TRENTON TERROR (Featured in the Washington Post)

Michael and Jessica enter through the main doors of the Trenton Train Station just shortly after midnight.  Once they entered they noticed that the station was just as deserted as the city itself.  Their journey began in Philadelphia, where they barely escaped with their lives, but one friend was not so lucky.  William was with them at the start of the journey to leave Philadelphia, but was gunned down by a group of highway thugs.  Michael looks behind them through the windows of the doors and didn’t see anyone who might have been following them.  It must have been a natural instinct because Jessica and Michael automatically started to breath very shallow as if someone would hear them if they breathed normally.

The machines, where you would purchase your train tickets, were still active and automatically switching screens to show the menu.  Michael looks to his left and to his right and then back down the long hallway that bends slightly.  They look at each other and proceed down the hallway slowly watching every step to not make noise.  Forgetting that they went through water prior to their arrival Michael’s shoes start to squeak.  He stops suddenly and looks down and sees water coming from his shoes.  Jessica looks at him as he makes eye contact with her and can tell that she is telling him to do something about it.  He looks back down at his shoes and thinks of taking them off when they heard a loud bang down the hallway.  They both froze and didn’t move a body part and was terrified to make a sound.

Listening for the sound again and maybe a voice, Michael looks at Jessica and back down the hallway.  Since the hallway had a slight bend they couldn’t see the other end of what or who could be down there.  Michael holds out his right hand to motion to Jessica to stay put as he goes forward to investigate.  He begins to move slowly praying that his shoes don’t make a loud squeaking noise.  Michael moves up the hallway, still in Jessica’s view, and reaches the bend in the hallway.  He starts to move to his left to see the end of the hallway and can slowly see the other set of doors coming into view.  Once he was able to see one set of doors down the hallway he was making his way to see the second set set of doors when he stopped in his tracks.

All Jessica could do was stand there very still and quiet watching Michael from behind.  She wanted to ask him what was wrong, but dared not to say anything in fear of her voice being heard.  Michael looks back at her with a terrifying look and slowly begins to move back to his right, side stepping.  Once the end of the hallway was out of sight Michael motions to Jessica to go out the doors behind her.  She gives him a perplexed look before turning around towards the main doors.  Michael had his back towards the hallway as he was making his way back to Jessica when a second loud noise was heard.  This time the loud noise was followed by a blood curdling scream and that scared the shit out of both of them.  Michael immediately froze and Jessica took in a deep gasp and started to cry silently with her hand over her mouth.

Michael was two steps away from Jessica when his shoe make a loud squeaking sound.  Michael froze once again and Jessica gave a terrifying look and then silence filled the air.  Then they heard noise from the other end of the hallway, which they couldn’t make out at first.  All they knew that it was getting louder and louder, which sounded like it was coming towards them.  They froze and continued to hear the noise getting louder and louder, when Jessica mouthed the words to him, “What are we going to do?”  Michael then turns his head and hears a terrifying growl and immediately motions to Jessica to run out the door.  By the time they started to run all noise discipline has gone out the window as his shoes make loud squeaking noises continuously and them going out the door.  Once they were outside Michael yells to her to run and Jessica continues to run not looking back.

Michael and Jessica are across the street running through the parking lot when he saw a human looking beast exit the station after them.  The beast stood on the top of the steps under a light shining from above and let out a growl that rumbled under their fleeing feet.  The beast begins to charge them and approaching the parking lot, which was fenced in.  Jessica at this time still hasn’t seen what Michael has already seen, but knows just enough to listen to him and keep her as running.  They enter a parking garage and start to look for ways to hide from the pursuing beast.  The beast has enough mass and weight to it that gives off a vibration at each step made.  Michael looks behind and doesn’t see the beast behind them, but continues to push Jessica to keep running.  They go through the other end of the parking garage and come upon a tree line and a small creek.

They jump into the creek through the trees and stay completely still.  The only light they could see was from the garage, but the smell they had come across was either from the creek or from another source.  Michael then tells Jessica what he saw and she becomes even more frighten at his description of the beast that was chasing them.  Not seeing the beast in view they decided to make their way to the train tracks, but not leave the wood-line.  Knowing that tracking through the water would or could give their position away they figured that was their only way to stay hidden.  Now, Michael doesn’t know anything about this beast he has seen and has no clue if the thing is still around or decided not to give chase.

As they continue to track through the water they notice that the water is getting deeper and deeper.  At one point the water was about abdomen high and the smell was almost unbearable.  Neither one had a flashlight so they could see what was in the water, but kept feeling objects hitting against their body.  They came across a small opening and saw a foot bridge above them.  They stopped and listened, but heard nothing and continued to proceed through the water.  It was a full moon and as they crossed under the foot bridge a small portion of the moonlight was shining through hitting the water.  Michael could only see shadows of the objects floating by, but thought it was maybe trash or pieces of nature.  When they entered the moonlight it was revealed that the objects passing by them were severed body parts.  The smell was from rotten flesh and blood sitting in the water and staining their clothes.

By this time they heard loud footsteps above them on the foot bridge.  They stopped and started to listen what was above them so they didn’t move at all.  Jessica was totally upset and terrified of what was happening around her and tried very hard to keep her composure.  Michael was seeing that she was having an extremely hard time dealing with the situation and wanted to comfort her, but was afraid to move.  They stood their in the water across from each other looking at each other as unknown activity was above them.  Then a extremely loud roar was heard and that made the water ripple around them.  Jessica was near the end of her limit of keeping silent and trying to be a tough girl until she saw what floated by her.

A partially eaten body began to float by them and that nearly made Jessica hurl immediately.  Half of the head was exposed seeing the inside of the skull and pieces of the brain, left arm missing from the elbow down, right arm completely missing from the shoulder, and from the right hip down across to the left knee and below was missing.  As the body floated by the footsteps began to move away towards the parking garage until Jessica screamed at the top of her lungs unable to hold it in.  Michael knew at that point that they were doomed and could hear footsteps from every direction.  Michael attempted to calm her down, but knew it was too late when he heard many loud roars above.  Then he heard noises in the water and began to freak out looking around him to see what was causing it and coming from.

Jessica continued to scream and was then suddenly pulled under water and her screams were silent.  Michael stood completely still as his eyes got big knowing that whatever was after them was in the water.  He attempted to control his breathing, but his heart was racing too fast for him to successfully calm down.  Then suddenly the beast came from out the water in front of him and he froze with fear.  He looked into the beasts red eyes for a few seconds before he was decapitated and his head dropped into the water a few feet away.  Still with a few seconds of life in him Michael knew his head was severed from his body and landed in the water.  Not able to take a breath or make a noise he was able to see other heads in the water before he blacked out for eternity.


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