drug overdose and in need of medical attention immediately.  This area is also known for stolen vehicles to be recovered, but by the time NYPD locates the vehicles they are either set ablaze or stripped down to the metal frame.  However, this run down section of the city has seen some investigations either end there or gone through there following potential leads.

The investigation of NYPD Detective Marcus Love and his partner William Myers would lead them to this area as so many other investigations have.  Although they have years of experience with investigating crimes that are drug and motor vehicle theft related, this one would be a new adventure for them both.  Both Love and Myers are detectives of the NYPD Electronic Crimes Unit and have worked together on most occasions, but nothing of this magnitude.  Love is a former NYPD detective with the Homicide Unit and Myers was a detective for the Robbery Suppression Unit.  Strangely enough a lot of the robberies happening in the city within a years’ time would later end up as a homicide.  Most of their investigations would reveal that the suspect knew their victim and that revenge was the motive for almost all perpetrators.

With nearly thirty years of experience between them they both applied to join the Electronic Crimes Unit.  Shortly after being accepted into the unit, in the summer of 2020, they were immediately teamed together for an investigation of a scientist falsifying records and licensing.  The scientist would use internet scams and falsifying donation markets to fund his own personal research.  When Love and Myers heard about this case they jumped at the opportunity to find this scientist and bring him in for questioning.  However, with them following leads and financial records of the scientist it would lead them to this poor, run down section of Manhattan.  When they arrived at the location they couldn’t understand at first why the scientist would put himself at danger of becoming a victim himself.  Though they had that thought in mind they had an address of where he might be on the top floor of this three story building.

Once they arrived they made entry into this building and noticed that the elevator was not working.  Detective Love had his small flashlight and used it going up a set of stairs to the top level.  It was cold and near midnight when they were there and no electricity was found until they got to the top.  After getting to the top floor they encountered a long hallway and a door at the end with light being visible around the frame of the door.  Both made their way slowly down the hall passing other open doors and shining a flashlight inside those rooms to make sure no other threat is encountered.  Once they made it to the door with the light visible around the frame Detective Love put away his flashlight and reached out to the door knob.  He looked at Myers and gave him the signal that he was going to try to see if the door was unlocked.  By his surprise the door knob turned all the way and popped open.  Detective Love and Myers unholstered their weapon and slowly opened the door.

As they slowly opened the door they could see the scientist, David Deere, through the reflection of a glass window facing the outside.  Love gave Myers the location of the scientist and wanted them to proceed quietly to surprise him.  Just as the door opened up some more David walked away and turned out the lights to his room.  That made Love and Myers stop in their tracks not sure of what to do at this point.  As they paused in the doorway shots suddenly rang out in their direction from within the room.  Love swung open the door and returned fire missing the scientist and striking some metal equipment behind him.  David went ducking beneath a metal table firing back at the detectives from his hidden location.  At this time Myers came from behind the door frame to proceed into the room and was fired upon getting hit in the upper torso.  Myers yelled going down and called for his partner to help who fired back at David as he proceeded into the room.  Immediately after he reached his partner Love identified themselves as NYPD Electronic Crimes Unit.

Silence fell upon the dark room for a brief second before David moved to get a better point of aim and fired again.  He nearly struck Love in the head, but missed to only be fired at again from Love.  David ducked behind a tall metal object and looked at his watch to see what time it was.  According to his watch it was 11:25pm and he knew he had five minutes before things got worse.  He fired two more shots around the corner at the detectives and fled around a corner.  A few seconds after he disappeared an electric blue light was seen by Love and Myers that lasted a few seconds.  Myers lying on the ground holding his right chest with blood streaming through his fingers asked his partner what the hell was that!  Love responded in a way that he didn’t know and wanted Myers to stay low and radio for back up.  As Myers is radioing for back up from other uniform units Love goes to the last known location of where David was.  Love ducks in and out behind objects for cover and concealment until he came across a short hallway.  The hallway lead to other doors that were closed, but immediately in front of him was two metal poles approximately five feet apart and standing about six feet tall.

He looked at these two metal poles and looked passed them down the hallway to one door that was cracked open.  He thought maybe David was hiding in that room and he was going to go after him, but didn’t want to leave his partner by himself.  By this time the clock turned 11:30pm and the surprised happened shocking both detectives.  An explosion was heard behind Love and a bright light radiated through the dark room making it seem like the sun had suddenly risen.  Love turned around and saw glass flying towards him as he attempted to cover his face from being cut.  A split second later the blast sent him off his feet and through the two metal poles.

