*Real Life Story*

You know being a good neighbor is looking out for one another and helping each other when the other needs it.  Your unofficial job as a neighbor is not to annoy, bother, piss off, and get others angry to where you are left to your own devices when things hit rock bottom.  My wife and I are good neighbors, at least I to think we are, and don’t bother others around us unless absolutely necessary.  What I advise you not to do as a neighbor or as anyone rather is to take advantage of our niceness and think you can do what you want and when you want.  We both worked very hard to be where we are in life and out of the two of us I work the hardest.  I deal with enough crazy and nutty people at work everyday week in and week out.  Of course, not all of the people and citizens are like that, but I’m talking about the ones who do dumb stuff even when the cops are present.

The last thing I need is a neighbor to keep bothering me all hours of the day and night for things that you can easily get yourself.  Once in a while asking for help is one thing, but when you make it daily occurrences then we have a huge problem.  I start to wonder of your life choices that you have made to get to where you are right now.  I understand of course that things happen out of our control and that we have to deal with it when it comes.  For this particular neighbor it would seem that she has the habit of doing the same thing every single place she’s been.  Just recently I found out through my wife that this neighbor was from southeast D.C.  Her son that she apparently lived with looked shady as hell, but nice enough to at least speak when you make eye contact with him and not bother you at all.  His mother wasn’t like that and I wondered where did the chain break and loose the link.

First of all I have no clue where this woman came from and when she arrived to our apartment complex.  She just appeared at our door looking for a particular item and being nice people we helped her out.  Well, we see that was a mistake when she started coming by daily and then late at night waking up my wife on the couch.  At this point I was getting very annoyed and pissed at her antics.  The straw that really broke our backs, not the camels back, was when we just got home from New York and just after midnight she comes knocking on our apartment door.  I opened the door and gave her a look that I think made her realize that she really screwed up!  Apparently, it wasn’t enough when she came back at least two days later after ten o’clock at night.  When I opened the door the first thing I said to her was “Do you know what time it is?!”  I didn’t care enough to say hi, hello, or have a pleasant heart to heart moment with this crazed woman.

I think my response to her knocking on my door caught her completely off guard when she stuttered to just get out two sentences.  After several looks at her when she did come to our door before that moment made her realize that I didn’t care for her much!  So that made me believe she is not a stupid woman, just disrespectful and NUTS!!  I learned more about her medical and health history as if I was doing a background check for a health care professional than I really cared for.  For example, why are you climbing up and down the steps with a supposedly broken foot?  I would be keeping my ass in my apartment and not doing a damn thing, but apparently she didn’t have that type of common sense.  You know bones can heal a lot better when you don’t put pressure on the limb!  It almost came down to me coming to the door and plainly cussing her out, but I think she finally got the idea!  Then suddenly one morning I hear people arguing in the stairwell beneath our apartment.  We couldn’t make out what was being said, but apparently someone was upset.

My wife went out on to the balcony to chill when she saw a county sheriff standing outside.  When we were able to look without brining attention to ourselves we noticed it was the annoying neighbor who had her stuff put out.  Our guess was that she wasn’t on her sons lease or someone snitched on her crazy ass and it caught up too her.  Now, I am not the one to laugh at other peoples misfortunes, but if you do things the correct way or do the best you can, honestly, and then you can get more sympathy and/or help.  Her last trip to our apartment door was that day her stuff was put out on to the lawn.  I heard the knock at our door, looked through the peep hole and saw it was her.  My wife had to calm me down and count to ten before I opened the door to confront her.  She had money in her hand begging me to charge her for a particular item that she wanted us to give her.  I plainly said no to her face and after she walked down the steps I closed the door and haven’t seen or heard her since.

At this point I am not sure if she is still here or moved elsewhere to bother other neighbors.  However, I hope things work well for her, but not here at this household.  Remember, you have a son and you were living with him so maybe he should be helping you out and not be a nuisance to where no one wants to speak to you.  I’m just saying!


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