– Part I –

At about 0800hrs, Christina Black, a 10 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, walked through the doors of the downtown courthouse and met with the state’s attorney in the hallway.  After they greeted each other the state’s attorney directed her towards a small room adjacent to the courtroom of where a murder trial was being held.  After they took a few steps towards the room another fellow Chicago Police officer was walking down the hall in their direction.  Christina saw him and recognized him as an officer assigned to the east district.  They both made eye contact with each other until she entered the room with the state’s attorney.  The male officer looked into the room where she was and continued to make eye contact with her until he completely passed the room.

Through that slight ordeal she was wondering what he was doing there on the west side of the city at the courthouse.  Christina quickly gathered herself and refocused her attention towards the state’s attorney who was now sitting down.  She sat down in a chair across from him at the table and watched him open up the case file.  While he was  opening up the case file she thought to herself for a brief minute of what they were going to speak about.  Her curiosity was answered when the first thing he said to her was:

STATE’S ATTORNEY:  Where is your partner, Jack Wayne?

CHRISTINA BLACK:  (She looked at him with a confused look before she answered) what do you mean where he is? Shouldn’t he be in the courtroom?

STATE’S ATTORNEY:  Yes he should be there, but unfortunately he’s not.  I’ve been calling him all morning and got nothing but voice mail.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  Well, I can try to call him or have someone stop by his apartment to check on him.  (She picks up her cell phone to call one of her trusted friends).

STATE’S ATTORNEY:  Find him fast.  I need him to be here at the trial today so we can move forward and not have to ask for a postponement.  That will not look go for us and not to mention make us look like we don’t have what we need for this case.

CHRISTINA BLACK:  I’m on it! (She steps out of the small room and heads towards the main doors of the courthouse to get better reception and privacy).

Christina calls her fellow officer and best friend Dina Johnson, who is also a veteran of the force and has been there for nearly 15 years.  Christina explains the situation to Dina and gets an answer from her that lets her know how urgent this situation is.  While Christina walks back into the courthouse she gets halfway down the hallway when her cell phone rings.  She stops in her tracks and moves to the side out of the way of people to answer it.  When she does answer her phone she receives disturbing news that her partner Jack Wayne was found dead in his apartment just a few minutes ago.  This news definitely through her out of the realm of wanting to be in the courtroom.  She leaned up against the wall in straight shock and silence fell upon the phone conversation.  The officer on the other side of the phone asked was she still there and she replied to let him know.

At that very moment she brushed her hands through her hair and began to felt saddened about the news.  Then she remembered that she needed to tell the state’s attorney about her partner.  She quickly rushed into the courtroom and saw that one case was already being heard.  She found the state’s attorney inside the well of the courtroom and got his attention without disturbing the judge.  When she told the state’s attorney the news he looked at her as if she was playing a cruel joke.  When Christina repeated herself to him he stood there in shock and almost forgot about the case he was presently dealing with.  The judge had to call out his name at least four times before he turned around and gave the judge his attention.  As he began to speak to the judge he started stumbling over his words and sounded nervous for a moment.  Once he finished his statement to the judge and the case was dismissed he turned back around to Christina.  He then turned around to the district attorney that was sitting next him and told her the news.  She also received the news as a huge shock and looked at Christina.  All three kept looking at each other until the judge called the next case.

JUDGE WILLIAMS:  Next up is Illinois v. Michael Madison.

Christina didn’t even take her seat at first, but one of the bailiff’s expressed to her to have a seat.  When she did take her seat she leaned forward as if her stomach was in knots, which at this point it probably was from the turn of events.  When it was the state’s attorney’s turn to speak he stumbled with his words again and slightly hesitated to express to the judge to as for a postponement of the case.  The judge looked at him with a confused and perplexed look and then quickly turned to slight anger.  When the judge asked the state’s attorney why he wanted to postpone the case, the state’s attorney looked at the defense attorney and his client and announced to the court that officer Jack Wayne was found dead this morning.  The judge received the news with a response of a stare at the state’s attorney and had to use his gavel to quite the loud response of the some of the patrons.  A few minutes later the judge granted a postponement of the case and left it up to the state’s attorney of when he wanted to proceed after the funeral arrangements of the fallen officer.

Once the case was finished being heard Christina, the state’s attorney, and the district attorney all left the courtroom in a hurry.  The defense attorney and Michael Madison, the arrestee of the murder case being held, walked out behind them.  Michael had a slight smile on his face, but was careful not to let the media, who were hanging outside the courtroom, see it.  News of the fallen officer quickly began to take headlines around the city and those that were close to Jack Wayne took the news extremely hard.  Christina rushed over to Jack’s apartment to find detectives and other fellow officers on the outside and inside of the apartment.  Christina met up with Dina and they both immediately hugged each other tightly and slightly grieved in each others arms.  The mood was very low when Jack’s body was carted out of the apartment in front of other cops, who loved and liked him dearly for his personality and aggressiveness.