Myers yelled out to his partner but his cries were not heard by Love who was now no longer there.  When Love started to come to his vision was very cloudy and his hearing was much distorted.  He started to open his eyes slowly and couldn’t see anything but bright lights above him.  Love kept hearing voices around and faces within his sight of the ceiling looking much smudged.  After a few minutes of he started to slowly make sense of things around him and could see paramedics and fire fighters surrounding him.  That is when he noticed he was on the floor and that they were attempting to check his vitals and see if he needed to be transported to the hospital.  The paramedics kept calling out to him, but Love kept slipping in and out of consciousness.  He was then taken to the hospital where he spent the next two days recovering from his mysterious condition.

When he finally started to wake up to his full senses he saw that he was in the hospital with tubes going into his arm.  He squinted his eyes a few times to make sure he was seeing what he was seeing.  Love looked down and noticed he was in the hospital bed and gown with the lights turned out except the one light above his head.  As he attempted to move his arms and legs a great deal of pain shot through his body causing him to cease immediately and cry out in pain.  A nurse came into the room after hearing him to check on him and could see that he was attempting to move.  The female nurse came in and reassured him that he was okay and that he should stay in bed and rest.  Love looked at the nurse with a confused look as to what is she telling him.  While the nurse was working around him he then remembered his partner and asked the nurse in a weak and low tone.  The nurse barely heard Love speak so she asked him to repeat his question.  He repeated his question asking about his partner William Myers and how he was doing.  She looked at him frowning her eyebrows trying to figure out what he was referring too.

She asked him to repeat once more and when he did she looked at him responding that she has no idea who he is talking about.  Love did his best to describe the situation he last remembered before the explosion to help the nurse.  As she fixed up his sheets and blanket she then again repeated that she has no recollection of that name and that he was found by himself on the floor.  He looked at her and asked her, “what are you talking about I was found alone?”  When she explained to him that he was found lying on the floor passed out by two teenagers.  Love then asked her about the bomb that exploded that caused him to be knocked out, but the reply he got was disturbing.  The nurse then looked at him putting her hand on the top of his head slightly brushing his hair and responded to him that no bomb ever exploded and no damage was ever found.

That response made him even more confused and frustrated as to what is going on with him.  He asked about his injuries and the nurse explained that he has extreme bruising and possible hairline fractures on his arms and legs.  She then went on to explain to him that no one knows what happen and how he go to that location.  The nurse then gave more disturbing news that they couldn’t find his contact information to notify his wife.  When he gave the number and address of his residence the nurse stated that she will pass that information on to the detectives who are looking into the case.  Love asked for the detectives name and when she gave it to him, Detective Paul Johnson and Renee Bradley, he couldn’t recognize the names at first.  The nurse asked him did he have any other questions he shook his head saying no and just laid his head back down closing his eyes.  Almost immediately after the nurse left the bedroom he then remembered hearing the name Renee Bradley.  As he tried to think through his cloudy, distorted memory he remembered that the name was seen on the Police Officers’ Memorial Stone just outside of NYPD headquarters.

That thought was mind-boggling as he tried to figure out if she was on the memorial stone how is she in charge of this case involving his mysterious injuries.  As he laid there in the bed the two detectives come in and stand on the opposite side of the bed looking down at him.  Detective Johnson calls out Love’s name and wakes him back up to see if they could ask him some questions about his injuries.  He opens his eyes looking at them and lays his eyes on Detective Bradley almost in shock to see her still alive.  After a few moments of allowing him to get himself together they begin their questioning at Love.

DETECTIVE JOHNSON:  How you feeling Mr. Love?

MARCUS LOVE:  Extremely sore and pain just radiating through my body right now.

DETECTIVE BRADLEY:  Do you remember how you received those injuries?

MARCUS LOVE:  I remember a bomb exploding behind me, which probably sent me flying through air hitting my head.

DETECTIVE JOHNSON:  A bomb exploded?  When?

MARCUS LOVE:  Sometime during the night before midnight.

DETECTIVE BRADLEY:  Are you sure about a bomb exploding?  We have no indication of a bomb exploding anywhere in the city.

MARCUS LOVE:  Oh! Well, I last remember searching the building with my partner and getting involved in a shootout with a suspect.  Then the next thing I know I’m here.