Christina attempted to get answers from the detectives and responding officers on scene, but no one knew exactly what happened.  The only thing that she knew for sure was that he put up a fight and lost a lot of blood as the scene showed inside the apartment.  She quickly looked around and was followed by Dina who had tears streaming down her face the entire time.  After spending nearly ten minutes in the apartment it became to much for her and she quickly left with Dina behind her.  Christina ran to her unmarked patrol vehicle and placed one hand on the trunk as she began vomiting.  Dina stopped for a second and watched her vomit her guts out, but slowly moved towards her to console her.  Just hours after the death of officer Jack Wayne was announced citizens gathered outside of his apartment to pay tribute to him.  Jack was a role model for a lot of the inner city youths and several families looked up to Jack.  By this time Christina was at her home in the suburbs of Chicago watching the news reporting on the tribute.  Once the story of the tribute ended she turned off her television and gave a huge yawn.

It was now close to midnight and she had to get up early the next morning to possibly help with the funeral arrangements and to speak to the state’s attorney about the next step in the murder case.  She lived in a three floor townhome just minutes outside of Chicago just miles from the neighborhood she grew up in.  She made her way upstairs to her bedroom on the top floor after she turned out all the lights on the main floor.  Christina stripped down to nothing but her father’s old t-shirt that came halfway down her thighs.  For several minutes she laid in her bed thinking about the day’s events and what to expect tomorrow.  Once the thought became to much she gave another huge yawn and turned out the lights in her bedroom and pulled the covers over her.  Several minutes later she heard one of the floorboards in her home creek.  She quickly opened her eyes before she slowly turned around to see what was going on.  She looked towards her bedroom door and didn’t see anything or hear anybody.  Christina knew someone was in her home, but for what reason she didn’t know.

She kept her eyes on her bedroom door for nearly a minute before turning around back to bed.  Christina laid there with her eyes open facing her window just listening to any noises.  Within a minute she immediately felt someone standing behind her, but she didn’t know the person was standing next to her with a butcher knife.  As the suspect raised his hand in the air to stab her she turned around and saw the masked maniac.  She quickly reacted by the grabbing the arm with the knife as it came down just before it entered her body.  The invader to their other hand and punched her in the face trying to get Christina to loosen her grip.  Christina took a few punches in the face, but didn’t let go until the last punch that struck her in the mouth.  She quickly grabbed her mouth grimacing in pain, but quickly remembered the suspect in her home.  She rolled away from the suspect as the knife came down entering the mattress of where she was.  After Christina rolled away from the yielding knife suspect she barefoot kicked him in the face.

Once the suspect staggered backwards she grabbed the knife and attempted to use it, but was stopped immediately.  The suspect grabbed her arm with the knife and punched her in the stomach causing her to bend forward and then kneeing her in the face dropping her to the floor.  The knife fell out of her hand just inches away from her grasp, but she was in too much pain to notice.  The suspect went to go reach for the knife, but was met with a hard kick to the knee, a hard heel kick in the face, and then she dropped her heel on the same knee she kicked seconds ago.  Once the suspect grabbed his knee she jumped up and ran down the hall towards the steps.  Christina’s service weapon was on the first floor locked in a safe, but her off duty weapon was in the bedroom.  In order to get her off-duty weapon she would have to risk herself being vulnerable to the attacker in order to get it.

As soon as she hit the first couple of steps the attacker ran and grabbed her hair throwing her down the steps.  Christina went tumbling down the steps hitting her head several times before hitting the landing unresponsive.  The attacker watched her fall and then looked at her for a brief moment before starting to make his way down the steps.  The attacker stood over her and saw that she was bleeding from the head and mouth.  The attacker stepped over her and grabbed her arms and drugged her to the kitchen to finish her off.  After he placed her on the kitchen floor he turned his back to her to fine the perfect knife to mutilate her body with.  Unknown to his knowledge Christina woke up and saw him going through her knife drawer.  She silently got back on her feet and waited for him to turn around to face her.  When the attacker did turn around he was surprised to see her standing there and quickly attempted to stab her in the chest.

She blocked his arm from coming down to strike her with the knife and kicked the attacker in the groin.  The attacker let out a loud grunt and once bent over she gave him a powerful knee to the face sending him back toward the counter.  Christina then gave the attacker several combos before he could recover: side kick to the stomach, side kick in the face, side kick to the groin, an uppercut, palm strike to the stomach, back round kick to the face, frontal kick to the groin, and finished him off with a powerful drop kick in the face.  The attacker immediately blacked out before hitting the kitchen floor on his back.  Her breathing was heavy as she wanted to make sure he was either dead or knocked completely out.  Christina stomped on his groin and grinded her foot making him sit up and screaming in pain before kicking him once more in the face to seriously knock him out.  Immediately she retrieved her service weapon and pointed it at him as she called for back-up.  Once the call was put in she sat down on the floor across from him with her service weapon pointed at him.  As the minutes passed by her aim at the attacker with her weapon started to lower when sirens were being heard in the distance.  When the first officers arrived on scene she was happy to have help and see people that she recognizes.  Only at that point was she able to completely relax and allow her fellow officers to handle the situation while she decompresses in a corner all alone.

To Be Continued…



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  1. This had me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next

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