DETECTIVE JOHNSON:  Really? You got involved in a shootout with some suspect and you didn’t alert the police?

MARCUS LOVE:  I called for back up, but they didn’t have time to respond before whatever happened to me.

DETECTIVE BRADLEY:  Mr. Love we are here investigating what happened to you and how you got there.  We found a NYPD issue weapon next to you and a NYPD Electronic Crimes Unit credential clipped to your belt.  In searching our records we have no listing of a Marcus Love employed with NYPD or ever employed.  How would you explain that?

MARCUS LOVE:  What are you talking about?  I am a detective with NYPD ECU.  Check with my partner William Myers he can vouch for me.

DETECTIVE BRADLEY:  We don’t have a record of a William Myers employed with us either.

MARCUS LOVE:  That’s ridiculous! You should probably check with the U.S. Secret Service since we did some undercover operations with them.  I’ve been employed with the NYPD for nearly thirteen years and not having any record is preposterous!

DETECTIVE JOHNSON:  Okay, Mr. Love we’ll check once more for both you and Myers.  Maybe your employment records were moved or misfiled by someone.  However, at this time we will need to talk to you more when you are feeling better.

DETECTIVE BRADLEY:  Get some rest Mr. Love.

MARCUS LOVE:  By the way what time is it?



DETECTIVE BRADLEY:  November 21st.



To Be Continued…



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8 responses to ““TIME GAP” (Thriller) (Part I)

  1. Sweet. I thought I would go back to the beginning and I am glad I did. Question… What is your process? Do you have everything charted out and you basically know how the book will end? Or is it something else? I am just curious… 🙂 I also find it amazing that you are multiple writing novels at once. Wow. Now, on to re-read part 2 and read part 3! Thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment! I am excited that you like that story, Time Gap, and willing to continue to follow this plot. This story was one of quick idea and as I wrote it the rest just came to me. For now, the process for all four stories, (Christina Black, The Red Barn, Time Gap, and Heavenly Fire), are being written as time goes on. My favorite two stories that I am also having fun with is The Red Barn and Time Gap.

      For the upcoming 2013-2014 calendar year most, if not all, stories will be already plotted out. As a matter of fact, I am working on the outline of the plots for two stories right now due to come out starting in the spring of 2013. So for now the stories are being written usually one to two days prior to them being posted. Right now I already know about the next two storylines for Time Gap and The Red Barn.

      I hope you stay tuned to what will come next and in the near future. Once, again thanks for the compliment and I hope to continue to have your support :). By the way, do you have a favorite or an idea of a story you would like for me to write someday?


      • I love female detectives. I love when they are incredibly flawed, and add karate or some ability to kick ass doesn’t hurt either. Do you have a female protagonist? I will continue to read because I need to know what happens in Time Gap ?! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your creative process. I am just a bit nosey about how other writers “write” and formulate their ideas. You are seriously doing a great job. I have a lot to learn from you about organization and production. I’ll be back!

      • I like using female detectives in my stories too. I suppose because I feel like I can expand on their character more so then some men characters. I definitely enjoy having the female character being able to kick ass and beat up people, while at the same time take bumps and bruises as well. As if you read in part I, in Christina Black, how she kicked the intruders ass! I had fun writing that scene, which I think made her look resilient, couragous, tough, vulnerable, and stubborn.

        When I write my stories using “parts” in the place of “chapters”, I usually don’t have a protagonist. However, sometimes one will pop up during the plot. In Christina Black, I would say the female detective is the main character. In Time Gap, I believe I have two, the NYPD ECU detective and the elusive scientist. Hopefully I’ve answered your question on that.

        There’s nothing wrong with being a little nosey on what other authors or writers are doing. That’s how I get some of my ideas, but of course I will add my own spin to them. Thank you for the additional compliment about me doing a great job! I enjoy writing and eager to share to my gift with others. I would also be happy to help you organize your thoughts and guide you in the right direction.

        Also another method that I use for writing is this: I invision the scene in my head as a movie scene as I write. It is like a movie is literally playing while I put it on paper the best way I can. To me that helps me keep on track and better describe the story. I thank you very much for stopping by once more and hope for many more visits! 🙂

  2. Greetings from overseas! This is just what I was looking for, and you got it right. Thank you

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  4. Crystal

    Cliff hanger! When’s part deux due to arrive? I want to know what happens next!

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